We are  down to four in the Shore Conference. Three of these teams everyone expected to see, the 4th is a bit of a surprise. There is no question tomorrow is going to be an exciting night of basketball.  But there is more than just a SCT TITLE on the line.

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The next few days no doubt will clear up a lot of questions regarding the post season awards. Many players tying to winning a championship, still have a chance at some personal awards as well . While personal awards are nice; I have never seen a player who prefers personal awards over championships.


Most of the post season awards are still up for grabs. There is one award in my mind that is a wrap and nothing is changing that…COACH OF THE YEAR. I believe the winner of this years award has done something rare on the high school level. Take the exact same team from a year ago and increase the win total as of today by 13….So a discussion is not needed. I don’t include the State tournament in my thinking process. When colleges give out post season awards they vote before the NCAA. THE SAME CAN BE SAID FOR JUST ABOUT EVERY  Sport.

images 2014 FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR Stella Clark

In my mind Freshman of the year is just about a wrap. But there are still 3 freshman in the SCT that could change my mind with a special PREFORMANCE on this big stage. Playing well on a big stage gives a player added weight come decision time. Because one thing I can promise you is this… When it’s comes to my FOY and All Freshman Team; HOW  YOU PLAYED against REAL COMPTETION will be the measuring stick! Now remember picking this year’s ALL FRESHMAN TEAM will be the hardest it’s ever been. I can tell you three spots on first team are undebatable. But the last two spots will be tough. Remember this as well, these are not necessary the best freshman, because some great freshman did not get major minutes. Maddie Doring for example is a D1 player who saw little time. She will not appear on any of my All Freshman teams. But name a freshman swing player who would have have broke the SJV line up? You can’t… look at St. Rose, many of the sophomores on this years #1 ranked team played very little last year. Alex Barazotti and Nicole Morris both saw few minutes as freshman and both are going to D1 schools. So talented freshman don’t sweat it. EVERY ALL FRESHMAN TEAM member in the past with the exception of one (playing lacrosse at Duke) has gone on to D1….let that marinate Shore haters…lol



Now PLAYER OF THE YEAR is real tricky and certainly cannot be decided until the championship. This is an award most don’t understand. The most talented player does not win this award. The award goes to the player who has had the best season in HIGH SCHOOL. If we go by who the best players are for example my ALL SHORE TEAM would include 3 players who will not make any of my teams this year. Player of the year is about one year in one conference. In my mind we have a strong clubhouse leader. But two and maybe 3 others have a real chance to steal the award. Again what a player does in the State means nothing to me…this is why I Submit my blog the a week after the SCT…YOU DON’T see it until it’s posted.

imgres Jill Favery certainly would have been all Shore

Now All SHORE is almost a wrap, 4 spots are a lock and the fifth I believe is a wrap as well. Now 2nd and third are real tough because you have a few Ocean players and kids with no reps who had super years. But I will tell you this, look at the 2nd and 3rd teams in the past. The players on 2012-13 All Shore Teams with the exception of two have all gone on or have a D1 offer. Every player on last years 2013-14 All Shore Team with the exception of two have signed or have a D1 offer on the table… I have a list of 19 players for this years All Shore team. All 19 are D1 Locks, which means ALL 15  players on this years All SHORE team are D1 players…that’s a fact folks. The last time that happened 2010! Shore haters it’s not hype when its a fact.


Finally remember this All SHORE, POY, FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR AND COACH OF THE YEAR…are just opinions not facts. My picks are based on performance and situation. I would also like to go on the record and say I do favor some kids…those who work hard, are respectful, show sportsmanship and are good kid has them all… but those who strive to achieve them all have my vote.

TOMORROWFull team by team breakdown of each player. I will tell you who has the edge and who has the disadvantage…


UPDATE- UNSIGNED SENIORS/ACADEMIC ELITE- This event will also be streamed to D1 coaches LIVE at NO CHARGE.


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