Learn what matters: The Truth about Recruiting…

Today I am going give you a LONG talk about recruiting. That’s because right now too many kids are lost about how to navigate the process. The advice many kids are getting these days is shocking. But more importantly many kids simply do not understand where there are in the process and where they stand. That’s because of a lack of information. So today I am going to help you but you must be willing to listen. One of the biggest problems in recruiting is people who don’t want to led or worst follow people who have a poor track record. I have a line I use often. If you don’t want to listen, that’s find …but understand YOU WILL HAVE THEM TO SHOW YOU THE WAY.

I am not going to discuss level of play. That’s because nothing bugs me more than some adult telling a kid what level is best for them. Every kid will find this out on there own in due time or they will end up in portal if they make a mistake. But a bigger mistake is letting someone tell you how big or small to dream. I will start with the biggest problem in recruiting these days… TRUTH! You see lack of truth in many cases is the number #1 reason kids are constantly behind or passed over in the recruiting process before they even get started. Let me give you three examples in the last 2 weeks.

  1. Example one a high school coach was upset there player was not higher on my All Shore Team. Maybe he is right and maybe his wrong. But then her coach said this “she doesn’t train with you like those other girls. That’s why she wasn’t higher”. Now that statement right there told me he is not in tune with the recruiting process. Why you ask? Because if he knows players are getting a edge in recruiting by making a meaningful All Shore team. Then why are you not encouraging your to get down to that gym as well. No disrespect but who is more connected to college coaches and has more kids going to college than everybody else combined? The very guy she is not training with. Does this mean she won’t get recruited? of course not. in fact in this case the young lady has D1 offers on the table. But what about that kid who doesn’t have a offer, what advice is she getting. My guess is it sure as hell doesn’t hurt when every D1 player except one from your area trains with this guy for a young lady to build a relationship with him. The truth of the matter is that not everyone understands the recruiting process. Kids must understand building relationships with impactful people matter.

2. Example number two I called a coach about a kid who 100% can play for her. In fact I would bet the house she’d start for her as a freshman. But what did she say ”Tiny every time I go watch her play she barely gets in the game. Her AAU team last summer never gave her the ball. I just can’t spend anymore time on her at this point”. Guess what? She is right and what did this young lady do? Go play for another AAU team that won’t feature her. Now I’m not saying this young lady should go play for a ”B” team or so called select team. In this case she clearly is too good for that. But she should have searched for a team that would feature her game. I believe she is in trouble and doesn’t even know it. Why? Because nobody is willing to give her truth out of fear of upsetting her.

3. Finally my third example, I called three coaches. These are close friends of mind. I think I’m doing them a favor. What did all three say to me ”her body scares me”. Now this is a kid in my mind is a really good player, who I believe will be a excellent college player. But when a College coach says ”what is that body going to look like in 2 years” This young lady can’t even get to the starting line and doesn’t realize. Why? Because nobody is going to tell her the truth at least nobody who wants to keep there job. Try telling a parent there kid is overweight or not in shape… good luck your going to be hated in way that you could never understand.

So what is the problem in all three of these cases? Lack of information, and this leads to kids who are talented failing to reach there goals. But there is another bigger issue that is taking place that is so sad I cannot put into words.

Let me first start with this, people please I beg you to stop telling kids “if you are good enough the coaches will find you“ That is the biggest myth out there. The key is they have to find you before they find someone else. So let me address a few things.

The transfer portal can hurt or help a high school player these days. I don’t have time to explain this today. You’ll have to just take my word.

Next the number of scholarships that are available are shrinking, again you will have to take my word on this.

College coaches are more picky in the recruiting process than any other time. Again you will just have to take my word for that.

Finally and please listen to this more than anything else. COLLEGE COACHES NOW WHAT PLAYERS WHO ARE READY MADE. They are not in the business of waiting to win. Therefore kids must understand being good enough is no longer the measuring stick. Being ready to play and impact a team right away is…all this adds up to one thing. If you want to be recruited you have to know what the hell your doing and lean on those who fully understand the process.

Now understand because someone has kids who got recruited, does not mean they understand the process. Let me give you a example. Justine Pissott got recruited by almost every school in the country. She needed my help getting recruited like a hole in the head. It’s the kid NOT BEING RECRUITED WHO NEEDS Guidance and advice. So I’m going to give you some hardcore advice right now. It may scare you or it may help you.

  1. If you have not started calling coaches your behind. I don’t care if your in 1st grade its never to early. Nobody wants to hear rhis but its the truth.
  2. You don’t like social media? Too bad it plays a major role in building your name Recognition, like it or not. Let you parents or coaches handle your social media if it causes you stress. But understand social media is here to stay. So don’t stick your head in the sand.
  3. You better have people speaking and talking to coaches on your behalf who have clout and real juice. Just having someone call without a track record or reputation means nothing.
  4. You better be writing letters, NOT EMAILS and texting multiple members of coaching staff. They all have to love you. Develop relationships with an entire staff.
  6. Don’t be afraid of bad news… because its coming even for the best players in the country. It’s part of the process regardless of who you are.


  1. Understand depending on the level you would like to to play. The level of competition you face is everything. If you want to play D1 for example and you are a senior and only have one player on your AAU team with a D1 offer. Wake up and smell the damm coffee the odds are against you and understand if your AAU coach is telling you D1 is MOST LIKELY in your future. He or she is full of shit, he like you are both hoping for you to have a show stopping summer. A solid or good summer is not going to be enough.
  2. You must get in the gym regularly and create a reputation as someone willing to work. Folks, trust me we all know who works hard and who doesn’t. But the work ethic it takes to play at any level in college you won’t understand until you experience it.
  3. You better be highly skilled, highly athletic or have a specialty(shooting is always a big one for example)

Now let me finish with this. Most kids want to play in college. I don’t care if it’s D1… D2… or D3. But what nobody is telling these kids is that getting a scholarship or a spot on these rosters is hard as hell these days. You have kids who don’t know how to train in order to put themselves in postion to even peak a coaches interest. Nobody is explaining to these kids they are not working correctly or hard enough. You have coaches and kids bragging about who they train with, not if there getting better. It’s almost a status thing. Please stop doing this, it does bot help you in the recruiting process. Many kids and parents for example only care about points. They brag about how hard there kid works. Well newsflash everyone who is currently being recruited or currently in a college rotation can score and plays hard. The question is what are you doing to separate yourself. Do you have a basketball IQ, are you a willing rebounder, do you understand tram defense? Are you a energy giver or taker. She these things all matter more than ever. Do you know why? Because the portal has made it easy for coaches to find these things.

If you want to get recruited these days. First work on your game. That means everyday in a competitive environment. Know that the process has become very competitive. Speak to those who will give you truth and valuable information. But don’t sit around waiting for coaches to find you… YOU MUST FIND FIND THEM

STARTS MONDAY 10am-2pm😄💪🏀

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