CORE SKILLS.. Where are the Future Stars Going next year?


The CORE SKILLS 7th/8th training session kicked off last weekend. There were a few things that jumped out at me. Last year at this time, I believed this years freshman class would be the weakest in Shore history. I turned out to be wrong, because I under estimated the work ethic of that class. Kids like Paige Slaven, Molly Lynch among others took major steps forward. This years freshman class has been special this year. This years 8th grade group is just the opposite this time of year. The 2021 class on paper is off the charts.

There are 3 possible Power 5 players at CORE SKILLS. Two are Power 5 locks due to there size for there position. The 3rd is highly skilled and will be a Top 5 player in the state one day. Last years group had one Power 5 lock in Kylee Watson to start.  Interesting this years Core Skills has the best 6th grader and 7th graders in the state at CORE SKILLS. Both the 6th and 7th grade groups appear to be tracking, huge in terms of D1 players.

The years 8th group is starting out with a monster projection of  11 D1 players. That number is off the charts. But what’s interesting is only one of the Top 5, 8th graders has decided on a school. That player will attend Manchester. What’s interesting is OCEAN COUNTY schools, are keeping there talent at home. This could shift the balance of power from Monmouth to Ocean County. What’smore interesting is the best 7th grader I have seen since Marina Mabrey, is considering TOMS RIVER NORTH. Either way it’s a real tribute to the Ocean County youth coaches, they have stepped up and now the high schools will benifit .

Middletown's South Freshman Stephaine Mayerhofer has grown as player

Middletown’s South Freshman Stephaine Mayerhofer has grown as player

Now CORE  SKILLS always has a few surprises. But there is a flat out stud who showed up. She plays for the Whalen CJ HAWKS and showed she has a chance to be special. Here is way I love CORE SKILLS. Over the next nine weeks, I will get to see her work ethic, competitive nature, attitude and..most importantly her level of development. Last year this year’s current leader for FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR, Kermari Reynolds showed up and blew everyone away. Let’s see if this young lady will do the same. Just remember some kids develop and some kids don’t. In most cases it come down to work ethic and focus. There is a young lady who is a D1 player who will attend Manasquan, that few…even her future high school coach Lisa Kukoda, may not know about; how can that be you ask? Development, she is total gym rat and has willed herself into a player. She will give Manasquan, like they need it..other scorer. She also has PLAYED with and against the best players in New Jersey.

They are in the mix for a stud

They are in the mix for a stud

Some  schools are in the hunt for players, they must get. There are going to be some wars and tough decisions by some kids. Howell will not be in a fight for two kids that will mostly likely have a impact from day one. Two kids who I had never seen, before showed up from Howell and blew me away. Both were long and athletic. I took the bold step of putting both in a group with two of the best 8th graders in New Jersey. Both more than held there own. They are 100% locked into Howell. But trust me when I tell you this, either TOMS RIVER NORTH OR DONOVAN CATHOLIC according to her mom, is getting a 4 year starter and major impact player. RUMSON is the favorite for one of the two best 8th graders in the state. But it’s not a done deal by a long shot. St. Rose and SJV are both on the list for a Point Guard who is a future D1 player who is SPECIAL. RBR is in the mix with a kid trying to decide between RBR and ready…SJV. Amazing what winning can do.

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Now for the next 9 weeks I will do a UPDATE every two weeks. Yes, I WILL GIVE YOU THE NAMES of all the players. I also will pass along what schools they will attend. I will tell you who will be the impact Freshman and what to expect. The CORE SKILLS is such a measuring stick. I always say grammar school basketball is a must. But kids must also find competitve  environments to get ready for the next level. CORE SKILLS does this. It’s a no excuse environment and a kid must swallow there ego and work hard…just the way we like it..

****There are 4 spots available for the 7th/8th grade 9am-10.30 session*

MARTIN LUTHER KING CLINIC IS MONDAY ..9AM-2PM hope everyone will take advantage of a chance to have fun and get better

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