Today I am going to just talk about anything that pops up in my head. A kind of lighting round of basketball goodies. There will be no game plan here today just thoughts  and opinions.

If you ask me, the key to Manasquan this year is Olivia Shaughnessy. If she has a great year Manasquan could shock everyone. Same goes for Tessa Liggio, RBC is very ordinary without her on the floor. Finally, I say if Jada Lynch put it’s all together St. Rose could  play a serious spoiler role.

Boy watching video and what do I notice again last week. Some kids with big reputations, struggling week after week shooting the ball. The strange part is nobody seems to want to tell them to stop shooting. I get struggling one week. But week after week? That’s a red flag 

I love DEYVN QUIGLEY’S game. Put her on any other team and she’d be a serious player of the year candidate. But Manchester simply is not going to win enough games or play a competitive enough schedule for my vote.

Now that the open gym period is basically over. How many kids realize the next important recruiting window is EARLY DECEMBER and JANUARY? I doubt many understand this. Because if they did I know kids would be working harder.

I see a few new kids landing on my April EARLY BIRD D1 list… well Missry is now a D1 lock… but I see Grace Feeney,  Emma Thornton and Caroline Pollawell all picking up  multiple D1 offers by seasons end.

I really believe seniors are the key to a team having a productive pre season. Julia Karpell, Nina EMNACE, Katie Collins and Eli Clark have been straight up sensational in setting the table for their high schools. The fall always tells you what to expect from your seniors ….ALWAYS!

Well there are four freshmen I believe are going to get meaningful minutes this year. Not blowout mins. ASHLEY  KREIGER, BELLA ORLANDO, TATUM SHARPE and GRACE SMITH.

With the new transfer rule. Look for a number of kids to explore transferring come February. You’re going to see lots of movement. But just wait until the 2029 class arrives. Folks that group are all playing as babies. Many are better than the current 2027 class right now


Kids want to play for their town high school. They like playing with childhood friends and it’s a comfort level thing. The problem arrives when the high school program is non competitive and lacks exposure. It’s the same with AAU, kids want to play with friends but when there is no exposure.. it gets dicey!


What’s the new thing in AAU? How about this one. Having a college coach call a kid or ask a coach to take a call from a kid. The message from the AAU organization.

Your getting recruited and exposure

YOU PLAYING WITH KIDS FUTURES PLAYING THAT GAME!… kids believe the recruiting is real.



So here is my First Team ALL FALL TEAM







MY TOP 10 right now

1. RBC- there the team to beat

2. SJV- the clock help them more than anyone else

3. Ocean Twp- every time I say overrated, they shock you

4. MANASQUAN- let’s  just say it, if the work ethic steps up. They are a serious threat

5. TRINITY HALL- just using the fall to see who separates themselves.

6. RBR- they have seen a upgrade at every single position… RARE!

7. RFH- call me in January

8. St ROSE- team of warriors

9. RANNEY- chemistry matters

10. HOLMDEL- two D1 players and what else?


Now things are about to get interesting as we enter the final 5 weeks before high school practice starts. There are teams and kids that have been preparing all for for this moment. Those are teams and players that in my opinion are ready to shine.

AAU has officially become a distraction for just about every kid and every coach. It’s sad kids can’t just focus on school, friends and the up coming season. Instead they’re worried about a AAU teams tryout or open gym. For the record when will kids learn AAU is about exposure nothing more. Your either getting it or not and if your not blame yourself.

Watching Madison Kocis at Point Guard school yesterday. She just won’t stop growing it seems. She is just about 6ft right now. But watching her get to the rim and expand her game. That’s what’s really special

Nice to see freshman Bella Orlando of Middletown South back in the gym. The forward has been out almost all fall with an injury.  She will bring toughness and a real competitive nature to the upstart Midd South team.

There are kids that seem to live in the gym this fall and others who simply tired but couldn’t make that commitment. The bottom line is trying to get kids out of their comfort zone is not easy. That’s why my hat goes off to kids like EMMA THORNTON of BARNEGAT.

I’m telling you all shore is going to be a straight up war. Allison Cannon of Holmdel right now has to be a first Team Candidate and I will be shocked if ELI CLARK of Ocean Twp is not on All Shore. Both are having dream like falls and it’s showing in a major way

Here are my 15 leading candidates for 1st TEAM All Shore

Katie Collins- Manasquan

Hope Masonious – Manasquan

Julia Karpell- SJV

Madison Kocis- SJV

Danella Matus – SJV

Stella Lockhart- SJV

Deyvn Quigley- Manchester

Allison Cannon- Holmdel

Eli Clark- Ocean

Addy Nyemcheck- RBC

Tessa Carman – RBC

Christina Liggio- RBC

Katie Liggio- RBC

Tessa Liggio – RBC


So who has been the biggest surprise to this point,  this fall? Ashley KREIGER of Ranney, that’s who and she could be the key to the Ranney future.

If you’re looking for a sleeper team this year. Look no further than RBC. Rylee Wheeler and Kristen CONNERS both have made major jumps as players.

The fall league game last week between RANNEY and TRINITY was a war. But once again allowed some Trinity kids to show they can handle bigger roles, when called upon. RANNEY showed they have enough to shock anyone on any given day.

Im really waiting for Ocean County to show some light anywhere. I can’t begin to tell you how bad the entire county needs a major reboot. My guess is Pt Pleasant will be the best team in the county. They have a number of girls in the gym and playing in the fall league.

There is nothing of note on the recruiting front. Another than Brooke Missry picking  up a D1 offer, that’s about all the news. Right now college coaches are in a holding pattern. The first 3 weeks of the season is going to tell you so much about so many kids futures!






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