Last night one of the best college basketball careers for a shore player officially came to an end, as KATIE SIRE for the 2nd consecutive year was named the Metropolitan coaches D3 PLAYER OF THE YEAR. It was a fitting end for one of the best players in New Jersey basketball history. Last night but a bow on the All American’s brilliant four years.

Katie Sire’s favorite quote is by Vince Lombardi: “Winning means you’re willing to go longer, work harder and give more than anyone else.” I guess winning 4 conference titles, appearing in 4 NCAA Tournaments and a Final Foul is getting it done longer and better than everyone else.


downloadKatie Sire can now wait for the her #11 Jersey to hang in the rafters at Montclair State University. One day soon Montclair State University Hall of Fame committee will call and retire her uniform. Katie Sire is a great example of picking a school, while understanding that not all greatness lives in ego driven decisions. When Katie Sire choose Montclair State University 4 years ago, it was not a household story. Her peers knew she was special. They knew she was a D1 player, but she made a decision based on happiness and future success. This decision would lead to a lifetime wonderful experiences, that will not just be in her memory but will also live in Montclair State University folklore history FOREVER. Fans, teammates and opponents who watched her play, will never forget her. They will talk about  Kaite Sire, in the same breath as  the great Carol Blazejowski and her former teammate the great Melissa Tobie. One day people will call the next great Montclair recruite…another Katie Sire.



downloadKatie Sire, biggest accomplishment may be staying at Montclair State after her banner freshman season. She could have left Montclair after her freshman year. Few D1 schools would have turned her down. But its been her loyalty to her school and teammates at every step of the way that has made her special. She has done everything a teammate and student could do for a school. She has been a role model of consistency and what a true student athlete should be. Her buzzer beaters and double/double can not measure up to the person she has always been, since the day she set foot on the Montclair grounds. She never had a ego, she never felt she was more important that a team or a teammate regardless of how special she had become as a basketball player. Every coach, she has ever played for in college, high school or AAU…has fallen in love with her.


imagesShe was a unknown star at Ririatan high school, she never complained about not getting attention or credit. When she was a senior many D1 schools approached her, but that was not what made her tick. She wanted to be part of something where she could make a major impact from day one. It’s why today, no player in her 2014 shore class, can compare their college career to hers. It why today everyone knows why Katie Sire is one of the best ever in New Jersey girls college basketball.


PANZER ATHLETIC CENTER— MONTCLAIR, NJ 10/25/17— Reigning NJAC Player of the Year Katie Sire all smiles during practice. - Photo by Sulayman Wali

PANZER ATHLETIC CENTER— MONTCLAIR, NJ  Reigning NJAC Player of the Year Katie Sire all smiles 

Katie Sire, has sent a real message to kids across the state not just the shore. You can have great success, without trying to please others with where you attend school. The message is simple, you can do big things, have big moments and experience special times at the next level if you make the right choice. A choice based on not what others thing or how it looks to the masses. The choice is to pick a school that you know will make you happy. Then the good times will follow. Those good times might mean winning everything and doing everything you dream about as kid, the first time you pick up a basketball…because that’s exactly what KATIE SIRE HAS DONE. It’s why so many wish that they could trade careers with hers.











It almost seems sad that Katie Sire, will All_NJAC_WBB_2018never wear a Montclair State University uniform. That competitive face you never see unless she is on the court. You see off the court she is always so pleasant and respectful to everyone around her. That on court transformation was so fun to watch. Her closeness and connection to her teammates and coaches was a picture of beauty. KATIE SIRE herself has been a beauty since the day we all met her…WE ALL ARE JUST SORRY IT COME TO END……





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