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The early fall period has been interesting to say the least. But now we get into the most important  time of the year. The stretch run up to the season. Now we get to see who has truly stepped up there games and what teams and players get to the fall finish line in fashion. Sounds easy but I’m here to tell you it’s easier said than done! THAT’S BECAUSE IT’S GO TIME!

There are a few things that make since. Like Brooke Missry who has be great all fall. Showing why she has picked up D1 offers. Say what you want but  the 2026 Shoreshots have been a scholarship producing crew for two reasons. One exposure and two players being showcased properly. Losing Addy Nyemcheck will hurt but the show will continue on. No organization loses National players more and seem to get better when they leave like the Shoreshots. When ALL AMERICAN JUSTINE PISSOTT  left everyone said the Shoreshots were done. That’s until the 2021 team got better and 9 players went D1. Same case with Ally Carman a year later. So expect the Shoreshots to just roll on like always.

Connors can defend too!

I am all in on RBR’s Kristen Connors. College coaches better pay attention to her improvement curve in the last 2 months. The young lady has been a gym rat and more importantly embracing every challenge while being excuse free. It’s amazing what Coach JOHN TRUHAN does for kids and their development. He is the great “PLAYER WHISPER” he seems to know the right words for kids.









Not that it’s a surprise but Christina Liggio just continues to pick up D1 offers ranging from high major to academic Ivy and Patriot. What I like is that she has not let it interfere with her development. She is the ultimate focused gym rat. She trains with purpose and commitment.

DEYVN QUIGLEY committing to NC STATE. Leaves Ocean County with exactly one Division One prospect….EMMA THORNTON of BARNEGAT. It’s a sad state of affairs and why so many talented players leave Ocean County. They know the exposure is non existent. It starts with the youth programs. Ocean has no competitive youth program and the coaches are afraid of kid leaving to train outside there county for fear of losing them. . Brick High School just may hold the key to a resurgence.

Cassidy Brown committed to TCNJ and what’s so special about this is that Mary Beth Chambers U17 Shoreshots team. Has had a great year in terms of recruiting. Mary Beth’s reputation and talent for developing teams. Allowed all her players to Showcase well and now they are being rewarded.

When I think about players who really have stepped there game up.. these 5 are in a different island from watching tape

1. KAYDEN CLARK- Ocean Twp– she simply is the best two way player in the class. Her recruiting is going to be crazy

2. Kristen Connors- RBR – I’m not calling her a star. But her development has been pretty cool to watch. She knocked off a big fish at NBS last week.

3. Katie Collins- Manasquan – She is right now the PLAYER OF YEAR leading contender in my book. She has not just improved but her work ethic has been outstanding

4. Stella Lockhart- SJV– I’m a results type of person. Right now I love what I see every time she wants in the floor. She could be the most important player in the SJV program right now.

5. Mackenzie Teevan- Holmdel– this story is growing and her 30 point performance in the fall league didn’t hurt. She has a chance to be a wonderful story about commitment.


The AAU whirlwind continues. Instead of kids concentrating on getting ready for high school. They’re dealing with AAU coaches. It’s a sad cases of affairs. Now we are at the point where coaches are no longer hiding there trying to steal kids. Folks don’t act surprised. AAU brings out the worst in all. For the record some kids in my opinion (and I’m wrong so often) have made some bad choices. While other have done what’s best for them, which is the way it should be. When will parents learn. It’s about exposure and showcasing that matters most. Just remember 99.9% of the time the parents pick the team. Don’t believe it’s ever a kids choice.

Tessa Lonzer of Gil Bernard is just a stud. I know she is not a Shore kid. But she has taken out and outplayed some big name point guards. Her body has changed dramatically and the new found strength makes her a problem.


I finally think I got a grasp on the ALL FRESHMAN TEAM. … this is where we are right now of course it can change week to week. But the 2927 class is very different than any class in all my years.


ASHLEY  KREIGER– RANNEY-  FRESHMAN OF YEAR- She is by far the best in the class. A high major lock.

Grace Smith- RUMSON– amazing what she has done with her game

Tatum SharpeSJV– future D1 lock showing sign of being in the SJV rotation.

SAM ORLANDO- MIDDLETOWN SOUTH- she has spent the last 2 months injured. But I say she is the key to South’s future

MADELINE NOLAN- MANCHESTERShe will play massive minutes as a freshman and be a problem in Ocean County.

Finally got my hands on some NO BOYZ ALLOWED games. SJV won the chip. SJV has lots of talent. Once the season starts they are going to be even better. Remember there system is not in yet.

Finally got my first look at Aleena Dinker since the summer live. The quickness and shooting is such a deadly combination. Look for her to pick up D1 offers come early December. Especially if she puts in the work the next 5 weeks.. and why wouldn’t she


Speaking of NO BOYZ ALLOWED. It shocking how shooting has become a serious issues. I am watching really good shooters in NBA and the Hoop Group really struggle. People shooting stats bring truth to the table always.  But here are 4 shooters not having that problem.. COLLEGE COACHES A HEADS UP FOR YOU


1 . Kayden Clarke- Ocean Twp

2. Katie Liggio– RBC

3. Katie Collins – Manasquan

4. T. Decker – St. Rose


* all have been consistent week after week




1. RBC- shooters matter and right now that’s the difference and why they go back to #1…

2. SJV- wait till practice starts

3. MANASQUAN- (if ) they go though Collins there beyond dangerous

4. OCEAN TWP- so much chemistry

5. TRINITY HALL- word is their upperclassman are quietly grinding.

6. RBR- JT may have something special cooking

7. RFH- They play hard and more talent than you think

8. St. ROSE- going to surprise everyone because there hungry

9. RANNEY- seems to get a little better each week. Morgan Kottia may be a big surprise.

10. HOLMDEL- Cannon has a chance to be all shore. Teevan  is an improving rare gym rat at the school.









*From what I know secretly. Folks zero chance this is the the Final ALL SHORE TEAM


So who are the MVP CANDIDATES in the Hoop Group fall league right now 

  1. Katie Collins- Manasquan 
  2. Camryn Gardner- RBR
  3. Addy Nemecheck- RBC



Now the behavior of parents in the Hoop Group fall league has been great.  But what I saw last week by a parent during the St. Rose vs RBC game was beyond nuts, it was kooky time at its best.  Nobody should ever be happy when a kid gets hurt for any reason. Next cheering is one thing. Being loud and obnoxious is different. It also feeds in to teenagers watching bad behavior …I will say it again. Birds of a feather flock together and college coaches I know all the birds and YOU BETTER TOO!






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