RBC / RFH Prove; You cant always what you want

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Last night RBC and RFH were both looking for something different. RBC was looking for a competitive game and RFH was looking for a quality win. Neither got what they were looking for in the end. Instead we were reminded how talented this RBC group saw is and how RFH refuses to go down without a fight.

Yesterdays game started out like it was going to be a battle to the end. RFH jumped all over the RBC first group and went up 5-0. This was exactly the start RFH Coach Dave Callahan had hope for. But then in a 60 second ambush RBC went on a 12-5 run. With CASEY PRIOR And  CHRISTINO  going  boom. Forcing a RFH timeout. When Molly Kelly hit another bomb to make the score 18-7 with 1.43 left in the quarter. Joe Montano sent his freshman babies in to finish RHF off. They closed the 1st quarter with a 5-0 run and for all practical purposes it was

Good night Gracie for RFH.

The 2nd quarter started out with the worst possible Scenario for RFH. Down 22-7 and Coach Montano starting his babies. That worst case scenario became a nightmare. In a 3 min span the RBC babies had given RBC a 33-16 lead, when coach Montano returned his 1st unit with 4 mins left till half. Daniela Malesky was sensational and Tessa Liggio was simply Devastating. The RFH babies only played 5 mins in the first half but it  was the most vicious  5 minutes recently seen in the RFH/RBC Rivalry . Meanwhile RFH shot selection had went out the window. They were in a total free fall and Christina Liggio made them pay dearly. She was not just the best player on the floor but she proved she is on a different level. She broke out her three point shooting game, pull up game and post up game. RFH had no answers for her or RBC and at halftime all that  was over was the shouting as RBC led

41- 18 at halftime 

All season long when RFH has gotten down in big games they have done one thing, Fight back. When RBC started there 1st group in the third. RFH jumped on them. PROVING ONCE AGAIN,THEY NEVER SAY DIE…Sylvie Notine got the ball rolling with a bomb. To make the score 41-21. RFH then pressured and  out hustled RBC for 4 mins. While they didn’t score they held RBC to zero points. Forced them into bad shots and turnovers. With 4 mins left in the 3rd Joe Montano had once again seen enough and returned his babies. When Tessa Liggio and Lola Giadano hit back to back threes to give RBC a  46-25 lead all seemed right for RBC . But then both  Julia CORSENTINO and Raquel GUIDETTI who had 12 and 11 points last night when to work. Coach Montano, watched as his babies where turning the ball over and exchanging baskets. So he sent his babies a message after just 2 minutes. He  subbed his babies and sent them to bed for the rest of the  night. The first unit returned and RFH could see light

THE 3rd Quarter score was 46-30 and the Bulldogs were biting.

The 4th quarter Coach Montano played his first group all 8 mins. He gave baby Addy Nymcheck as he has done all year a few mins with the first group. RFH started firing up threes and driving wildly to the rim, some went in and some did not. They even cut the RBC lead to 12 with 2 mins left. But in the end it was window dressing. Molly Kelly and Christina Liggio had long closed the door


 RBC 56

RFH 42


RBC in the end got 7 mins of special basketball from their babies and his 1st unit gave RBC  the start they needed. RFH knows that’s quality win just may be right around the corner. They can feel it as a group. They once again showed the heart of a lion. They say you can’t always get what you want. RBC and RFH both proved that last night!





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