If you are a college coach listen and pay close attention to what I ‘m about to say. This will be quick and right to the point. The Shore Conference, is loaded with 60% or higher of the states D1 players in most years. This year the Shore has 14  and this is considered an off year. The Shore Conference is so loaded with talent its not uncommon for kids to get missed. But Desiree Allen of Neptune is not going to be on of those that gets missed…because she is a rare combination of talents you either have or you don’t.


Allen was MVP of Shore Holiday Tournament

Yesterday Neptune held serve against RBC and won the first of their two match-ups. RBC is young and plays like a young team at times. They have easily the best young talent in the Shore. They start one lone senior in D1 Loyola Bound Alex Barzotti, who was sensational yesterday. Then they start two sophomores in Josie Larkins and Maureen Coakley. Finally they start two of the best freshman in the shore; Rose Caverly and Katie Rice. This is a super young mega talented team no matter how you slice it. But it was another young player on the floor who did most of the slicing yesterday….Desiree Allen.

A lot of kids in the Shore knew about Desiree Allen long before she won the MVP of a recent Holiday Tournament. Many of the best kids in the Shore and outside of the Shore attended the Fall Boot Camp. The best player on the first day of the Boot Camp was Desiree Allen as she dominated a gym stuffed with D1 signer’s and future Division-one players….Her peers, thought so much of her that day that they…..  GAVE HER A STANDING OVATION THAT!…


Desiree Allen is a mix of rare talents

College coaches pay attention to one of the most unique packages you may ever read about. You will be hard pressed to find a player with the quickness to the ball of Desiree Allen.  Her ability to anticipate and pick off balls in the air and get those all important defections is almost surreal. The amount of ground she can cover is not something you could even begin to think about teaching. It is a gift from the heavens.

The  first step is flat out the best in the Shore, don’t even argue with me people. How good is this young lady’s first step? When opponents know she is going off the dribble they are still caught flat footed. Coaches good luck seeing anyone with the first step of this young lady, because I can assure you this is another gift from the heavens.



If you are looking for explosiveness off the ground and the ability to slip though tight spots while in the air, then you better get over to Neptune. No player gets off there feet quicker and is more effective when doing so than this young lady. She breaks all the rules of leaving your feet as a player.  Rare is it that female player who gets in the air and uses their god given instincts to make plays for themselves or teammates. 

That fact that she is a lefty makes her even more of problem. BECAUSE TRYING TO GUARD OFF THE DRIBBLE IS FATAL  Finally her physical toughness is just off the charts and it allows her to play against bigger opponents and she just overwhelms younger weaker opponents.


#10 is a RARE TALENT

Desiree Allen is some kind of new age wing player, she simply has a mixture of skills that you simply cannot teach. You can spend all your life in the gym trying to produce a young player with this package. This is not the stuff you teach, YOU DON’T HIRE SOMEBODY TO TEACH YOU THIS STUFF… this is called god given talent. This young lady is right now one of the best players in the Shore, forget age or grade. ….We are watching something new and exciting folks.  College Coaches, DESIREE ALLEN IS A TYPE OF NEW HYBRID WING PLAYER THAT MAY BE IMPOSSIBLE  TO DUPLICATE…You be wise to go out and get this original….OH yeah did I tell that you will need to wait a few  years? You see she is only… JUST A SOPHOMORE….



MANASQUAN goes on the road to take on SJV. This is a very big game for both teams. First  Manasquan who is #1 in every poll remember has to play RFH who is #5 in the State and #3 in Greg Lerners poll on the road. SJV who is #3 in the state and Greg Lerners Poll has already beaten RFH at RFH so a win tonight puts them in the drivers seat BIG TIME!

#6  in the Shore HOLMDEL visits RFH and this game will be very interesting for a lot of reasons. First Morgan Grazanio who was sick and running a temperature against SJV is back practicing and is fully healthy for tonight’s game. Holmdel has see what a powerhouse team looks like and will much better prepared to tonight.



Sad to report Tiffany Montange of Northeastern tore her ACL and then a week later her younger sister of Tia Mongtange of RBC did the same. Both are out for the year, but should make full recoveries…Mrs. and Mr Montange feel very confident both girls are in good hands.

Dawn Karpell won her 200th game at SJV this week but with her wins at Holmdel she will most likely hit 300 this year


John Truhan of Central won his 299th win last night and will get his 300th this season. Truhan’s 300 is very impressive because he built 3 programs from scratch.



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