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There are kids and families that sit back and wish upon a star. Then there are kids and families that make dreams come true. It takes bravery and sacrifice sometimes. There is often pain and tears along the way. There is also doubt and those who don’t believe. But when a dream is real and not a fantasy, kids and families find a strength that most can never understand. JOSIE MUNSON of RED BANK REG has been tested like no other kid I have ever known. She has walked through the fire and been burned. She has been burned badly by adults along the way and by those who did not believe in her talent or her journey. JOSIE MUNSON IS BRAVE, it’s the only way to explain how she has come out on the other side. It’s the only way to explain how it is she who is getting the last laugh. That’s because JOSIE MUNSON will be attending one of the best schools in all of AMERICA….NEW YORK UNIVERSITY 🌈🗽


When Josie Munson left Colorado to attend school in Pennsylvania. She thought she had found a home. Instead she found disappointment and a lost of trust. When she joined her new AAU team she didn’t know what to expect. What she got was unhappiness and stress. It seemed that nobody believed in her. She was at the crossroads. She had to do what so many other kids do everyday. Ride it out and hope for the best or take control of her future. Jose Munson needed to do what so many kids are afraid to do…make a change. It was time to be brave or accept her fate. Josie Munson needed to decide if she wanted to be a victim of survivor. She had to quickly decide to believe those who didn’t believe in her or to bet on herself. JOSIE MUNSON PLACE A BIG BET ON HERSELF AND NOW HAS WON is not the lottery, it’s the mega millions jackpot and Josie Munson is the richest girl in New Jersey this morning.


In order to make a dream come true. You need support and guidance. When a kid is broken they need love and support. They need someone willing to go the extra mile with them. Someone that truly believes in them. JOSIE MUNSON parents JENNIFER AND CHRIS knew there daughter was special. It’s why they too are brave. Only true love and belief would motivate parents to pack up and leave one state to another to give their child a better opportunity. Only real belief allows a parent to walk away from a AAU team not knowing what consequences will be. Only a special kid would basically give up most of their junior year, even after after being told she could not play in the state tournament for a new start, a new chance. FOLKS THIS TAKES REAL STRENGTH AND BRAVERY…. I guess you can call it MUNSON POWER …I CALL IT LOVE💕❤️


Coach John Truhan believed and knew he had a special player

“You can’t do EPIC SHIT with basic people”. Josie Munson and family learned that the hard way. But there is nothing basic about Hall of Fame Coach John Truhan. The coach of RBC who has made a reputation of saving kids who have had there spirit broken and who have lost trust. It was John Truhan who reworked his schedule so Josie Munson can play 11 games. It was Josie Munson who rewarded the HALL OF FAME COACH with another amazing chapter to his career. It seemed everyone was delighted that finally Coach Truhan looked like he would not make the state or SCT tournament. But Josie Munson turned into Super Woman day she put on her RBR #5 Jersey. RBR would win 9 of 11 games with Munson in the lineup breaking the hearts of so many Truhan haters. In the process JOSIE MUNSON found a true home. A coach who believed in her and featured her game, teammates that loved and respected her as a friend and competitor. Josie Munson found a home and a family, she also found confidence, success and fun.

Mary Beth Chambers and Lauren Bower…”DREAM MAKERS”

JOSIE MUNSON most important decision was where to play AAU. She wanted to play for a teaching and nurturing coach this time around. A coach who believed in her talents. So she found the GOAT of AAU coaches, MARY BETH CHAMBERS and then the GOAT AAU ORGANIZATION IN THE NEW JERSEY SHORESHOTS. Together they made sweet music, Josie Munson once again fell in love with AAU basketball. She found peace and it just may be the biggest reason she had a outstanding AAU season. It just may be the reason she improved more in a summer than she had in the last two years. It most definitely the reason why she will be attending one of the best schools in the country in NYU. Mary Beth Chambers is a dream maker and TRACEY SABINO’S organization has once again delivered on its promises.


Now NYU has made a reputation of recruiting D1 players, proving they are fearless. They made it to the D3 Final 8 last season. Josie Munson fully expected to wear a D1 uniform next year. But folks when NYU calls you listen and don’t say “NO “. Josie Munson committed to NYU weeks ago. it was her reward for all that she had to overcome. For all the work she has put into making her dream come true. Some never thought this amazing day would ever come true. But Josie Munson is brave and her parents are her biggest fans…SO NEXT SEASON JOSIE MUNSON WILL BE PLAYING BASKETBALL AT NYU. She will bring a athletic high flying style to NYC. The crowds will love when she get out in transition and jumps over girls. They will fall in love with her sweet pull up jumper. The coaches will love her work ethic and never quit attitude. NYU has added another D1 player to their roster… everyone knows NYU is a D1 team. They now have a spanking new state of the art arena. They travel the county first class by plane and stay in first class hotels. They play in one of the three best Academic conferences in the country. They have one of the best fan bases in the Tri state area and they play for NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS. … it really only fitting because



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