I realize that I don’t travel outside the Shore very often. But I do follow the best teams in the state. It’s rare that I don’t know of the best players in the state. The great ones seem to always make themselves known. Rutgers Prep has for years played the Shore Elite. I watched them beat RBC in a showcase last year. Rutgers Prep always has D1 talent up and down there roster. They are always well coached and there kids play team basketball. I have a very good feel for the Rutgers Prep roster. That is I thought I had a good feel… until I saw KATHERINE DONAHUE play. There is no doubt in my mind this future D1, all everything guard is going to be a household name this year. Because she brings talent, personality and a edge that lights up a room.

When the Hoop Group Exposure Tour took place 4 weeks ago. The talent in the gym was off the charts. Just about every top underclassmen you could think of was on hand. There were seniors off to D1 basketball at the event. It was an event with well over 60 future D1 players. This event was not for the faint of heart. But it also was a way for a player to make a name for themselves. KATHERINE DONAHUE made a name for herself because she was the best player in the gym. She displayed not only an ability to dominate but also the ability to raise the level of play around her. Her energy and enthusiasm was infectious. She was a star among stars without the hype or reputation. So let me give every college coach some advice. Walk into your office and call this young lady NOW… because she is a impact player with a winning attitude. A rare combination these days. Sometimes it’s takes one day for a kid to find their greatness.. KATHERINE DONAHUE did just that. So everyone needs to get ready to see the evolution of a star!!

During the skill session at the Hoop Group Exposure Tour, something caught my eye. I had to walk across the gym to make sure what I was seeing was correct. There was this girl around 5’10” not with a college ready body, but rather with an ELITE COLLEGE READY BODY. She was also having her way with a few well known college bound D1 players. She looked like a woman among little hyped up girls . She dominated the court with her game. Her pace of play was Frightening on both sides of the ball. The amount of offensive and defensive pressure she put on opponents was overwhelming to say the least. But this was skills and drills. I know a lot of skills and drills players who can’t move their talents to games. I can tell you KATHERINE DONAHUE is not one of them Because the skill session was clearly just a preview of what was about to come that afternoon.. TOTAL DOMINATION!

College Coaches the ole saying. “The film don’t lie” is true and if you watch the film of KATHERINE DONAHUE at The Hoop Group Exposure Tour, you jaw will drop. Yes, there was a lot of stars in the building that day. But none put on the show that KATHERINE DONAHUE did. She overwhelmed everyone with her physical style of play. She did it with sweet pull up jumpers, she did it behind the arc. She was unguardable off the dribble. She got on the offensive boards total disregard for life and limbs. She rebounded in traffic to start the break. It was like a speeding missile coming at you with no where to duck. She patted teammates on the back. She cheered great plays. KATHERINE DONAHUE took over an entire building that Sunday afternoon. Her presence could be felt everywhere around you. To put it simply, KATHERINE DONAHUE was on a completely different level than everyone else that afternoon. She was so good that everyone was asking the same question. Who is she? Where does she play and how can someone this good be so under the radar....I still don’t have the answer.

Rutgers Prep is stacked with too many good players to mention. But KATHERINE DONAHUE, I believe can play with anyone. So I went back and watched the RBC vs Rutgers Prep game. I had to learn more about this young lady. In that game she came in off the bench and played the role of the energized bunny and played defense. It was clear she played a role and accepted that role. I liked her attitude because it was clear she understood there were those who had paid the price along the way ahead of her. Like all great programs she had to wait her turn. She clearly did so with the right attitude, a winning attitude. There were 3 Senior D1 guards in front of her including Oliva Miles and Molly Lynch. This may explain why she has been under the radar. But I will take a not so big leap and predict THAT WILL NOT BE THE CASE THIS YEAR…KATHERINE DONAHUE is going to be on a lot of college coaches wish list… BANK ON IT!

“Donahue’s fearless and that’s what we work on,” said Rutgers Prep coach Mary Klinger. “When you’re wide open, you shoot the ball. It doesn’t matter if you’re a freshman. I was speechless after she hit that shot though. I was so glad she knocked it down and when we went into the huddle after that, she looked at us like, “What? I took the shot.”

I was standing next to KATHERINE DONAHUE as she was talking to a few Shore Conference mega stars. She was talking so freely and comfortable. So I asked “do you guys know it each other?” She answered “no, we just met”. I found something else out about KATHERINE DONAHUE that day, coaches should pay more attention too, she gets alongs with her peers. It could be the reason she was able to adapt to her role at Rutgers Prep. Her pleasant smile and friendly demeanor was a breath of fresh air. It’s clear she has learned that art of being a good teammate. KATHERINE DONAHUE has a winning a personality to go along with a winning type of game. A game that brings an entire array of skill sets on an off the court to the table. Soon you will be hearing more and more about this young lady. Because nobody with this type of talent can hang in the shadows too long long. Her game is just too big for the light not to shine on her. BECAUSE THE TERM ALPHA FEMALE was coined just for her!!!!

I’ve watched a lot of 2022 players this fall. I can tell you that KATHERINE DONAHUE is as impressive as any player I have seen. She is a mix of raw talent and a off the wall competitive nature. She is that kid college coaches complain that we’re missing these days. That hard nosed, lace them up, drama free baller. I wish I knew more about KATHERINE DONAHUE. But a funny thing happen to me on Sunday. I realized I may have seen Katherine play before. You see I watched the Fagan Belles play the older stacked 2021 Shoreshots. On the day the Belles got roughed up a little. But what do I remember? And what did I see on film? A young lady on the Belles giving the 2021 Shoreshots the business. Turns out that young lady was no other than Katherine Donahue. See that’s the bad part about being in the Shore. You don’t get to see the many great ones outside the area on the way up. I usually see them once they become stars. Well KATHERINE DONAHUE may be the exception. I will be following her closely over the next two years and if your A D1 coach you better be doing the same because when it comes KATHERINE DONAHUE it’s clear for … A Shining Star come into view for all to see🏀👏


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