Question of the Day… Is MADISON ST. ROSE, the ALL TIME G.O.A.T🐐?

I have a question to ask. It will certainly perk up old school shore fans. It’s a question that nobody can say they are 100% correct in answering. That’s because we all have our opinions. My question is a simple one. Is MADISON ST ROSE THE BEST PLAYER IN NEW JERSEY HISTORY?

Now there have been many great players in New Jersey history. I have seen many of them. But certainly not all of them. When your start talking about All Time greats tho, the list is short. That’s because the difference between great and All Time great is as big as the Grand Canyon. But when you talk about Madison St Rose of St. John Vianney. She has to be in the conversation. Especially if she finishes off her career with another mind blowing season. The Madison St. Rose resume compared to other Shore players in recent years is a complete blowout. There is simply no other way to put it. But when you talk all time and the entire state, many have a case for the title of GOAT!

When Madison St. Rose finishes her senior season this year. We may be looking at a standard that may never be matched again. She may be the first male of female to win the SHORE, STATE PLAYER OF YEAR AWARD three times . She also may be the first player in history to win the SCT and TOC three straight seasons in a row. These are accomplishments that no other player can match. It’s want has separated her from everyone else in recent years. The real question is where does she stack up with the other all time greats? That’s a tough question to answer especially if you have not seen all the greats. The because many played before the SCT AND TOC were even around. So there standard and measurements are different. But one thing is clear in the past 20 years nobody is in Madison St Rose’s world. Not because of her Chips or that she is easily the most decorated player in state history, which is not even up for debate. It’s how Madison St. Rose has possibly become the best player in state history.

It’s one thing to have chips in your pocket. It’s another thing to play at your highest level in the biggest games. The list of big shots in big games, Madison St Rose has made over the years are too long to list. You just can’t name anyone that has come close. Now granted SJV plays in more big games. But her ability to dominate and take over big games has no match in recent years. Like her show stopping SCT performances against Manchester and RBC. Her TOC CHIP GAME( for all practical purposees)performance last year vs Trenton Catholic was legendary. It was further proof that she has been different than every other player in recent times. There have been great players who have had amazing performances. But none have put them together time and time again like St. Rose. Even more importantly she has never had a sub par game in a big spot and she has never lost a big game in the state… FOLKS NO PLAYER IN RECENT TIMES CAN SAY THAT EXCEPT ONE… MADISON ST. ROSE.

Finally there is one more thing that separates Madison St Rose from every other possible GOAT. In most cases when a kid is as well know and successful as Madison St. Rose, many are jealous and resentful. In the case of Madison St. Rose, she is one of the most well superstars of all time. That’s because of her lack of ego and selfishness, that comes often with greatness. It’s this same lack ego that led her to pass up Power 5 offers and attend the 2nd ranked school in the entire world in Princeton. She simply did what few stars do , not play to the crowd…

So is Madison St Rose the best player in Shore and state history? I will answer that two ways. First she is and will be the most decorated player in New Jersey history. That I think everyone will agree on. Now is she the best player? I will put it this way. I feel she is clearly the best player in the last 20 years. Now that may seem like a cop out… especially to the old timers. But I never saw Audrey Gomez for example, who everyone swears on a stack of bibles is the best. But many believe Dorothy Sourlis was as good or better. I never saw them. So for me to say anyone was better than them would be wrong. They have been many greats over the years across the state. So let’s just say the most decorated player in history is on a incredible short list of possible GOATS… MADISON ST. ROSE 🌹

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