Last year Nina Emance of TRINITY HALL sat in my office crying. Why was she crying? Because she was confused as to what AAU team she should play for. She asked me if she should play for the NJ BELLES or the NJ SHORESHOTS. Being the sensitive guy I am, I said “stop being a baby and just make you own decision” Her father then called me and said Nina was really mixed up. I told her dad stop over thinking it. Nina was a great player a lock D1 player, where ever she goes she will be fine. I was right, she went to the NJ Belles and had a productive summer. Yesterday a father of a talented player asked me, where would I put his daughter for AAU. I told him I can’t give him that answer. In both cases do you know why I didn’t voice my opinion? Because it’s none of my business. It’s also none of a college coaches business, a trainers or a high school coaches business. Do you know why? Because when things don’t work out who is the blame? Not the kid but those who who knew so much that they felt the need to tell that kid and parents where to play.

Every year I watch some kids pick the wrong AAU team. I usually know it’s the wrong decision long before things start going south. Long before they realize the recruiting is not going to happen. 99.9% of the time, it’s due to one of three things. Ego, wanting to brag to their peers by trying for the hype or rankings, a lack of understanding of their ability or listening to people with a zero track record . The latter reason is by far the biggest reason kids have a bad AAU experience. That’s because parents love the attention more than the kids. Regardless if I know it’s a mistake or not, I don’t tell a kid or kid where to play.. it’s none of my business. That’s between the kid, their family and AAU organizations trying to convince that kid to play for them.

Last year Ally Carman was considering leaving the ShoreShots organization. She wanted a new experience and her chance to play on the National AAU stage. Now the Shoreshots was the organization that developed her game. The reason she found her way to Boston College. She committed to BC long before joining the Philly Rise. It was a great relationship and benefited both she and the Shoreshots. But what happened? Many outsiders told her and advised her to go play with the Philly Rise… SHE NEEDED THE COMPETITION to get better. She needed better coaching, she needed to play for the Rise to get ranked. Now all of the that was total bullshit. Now I knew that but keep it to myself. I just said “Ally do what is best for you and what makes you happy” . Do you know why? It’s none of my damm business where Ally plays AAU. My job is to help her develop her game. Well Ally Carman went to the Philly Rise and it was a difficult summer. Outside of getting nice gear and fancy shoes, the basketball experience was not what she expected. Now it was not Ally’s fault or the Rise’s fault. It just didn’t work out. Mostly due to style of play. Not coaching or a players ability. This happens at every level, every day of the week. Now let me say this tho, I 150% knew it was a mistake from day one. I also believed Ally needed and wanted that athletic experience. I think it’s good for a kid of Ally’s ability to face a little adversity. It will help her at the next level. It also was not my place to tell her where to play. But would you like to know something else. Know all those people who told her to leave the Shoreshots. Think any of them said “Ally we made a mistake telling you to leave the shore Shoreshots. We should have minded our own business, especially because we didn’t have shit to do with your development over the years in any damm way”… NOPE! I also told Tracey Sabino she has a army of insiders and outsiders coming after program… AND THAT’S A FACT!

Now kids are picking AAU teams right now. I know a player who is still developing. Last year, she had a breakout season. She switched AAU teams at the advice of people who would’ve been better off minding their own damm business. I knew right away she was believing her own hype.. and I 100% will take some credit for that hype. She had a disappointing summer to say the least. She is currently trying to decide what AAU team to play for right now. Now I am not going to give her a drop of advice because it’s none of my business. But my guess is, she is once again listening to the wrong people. Both she and her family are new to the dirty world of AAU. Oh yeah, if you don’t mind me bragging. Does anyone.. I said anyone want to compare my track record in such matters when it comes to AAU impacting recruiting? Yeah, I DIDN’T THINK SO.

Now here is something that really disturbs me about high school coaches. Why are you telling the kids with D1 offers on the table where to play. Kids with multiple D 1 offers on the table, the best players, where to play AAU? Tell me why? They seem to be making all the right decisions. But the kid with no offers you are perfectly fine not advising them where to play. Why? Shouldn’t your energy be focused on them, those who need the advice and help? During a kids recruiting process if they have offers on the table. I mind my business. I tell all of them .. NO EXCEPTIONS! “DO NOT TELL ME ONE THING ABOUT YOUR RECRUITING”. Every single college coach will tell you, Tiny Green does not return calls. Why? Because I do not want to lie to college coaches. I cannot tell them what I don’t know and why I don’t need or want to know about a kids recruiting. But if a kid has no offers, I am advising and speaking to that kid and coaches daily. It’s funny but all my kids go to school for free… I WONDER WHY? Maybe it’s because I know what the hell am talking about. Unlike some people who are advising kids.

Finally there is nothing more disgraceful than a college coach telling a kid where to play. Excuse my language that Shit is beyond “BULLSHIT”. Anyone who trust a coach who is that unprofessional is in for a surprise one day. Trust me when I tell you that. How do you think a AAU organization would feel if they heard a college coach is telling one kid to leave their organization to play for another one. Folks, please tell me what Qualifies a college coach to know where a kid should play AAU? Do they no that kids personality and how they will mix with the organization they are advising? Do they know the practice and work habits of a kid? In fact do they even really know the kid considering they are only allowed to speak to them once a week when they become a junior. They know nothing about a kid other than their basketball ability and some are as bad as shit at that. Yet they feel the need to Interfere with a kids AAU decision… DISGRACEFUL AND UNFORGIVABLE. Oh yeah and I’m Definitely that guy who holds a grudge.

When Justine Pissott was considering leaving the Shoreshots who she was with since 2nd grade for the Philly Belles. We had exactly one conversation. I told her these exact words “I don’t give a shit where you play.” Do you know why? One because I love her like a daughter, two because I love her family and three the most important reason of all…it was none of my damm business! Now many people accused me of telling her to leave the Shoreshots. But again it was not my place to advise her, one way or another. By the way, for the record, I knew it was the smartest thing she ever did from day one. But some people need to learn to shut the hell up and let these kids make their own choices with there families.

Now if you want to pass along some information to a kid. Like what you believe is in important in a kids decision go right ahead. Certainly if you know of something that can in danger a kids’ future, you want to pass that information along. You can even give a kid the pro’s and con’s if you really feel the need. But you don’t tell a kid where to play. I tell kids every day, Dawn Karpell is a master coach and it upsets people. Well too bad because it’s how I feel. But I’m certainly never telling a kid to go play for Coach Karpell. That’s something a kids needs to figure out on there own…what you need to do is MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS👌


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