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With fall leagues coming to a end. There is only one thing a kid hoping to make a impact this season can do. That is to take care of their game. Now is the time for a kid to put excuses behind them and focus. In many ways to pay the final toll to get to the start of the season. Now is the time a kid must find a way, to get the work done. This time of year is by far the hardest time of year for all kids hoping to make a impact on there high school team.

There are almost 4 weeks before the first real practice of the season and 2 weeks before tryouts. Now is when kids need to understand taking care of there game matters. Kids are now out of excuses and there is no wiggle room left. Now Consistency and a kids level of commitment truly matters. Now its about who can do more than the person standing next to them. A kid must understand the work must be put in. The shots must get up everyday. They now must find a competitive environment to compete in. No more drill masters, no more kids getting drilled out. Now everyone must come to the truth. Each player knows where there game stands. Each player knows what they need to do at this point. But this time of year it gets hard.

Every player and coach knows where everyone sits in there teams rotation. It’s unsaid by all but clear to all what the pecking order is now. Yet everyone knows the first week of practice can change everyones Perspective. That’s why; now its get hard for all. The seniors without offers are now either starting to settle or still believe. Those hoping to get recruited are still thinking and dreaming of what can be. The freshman are hoping they can make there mark. Well the truth of the matter is all this will be settled come the next four weeks. Few truly understand this is a fact. You see it gets hard now, that’s because now its up to the kid. Now a kid has to truly give up there time. No more quiet weekends and ball handling and shooting drills. No more relaxing weekends. Now sacrifices must be made. No more phony confidence building environments. Now real confidence must make an appearance against real competition. Now the parents can politic as much as they want. But it can’t help there child’s cause, only hard work can now. That’s because everyone is on there own now until they get in the gym with there coaches and teammates behind closed doors. Now kids are leaning in or leaning out regardless if they know it or not. Now kids are training in real competitive environment’s or not. Now kids are have heard from there coaches what their weakness are; there either listening or not. Now parents are acting as coaches. Trainers are acting as decision makers. Its all part of the run up to who is going to play and who is not. Who is going to shine and who will be looking for answers. Those things will be decided soon. It will be decided by each player actions over the coming weeks.

The next four weeks is hard on everyone. The pressure of school, picking a AAU team, worrying about recruiting and most of all worrying about playing time is all on the plate. I say it’s never to late to start. But getting started is always the hardest job. But knowing what to do is a even harder job. Some are going to handle there business the right way and have great seasons. Some are going to get on a mission and pay the price. Those who have been working hard all along, that make it to the finish line are going to see there are not 100 ways to skin a cat… JUST THERE WAY! Those who are in the right inner circle will find truth and a winning track record. . Those who realize that it doesn’t take a village but rather the right village are looking at fun times ahead. The next 4 weeks are in each and every kids hands. Some are going to work hard and pay the price….SOME ARE GOING TO SHINE. I only hope that is you. But trust me the next 4 weeks takes real commitment and good decision making.


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