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The JUST US GIRLS EVENT this weekend was for a great cause. It also was a chance for players to shine and  send a message before the start of the high school season. The fall is always a good time. That’s because you get to debate who the best teams will be? Who should be ranked where? Who the best players will be and certainly who is going to win the chips? Those questions will all be answered on the court in due time . But some things are being answered right now. Like Jineen Ayyash of Ocean Twp is one of the best players in the Shore Conference and folks better get use to saying those words, whether they like it or not.


















There were two players this weekend at the JUST US GIRLS  that played on a different level than everyone else. GANDY MANU MAMEL was a grown women among little girls. Then there was JINEEN AYYASH who simply put on a show of shows this weekend. She was simply electric in every phase of the game. She laid the hammer down on some of the best teams and players in New Jersey. In other words Jineen Ayyash sent a message to all, get use to it, she is one of the best in the Shore whether folks want to admit it or not. Her game is complete.

Too often if a kid doesn’t have a big reputation entering high school. They are fighting an uphill battle. Jineen Ayyash is a classic example of this. It seems people have been trying to label her for years. Trying to throw her in a box and downplay play her at the expense of others. You know the ones who were supposed to be better. But now they can just stop. It’s not working. The fact of the matter is Jineen Ayyash has one of the most complete games of any wing player in the shore and that includes every single player. Folks I see them all so you can’t trick me and Jineen has a case to make as the best of the bunch, certainly in the 2024 class. Yeah nobody wants to hear this. But then again lots of folks don’t like truth. It’s just folks don’t want to give her that level of respect. Well that is about to change. Not only is she out working people in the gym. She is the ultimate gym rat. She also is toying with folks on the court. No let me change that, she is  dominating the competition. This weekend was just another example.



The game translates to the next level as well as any wing I have seen in the Shore 2024 class. The versatility of her game is breathtaking. The IQ and movement has no match in the entire state. I know of no player in all my years that moves better without the ball…NONE! These are some of the things Jineen brings to the table. Her ability to punish small wings on the box or on the glass goes to her versatility and insane physicality. Her quick release, shooting range and lift on her jumper is priceless. But it’s her constant movement without the ball is what separates her from everyone. It’s these skills sets that will make her a big scorer at the next level. It’s these things that some do not want to acknowledge. But this weekend was just another example of Jineen Ayyash proving she doesn’t care what they think, she clearly is done trying to win them folks over.

JINEEN AYYASH is tired of folks trying to label her. She knows that nobody wants to crown her. She has seen kids in the Shore she has dominated get crowned and committ to D1 schools. She is tied of trying to win the non believers over. Well I’m a believer a big big believer. I know who is real and who is not. Jineen Ayyash is real and that’s a fact. It’s funny but it seems every time she goes to work on a so called star. The response is always “oh Jineen had a good game “ … well my response is “Jineen  kicked that ass”. You see this weekend Jineen played against the very best and took folks to the woodshed. She polished up her game at their expense.  But she has been doing that for a while now. It’s just most don’t like the idea of a kid without a big rep, a kid that didn’t get crowned or beg for everyone’s approval is kicking ass and taking numbers. It’s hard for some to digest. Well they better get use to it. Because it going to be happening all year.

You think she is D1?” That’s want a high school coach asked me on Saturday as Jineen was doing a number on another future D1 player. I said “would you guys stop questioning this kid. All she does is outplay anyone in front of her. You’ll question her but not the very same kids she is toying with. Tell me why is that?”


In truth I already know the answer to that question. You see Jineen doesn’t fit the narrative.  She not one of there’s. She doesn’t move the hype needle. She’s not that big name kid  you can brag you train or coach. She doesn’t have blonde hair and blue eyes. She doesn’t look the part. She’s just a kid who real soon is going to be playing D1 basketball and you better get use to saying that too!. She’ll be an impact player because of her work ethic, talent and skills. All the things that will make her one of the best in the shore this year whether you like it or not. This weekend was just another day on the job for JINEEN AYYASH.










This weekend was JUST JINEEN!!!








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