RANT: MY KID NEEDS A BREAK… no you need to listen for a change🤞🙏

Someone said to me a few days ago “these kids need a break”. I never laughed so hard in my life. Well maybe Justine Pissott needs a break that I can buy. Maybe Nina Emnace is tired I can buy that. If the Liggio sisters want some time off, I certainly understand that, they live in the gym. But if the truth be told most kids do not spend 3-4 hours a day in the gym 7 days a week. If the truth be told most kids do not even work out everyday. The real reason kids are tired is because they don’t work out the right way and LOVE TO PLAY GAMES!

After shooting yesterday for 110 mins, I said, see you tomorrow to a future D1 player. She responded ”I CAN’T SHOOT TOMORROW”. I asked why? and she said “I have strength and conditioning then two games later”. My response was ********* nobody has ever gotten tired from form shooting, NOBODY!… so she said I will see you tomorrow. But there is where all the problems start. Like why in August is any kid playing two games in the same day? Next why are games the priority anyway. You mean a kid didn’t play enough games between April and July. Now if you want to know why kids are tired it’s certainly not from training too much. But if you ask me are they brunt out? HELL YEAH!

If you want to know why kids are tired and not developing. Let me give you a few examples. In January, I think kids should attend core skills. It’s s the best 10 weeks any kid can have preparing to get ready for high school competition and the spring. But what do some do? What do some talented 8th graders do? Those same 8th graders who play bad grammar school basketball for 3 months? Who are “YES” still playing AAU and going to AAU practice, wait they call it training now. They run to a tournament weekend after weekend … an ELITE TOURNAMENT of course… LMAO. There an’t shit elite about these events. The reason these kids go to these events is the parents feed off the hype and the AAU coaches want the control. They choose short term hype over long term development. The result? Go watch the games at War at the Front and ask some of those kids … how’s the hype going? Maybe you should have skipped playing a million games in the winter. So you’d be ready when the high school competition starts. These kids are not tired, there just making bad decision makers.

I start NBS the 2nd Week of April. Why? Because after the high school season I think kids should rest. Go to after school shooting once or twice a week. Maybe do some light work in the gym. It’s a great time to really step up your strength and conditioning. It’s a 5 week window to get your health back, rest your body. But is that what kids do? Nope instead they are right back into AAU mode. Practicing 2-3 days a week. Playing 4-5 games on the weekend. They begin that never ending cycle of basketball. Because once they miss this window of opportunity to rest; they never take a break and trust me are never fresh and yes always tired. Why? Because even if they listen to there bodies, there scared of there AAU coaches and want to get ready for the college coaches. It why when they get to the July live period and there tied and and say they have no legs… this is legit but could have been avoided. But its not ….because of a little thing called money.

That gets us to the present moment. Now some kids are resting and going on vacation. That’s great if your name is Nina Emnance, Makayla Blake’s, Addy Nemcheck or Zoe Brooks. I think it safe to say those kids are going to be all right. But if your a player without a offer and limited exposure, why are you not preparing for elite camps? Why are you not shooting everyday? Why are not training everyday? Why are you not at your high school practices? Let me guess? Your tied or saving your legs, for the big summer league games. Nope, your problem is you don’t understand how and when to train. Your preparation stinks these days. Why? Because if you had taken the 3-5 weeks off after the school year; you’d be fine right now. If your AAU coach didn’t play every weekend in May and June(when no or few coaches were watching) you’d be fine. Instead your parents and friends are walking around going ”SHE IS SO TIRED”… ”WE NEED A BREAK” your kid is so tired that they can’t shoot everyday? They so tired they can’t get to POINT GUARD CAMP?.. but they can sure as hell show up live and full of energy and ready to go for a high school summer league game. You see some folks are tied when its fits there narrative. That kid is not tired, there saving there energy. They are choosing hype, hoping if they play well and someone will brag about them over real development… SILLY RABBITS TRICKS ARE FOR KIDS… and I’m no kid

Today it seems kids only want to play when coaches are watching or when the lights shine. Trust me kids are playing too much, that’s a fact. If there tied it’s certainly not from working to hard that I know is also a fact. It’s from playing too much and not understanding when to train and when to rest. I tell kids all the time know the difference from shooting and training. Well kids have to know the difference between off season and in season and the AAU culture doesn’t want them to have a off season. So let me give you some advice. Now is not the time to sit around and complain about being tied. YOU BROUGHT THAT UPON YOURSELF. It’s such a weak excuse when you consider what D1 players for example have been doing all summer.


EVERY KID SHOULD LIVE IN THE GYM THE NEXT TWO WEEKS. Do not shorten your summer development. Take off the last week in Aug and the first two weeks in September. If you want to do something go shoot. No practicing with your AAU team. There may be a few exceptions but don’t make playing the norm.. those 3 weeks will make you healthy, energize you and get you ready for high school and the next 4 months until your 5 week break before AAU starts up again.. hell who am I kidding, you and I both know you’re not going to listen, your going to do things your own way, you know beat the system … some things NEVER CHANGE🙏


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