Sometimes kids with talent roll in the shadows. Sometimes kids get lost, they have talent but are never discovered. Their decision making is not good and often by the time they figure it all out it’s too late. Now this is an old story that gets repeated year after year. KYLEE BEAM is one of those kids with talent. But she has no name recognition or presence in the hype world or recruiting world. But she does have two things in her favor. She is young and most importantly a baller.

Last night around 9pm I got a phone call. It was from a Coach. He said to me “do you know Kylee Beam?” I said “no”. He then said she might be the best freshman in the Shore. I chuckled to myself and said Ashley Kreiger of Ranney is far and away the best freshman in the Shore. But then my friend said something that made me sit up. He said “Tiny she is better than ***** and *****. I then though to myself, I need to watch her play. So I asked him what school she plays at and he said Howell. I thought to myself I saw Howell play. I don’t remember any great freshman. So when I got home I jumped on the computer.

The first game I watched last night was Howell vs RBC for a 2nd time. I had watched RBC play Howell earlier. It was then I knew why I didn’t notice any freshman. Kylee, was a big strong girl at 5’10” her brother is 6’5″ and my guess is that she is still growing. The real problem was she did not look like a freshman and it’s why I didn’t notice her. She was active, aggressive and had a live body. But what I liked most about her is that RBC roughed up Howell. But Kylee never stopped playing with a edge and passion. She showed a competitive nature that was not just real but pure fire. Just like her basketball IQ and natural basketball instincts.

KYLEE BEAM is a mystery woman to most. If you want to see a picture of her, good luck finding one. If you want to find any video of her, good luck trying. Trying to find her on social media? Good luck. That’s because Kylee Bean is unknown to most. What is not is unknown to the schools that have ran into her recently. In Kylee in the last month has been unstoppable. Her stats in the last 5 games have been earth shattering.

*22 Points and 14 rebounds
*28 Points and 16 rebounds

* 11 Points and 4 rebounds

*14 Points and 16 rebounds

*11 Points and 8 rebounds in the SCT vs Trinity lat night

Folks no freshman has been cooking like Kylee Beam for this type of stretch. Most importantly as the season winds down, most freshman are hitting the wall. Their numbers drop, the energy level drop. Their impact is not what it was earlier in the season. The scouting and video often’s catches up to them. The long days and practices become a grind. Not in the case of Kylee Beam. She is just getting started it seems. That wall that most freshman are hitting, well she is kicking it down. In fact right now Kylee Beam just might be Howell’s best player. If you’re asking how many Freshman playing on a competitive team vs real competition can make that statement? The answer is none. She started the season coming off the bench. But when Howell’s senior starting forward got hurt, she stepped in to fill the void. To say she has taken a giant step forward is the biggest understatement one can make about this baby star.

They’ll be much video in this blog. No fancy or cute pictures. That’s because I couldn’t find any of Kylee. But what I could find was her balling out on Hudl. They say the video don’t lie and guess what? Game recognize game and Kylee Beam’s game looks very familiar to real ballers. She may not have yet caught the eyes of media folks, bloggers and yes college coaches. That’s okay for now, because she is too busy collecting double/doubles, having 20 point games and winning player of the week awards. In other words doing things most freshman don’t do. When a kid plays this hard, is this tough and has this type competitive nature. It’s just a matter of time before Kylee Beam is found out by all in the Shore Conference community.

KYLEE BEAM got lucky, she found a program on the upswing just like herself. Timing is everything and she has found the perfect home. She found a program with other talented players around her like KIERA MCKOWN. She has found a coach that believes in her game and who has total trust in her. Joe Santopietro knows he’s got a team a year from now they could move into elite status. He knows his program is in good hands for years to come. He knows if he lands a few freshman from the this years 8th grade class.. it’s game on. Because KYLEE BEAM HAS THE GAME TO BUILD A PROGRAM AROUND!


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