They seniors step up in the biggest moments. They say seniors win CHIPS. These things are all true. But sometimes seniors when something more than all these things. Sometimes seniors win the respect of everyone, there team, coaches, fans and opponents. Last night Siobhan Stapleton won the respect of everyone who had the pleasure of watching SJV and TRINITY HALL play one of the most exciting games of the year.

Last night the score board read SJV 57 and TRINITY HALL 53 Overtime. Siobhan Stapleton may played her last game in the Shore Conference. But it’s not the score that her teammates, classmates and coaches will remember. Yes, they will remember Siobhan Stapleton playing like the senior she is. but above all they were reminded that she was one of the people most responsible for making Trinity Hall relevant these days. Yesterday Siobhan Stapleton helped will her team back from a 14 point deficit. It was she more than any player that refused to let her team go down without a fight. Siobhan Stapleton left a memorable legacy behind last night.

Last night it seemed SJV was ready to throw the knockout punch last night against Trinity. They had Trinity on the ropes over and over and was pounding away, trying to finish off Trinity Hall. But every time they tired to run away and hide from Trinity. Siobhan Stapleton keep pulling them back in, one big play at a time. It was a rebound, a steal, a block shot or driving bucket. But when she hit her 2nd big three of the game. It was game on in the SCT semi-final game. It cut SJV’s lead to two. Then she single handily forced a jump ball that lead to Lily Riggi basket that sent the game into overtime. Siobhan Stapleton didn’t just play like a senior last night. She played like a player trying to put the finishing touches on being part of the greatest rebuilding job in recent Shore Conference history. She played like someone trying to leave a lasting memory. In the end that’s exactly what she did. She gave her teammates, her coaches and school something to remember her by forever.

The stat line was impressive, 8 points, 8 rebounds, 3 dimes, 3 steals, 2 blocks. The ball screens, that help on defense. Battling two Power 5 players in Stella Lockhart and Taylor Solfakanch. The handling the ball like a guard all night Siobhan Stapleton did it all last night. It was the stat line that so many Trinity supporters were hoping for from Siobhan Stapleton. It caped off what has been a long year for Siobhan. Nothing has come easy, but it been that way when she started the dream of making Trinity like herself…RELEVANT! So much was expected of her. She had to run though a cruel summer of AAU basketball. She had the tough decision of choosing a college and she picked Tufts one of the best schools and D3 basketball programs in the country. Her fall season was not what she hope it would be. But that is all behind Siobhan now. She has done all one player can do for a program. Last night was her final act in the Shore Conference. So it was only fitting that she once again answered the bell in one of biggest games in her and TRINITY HALL’S career. It’s only fitting that it was Siobhan Stapleton who carried her team on her back with her leadership, classy behavior, reliability and of course her performance.

Now it’s on to the state tournament for Trinity Hall. Now teams will see Trinity and know they will need there best to beat them. Now Trinity Hall matters, there are a threat to everyone. They are now legit a blue blood program. A program that the very best players now will and are considering. All this because 4 years ago someone that didn’t matter, now matters more to the TRINITY HALL LEGACY than just about any player to ever lace them up… SIOBHAN STAPLETON HAS LEFT HER GREATNESS FOR ALL TO SEE

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