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Kristen Connors decided to attend NBS on Saturday’s only as the high school season approaches; I don’t like it. But these days, I like everything else Kristen Connors has done. In fact, I like everything Kristen Connors has done the past year. It’s why she has gone from a player on the outside looking in. To a player on the inside who is getting ready to make her mark at RBR. That’s because with consistency comes development. KRISTEN CONNORS is developing faster than a speeding bullet. It’s not talk but rather a fact.

This fall I told RBR Head Coach John Truhan the one player who is sneaking up on everyone in the pecking order of Shore freshman is Kristen Connors. That’s because her work ethic and commitment is real but more importantly consistent. Kristen Connors is a emerging player that everyone is sleeping on. She is lucky because it has allowed her to develop quietly without worrying about hype and ego….AKA Distractions! She has put herself in postion to have a successful, long term development curve, the thing that always is the measuring stick with young players. In the case of Kristen Connors this approach certainly is going to pay off for Red Bank Reg. That’s because week after week, I see her her take another step forward. Week after week in the fall league, she did something few babies did, get better and more confident each week. She has showed me week after week she can survive the grind and pressure of the competition at NBS. KRISTEN CONNORS is starting to look like a impact freshman and could be the missing piece to RBC’S season.

Last spring Kristen Conners did all a kid can do to elevate her game. She shot after school every day. She went to NBS in the spring, she went to camp all summer. KRISTEN CONNORS choose game over hype, competition over sweet whispers in her ears. She understood getting better matters and she made all the REAL SACRIFICES, not the soft ones that don’t make you choose. IT’S AS CLEAR AS DAY KRISTEN CONNORS IS CHASING SOMETHING… I believe its greatness. This fall she has backed it all up, by doing it all over again. The after school shooting, the Point Guard School, the Core Skills training and NBS. Its hard to do what she is doing without looking for an escape door or excuse to take a break to just breath. You see Kristen Connors doesn’t know this, but her consistency is what is driving her development. The hardest thing in sports to do is show up everyday and that’s exactly what she has been doing. She doesn’t know it but she starting to brand herself in the eyes of her peers and traniers as the most important thing in recruiting these days…A GYM RAT. It’s why she is Quietly moving up the ladder in the 2026 class. It’s also why Coach John Turhan should be so excited about her future and his team’s chances. KRISTEN CONNORS is looking like a unexpected gift. That’s because 12 months ago, nobody really expected her to be where she is as a player today. SHE HAS WILLED HERSELF INTO A IMPACT BABY for RBR. A player John Truhan is soon going to learn that will not fold when she feels the heat. A player without hype but game. A baller and player that will slide under the radar right into his heart…

Kristen Connors is a lefty with a mental toughness that will serve her well. This fall she played with the confidence of a seasoned veteran at times. She also has proved she can score, with her dangerous jumper or get to the rim. She also has a reliable handle and passing skills. In a nutshell she fits John Truhan’s style like a glove. But what I like most about Kristen Connors is that she is not afraid to fail. She is not afraid of the smoke and this is why soon, she is going to go from a secret to special.

The Shore 2026 class is stacked. RBR unknown to most has 3 talented babies including Kristen’s best friend Riley Wheeler, who also has made leaps and bounds as a player. Coach Truhan has to like his teams future backcourt chances. It’s real easy for a a emerging but not hyped up player to get lost. But it’s also a opportunity for a young player to elevate there status and game. A chance for a kid to put that in that competitive work others either wont or can’t daily. It’s a chance to be excuse free and grow. That’s exactly what Kristen Connors is doing. She is not worried about college coaches, there will be time for that. She is not worried about being part of a brand name AAU time, that’s the ego stuff that has gotten too many kids in trouble over the years. KRISTEN CONNORS is too worried about being prepared for her high school season. That’s because she knows worrying about the now is how you become the part of a GREAT FUTURE…something she has, even if she only attends NBS on Saturday’s 😂💕

I know them all, I see them all. I KNOW THE IMPROVEMENT CURVE. I know the kids going the extra mile. I know the kids who names will be called at some point. Folks it’s what I do and KRISTEN CONNORS is on the right road. She understands there are “NOT” a 100 ways to skin a cat..she knows hard work, competition and CONSISTENCY is how you go from a wanna be to I’M GOING TO BE…..SPECIAL!


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