I got a chuckle when the names of the top 2024’s were released by NJ. COM, it was a innocent mistake that could happen to anyone putting such a list together. But in the case of one the best players in the 2024 class in the state of New Jersey, it’s really not that shocking.
You see Siobhan Stapleton of Trinity Hall does not care about hype, never has.  She cares about one thing, her team- whatever the team needs her to do she will do without hesitation.  There is no ego or jealousy of other kids getting more credit as long as her team is doing the winning. She has won everywhere she has ever been,It all started at St Catherines, Spring Lake.  When you walk into that gym, the first thing you  notice is all the championship banners and the names of players.. The Mabrey sisters,  the Masonious girls, Stella Clark, Mary Donnelly, the list goes on and on.  St Catherine’s has not lost, a game in decades. These players learn early that the game is played as a team and that everyone has a role to play.  The hard part these days is kids don’t want to part of anything they want to be stars from day one.  They  all think they should be the star and if that doesn’t happen they start the blame game and look for greener pastures and a new hype machine, even – in GRAMMAR SCHOOL.
Siobhan Stapleton is always ready to do what needs to be done.  She has never missed a practice or a start since she arrived at Trinity Hall as a freshman.  She could have taken the easier route and gone to a school that was established, that had a history, a brand name team. She could have played it safe. But  she loved and embraced  the idea of the challenge of creating something new, why join them when you can best them.  Also, she is an AP and Honors student who wanted to be challenged in the classroom.  She knew Trinity offered both.  Siobhan Stapleton  sees the big picture, she understands that there is a process to all this.  She is genuinely happy for her teammates from Trinity and The Rise as they commit to colleges.  She knows the grind is real and her time will come.  She trusts the people around her and knows if she keeps out working people and taking care of her business in the classroom the future is extremely bright, way beyond basketball.



It doesn’t matter what level of college you play, D3, D2, D1, everybody can play and almost everyone comes with “All” something on their resume, All County, All City, All State….so one the biggest adjustments college players is accepting a new role.  They all can’t be the leading scorer, the leader in minutes, starters from day 1.  College coaches that win, understand finding people who  make this transition the fastest are the keys to SUCESS. .  The players  who complain and can’t adjust are quickly in the portal or cause a coach a job.   Not only is this tough on the player but also the coaches as they know they’ll have to find new players.  It can be a never ending cycle if you don’t find the right players-WINNERS.  Siobhan has won everywhere she has been.  It’s not by luck.  Trinity Hall was in the bottom half of the Shore Conference in the worst division when Siobhan Stapleton  and Nina Emnace arrived and both quickly became 1st Team All Freshman . Since then, they won a SCT Pod Championship, became a ranked team in the Shore the past two years and what was once thought as crazy or a pipe dream…Trinity Hall is not only ranked in the Shore but they are now ranked #12 in the state of NJ this year. All things that seemed impossible just three years ago.   Trinity Hall is young, they play 5 freshmen, and 1 sophomore on their roster. Who better than Siobhan and Nina to show these kids the  TRINITY WAY, than one of girls who created what is now expected of one of the best programs in the state Trinity Hall.


I take her for granted and have since her freshman year. She is never out of place and picks up things way beyond her age.  It’s like having another coach.”  TRINITY HEAD COACH, Matt McCarthy


Mile Djordjiovski | For NJ Advance Media

Listen to these facts., Siobhan Stapleton  has been 1st in rebounding and blocks every year.  She has been either 2nd or 3rd in assists, steals, deflections every year.  She has been Team Captain as a Sophomore  and Jr.  She is a leader but most importantly dependable.  There is no drama, no added work.  She handles her business, no questions asked. She has not missed a practice or game in 3 seasons. While high academic D1 colleges are asking about her. They see the body, versatility, IQ and skills. But I see more, coaches need to understand that this kid will add to any winning culture immediately on and off the court.  She is the ultimate teammate whose satisfaction has always come from the team’s overall success. It’s why I tell coaches please never bet against my track record, Siobhan Stapleton is as good as it gets. She is the gold standard in so many ways. I have more kids with more hype. But more kids with more game, character, commitment and impact at the next level? …HELL NO. Siobhan Stapleton is not about potential….she is about right now and today. THATS CALLED PERFORMANCE  AND COACHES SHE DOES THIS BETTER THAN MOST….#REAL TALK

Scott Faytok | For NJ Advance Medi

Make no mistake, Siobhan Stapleton is a fierce competitor, when she trains at NBS and beats Power 5 kids in her matchup. I ask “you must have P5  offers too” she looks at me and smiles. When I match her up with smaller guards with D1 offers I say “TOO SMALL!”  She laughs a nervous laugh. You see Siobhan will want to contribute on the court. But she fully understands  that roles change year to year at the next level.  She knows if she just keeps loving the grind and doing what’s best for her team that her time will come.  She bets on herself, time and time again.  So far that is working out pretty good for her.
I call her the ultimate Swiss knife because Siobhan can guard 3’s and 4’s but also hold her own vs 5’s and 2’s in a pinch.  She can switch off on point guards in high screens. That’s because the IQ and ability to follow game planning is next level. She brings the ball up and gets Trinity into their offense when needed.  She will dominate the defensive glass, often battling two and three girls that are taller and stronger, but not with her heart size. She gets on the offensive glass, getting Trinity those extra more possessions all good teams need.  She is rarely out of position  on D and is tremendous in help side.   She is not one dimensional, she doesn’t do one thing great but she does everything very well– -whatever her team, coaches or teammates need.










These days it’s the Disease of  me which is  the death of so many teams and coaches.  Today kids can’t seem to shine unless they are dimming the lights out on someone else. These days so much about what the program, coach or team can do for you. The Disease of me is so infectious, these days but so is other disease







TOMORROW… go to your games but get here please!


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