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I will just get right to the point. I am sick of the AAU culture. As the NCAA quietly kills AAU off. Everyone will blame the shoe companies and the AAU organizations. Yes there is some truth to that. But you know what else is true? AAU’s biggest problem is parents. I can honestly say I have seen it and saw it all this year. Let me give you a few quotes 

what is she thinking” D1 asst coach

My boss was right about not offering her. She looks terrible” D1 asst

there going to Kentucky all three live periods, that’s not smart “ D1 head coach

Folks I can go on forever and ever regarding this type of stuff and you know who I blame most? The parents, that’s because they think they know more than everyone else. They think they have all the answers and they do not. They always are looking for more and live for the  hype.

There are 5th and 6th graders playing AAU these days and switching team based on wins and losses not development. Now nobody cares about a 5th and 6th grade score except a few crazy parents and kooky coaches. Marlboro has dominated Mid Monmouth for years. Well guess what? Marlboro high school is not exactly a hot bed for superstar players. Could it be because grammar school championships are great for memories and making friends for life. But has little to do with a kids basketball future if they don’t develop skills. We’ll try to convince a parent that coaching and a good experience at that age is more important… GOOD LUCK

I saw a kid last year. No doubt was a D1 player. But what happen to her? Everyone around her convinced to go play for a certain AAU team. That  didn’t feature her, get her the right exposure or more importantly look out for her. So rather than get out of her comfort zone, she ran right into the arms of her longtime AAU environment. The result? She is going to a great as in great D3 school. The bad news is that she is paying when she gets there,  she did not have too. She could  be at a D1 school in the Patriot or Ivy. But guess what? Nobody  protected this young lady. Nobody gave her truth. They took advantage  of her loyalty and goodness. So now she will hopefully enjoy her college experience but it’s going to cost when it didn’t have too!

Now I tell kids focus on getting ready for your high school season. But that can no longer happen. Why? Some AAU coach is having an open gym ..aka tryout or a kid is paying  to attend a tryout. Why? Because the AAU folks want to get a kid locked in before the kid even has a chance to see how their high school season goes. To see how their recruiting goes. Nope it’s all AAU folks lies and bullshit about how they’re going to get a kid exposure. How they’re going to get a kid offers. How they know this coach and have these connections. It’s all bullshit. Because here is a fact. Unless you ass is good enough, and playing in the right events at the right time. All the connections in the world can’t help you. But guess what? Few parents and fewer kids believe this. It’s  all a game until they realize the scholarship or school they want to attend is not happening. Then everyone wants truth and doesn’t care about the loyalty and nonsense that is used to box kids in.

These days nobody is embarrassed to openly steal kids. Kids that are growing, doing well and shining at other programs. These days lying is acceptable and expected. These days anything goes. Bringing in new players out of nowhere. Making back door deals with kids regarding playing time. These days nothing is out of bounds in the AAU world. It’s a total dog eat dog and trick as many kids and parents as possible world. Play on their emotions and friendships and watch them suffer in the end as they ask “how did we get here”…. You got there because you constantly listened to the wrong people. The ones with no track record. The ones who bragged about the three star players with scholarships over and over. The loved the organizations that posted all those offers their stars got but did nothing for that kid who wasn’t a star. That’s because mommy and daddy wanted to believe it all… THEY WERE HUNGRY FOR ATTENTION!

I drop an early bird D1 list every year. If you not on the list. It’s not the end of the world. But it an’t exactly the best news for your D1 future, check the dam track record. Here is some advice. If your name is not on it. There is a reason and it starts with either your lack exposure or you’re not good enough right now. But do you think that AAU folks will tell you that? Hell no, they talk about how you’re going to shine. How their coaching is going to make you great. Wait,  I coach you 2-3 days a week for 3 months and I’m going to make you great. Really? Of course not but that’s  what mommy and daddy want to Hear. Just like the famous “she looked great this weekend at practice “ … see tell a parent that and they’re sure as hell will stick around. 

You have 9th graders who will barely see a minute of varsity time. Asking who is going to be on the AAU team? Not when is practice, what’s the coaches background? Where are we traveling too… no there worried about everything except the shit that matters… oops I mean the parents are!

I tell a kid you want to get better, go play for Coach Karpell. But shit, what do I know and of course I favor her because she is maybe the best high school coach in the country. Who the hell wants that!!!. I tell a kid your ass is an unknown in the basketball world. I say go play for Tracey Sabino. But hey I’m a Shoreshots guy, I tell everyone to go play for the Shoreshots … totally bullshit!!! I’m just a honest guy. Unlike AAU and parents trying to play every angle known to mankind….






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