RYLEE DRAHOS has always been quick to acknowledge her teammates. While its nice to be recognized for on court SUCESS. Rylee Drahos would rather just be part of something special. The problem is RYLEE DRAHOS herself is special and it’s why her teammates won’t mind that todays story while is about Shore Reg’s great run. it’s impossible to ignore what happen yesterday. Last night Shore Reg and every person watching Rylee Drahos was part of a special performance, a historic performance. There saw perhaps perhaps the greatest performance ever(not an exaggeration) in a State championship game.. by a real SUPERSTAR RYLEE DRAHOS. SHORE REG HIGH SCHOOL IS A STATE CHAMP FOR THE FIRST TIME IN 20 years.

The term SUPERSTAR is so watered down these days, it can be almost used as a punchline. Sure, there truly are still a few superstars roaming the streets. But they are like comets they are rarely seen these days. Yet we are all so quick to slap the label of superstar on a player. That player who disappears in the biggest of games, can’t make the big shot and never walks away with that all important chip. But then there are the true superstars, the real ones, like Madison St. Rose, Marina Mabrey, Dara Mabrey, Audrey Gomez. You know the ones when the pressure is the greatest, they become their greatest. Last night Rylee Drahos joined an exclusive club. That small club of TRUE SUPERSTARS. Last night when the lights got bigger, brightest and hottest. RYLEE DRHOS delivered a performance for the ages. She had 40 Electrifying points in leading Shore Reg to its first chip since 2003.

Real Superstars are different. They get double teamed, they get game planned. They are watched like a hawk. Opposing fans Harass them. More is expected of them, its a form of respect. But all this doesn’t matter, the special ones, the real superstars, still delivery. They find a way to put there team on there back. They simply get the job done. Last night Rylee Drahos got the job done perhaps better than anyone we have ever seen in a state chip game. But Rylee Drahos is developing a reputation for this type of behavior. Doing the impossible and bucking the system. She did things last night that made no since to the naked eye. She hit jumpers from the parking lots. She split double teams and traps for buckets. She got on the glass. She dribbled the ball up against the press. Rylee Drahos did all the things REAL, Superstars do… she just did it at SHORE REG not some brand name school. For this reason alone it had feel a little more Satisfying the most CHIPS WON.

Last night’s performance by Rylee Drahos will go down in folklore. Years from now those 40 points will be 50 points. Years from now 10,000 people will say there were there all sitting front row. Years from now the story of Rylee Drahos performance will take on a life of its own. That’s because Rylee Drahos was not a hired gun, not a outsider. She was one of Shore Reg’s very own. She took a risk, a big risk and trusted Coach Wisher, the man who told me last fall.. ”WE CAN WIN GROUP 1” .. the man who said ”I really believe Rylee Drahos is as good as anyone in the Shore”. This morning he is 100% correct. RYLEE DRAHOS is a unicorn of sorts… thats because she is not a made up Imaginary star… she is a real SUPERSTAR AND SHE HAS A CHIP TO PROVE IT!

TODAY… sign up at the door… work hard and dream big

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