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There are lots of storieslines in the Shore Conference right now. They range from another SJV dominant season to all the talented babies in the Shore. There are new faces in the Shore these days and of course the old guard. But there a few things I know right now.

I know after watching SJV this weekend, it going take the perfect performance  to beat them. I also know this Friday, there game vs #1 in the nation Luhi is going to one fun night of basketball



I know the best defensive team in New Jersey is St. Rose. That because they are Queens of one and done. They simply do not give up 2nd Shots. They also have two of the best defensive  guards in New Jersey in Cassidy KRUESI  and Maggie Cavanaugh. They have the ability to turn the lights out on elite scorers.

RBC plays RFH tonight. This is the Hatfield and McCoys. You can throw records out the window when these two teams meet. But this year is a little different. That’s because RFH needs a big win and RBC needs a competive game. Trust me there 100% going to get that tonight. Julia Corsentino  loves playing against RBC and RBC really doesn’t have what you would call a stooper on defense. RBC plays #1 in the Country Luhi on Sunday. This is interesting because RFH could catch them peeping ahead…I know tonight has a chance to be a special evening.


I know we have never seen a freshman class like this in Shore history. Katie Liggio of RBC and Jada Lynch of St. Rose were both MVP at the Boardwalk Showcase. But I can tell you Teagan  Drennan  was outstanding as well. Addy Nymcheck did not play because she has been under the weather.



The Shore is going though a change of the guard. I know RBC, SJV, ST. ROSE and MANASQUAN  are still the face of the Shore. But Trinity  Hall and Ocean Twp in the Top 5 . I know nobody saw this coming. Just like who saw Howell beating Marlboro  yesterday. It’s a new day in the Shore Conference these days









I know right now this is my ALL SHORE 1ST TEAM with apologies to Megan Sias, Julia Corsentino, Maggie Cavanaugh, Rosie Scognamiglio and Tessa Carman














I know if Deyvn Quigley  is not ALL STATE , that’s a joke. Folks what she is doing is historic in every since of the word.


I know that Joe Montano won his 700th game. Many will focus on the wins over the years. But what’s  most impressive to me is how Coach Montano’s program has been the gold standard for class. Everything he has done in his years at RBC has been done in a first class manner… CONGRATS COACH!


I know now that Zoie Maffei is back, Jackson Memorial  is going to look very different. Just like Tanaiyah Decker is back on Saturday for  St Rose. They  certainly  will be different. St. Rose has great chemistry right now. Decker is going to have to try and fit in and yet not lose her identity  as a player. Carlie Lapinski  becoming eligible is beyond huge for Manasquan.  They get instant rebounding, toughness and desperately  needed scoring. I know the Shore seeding  is  going to be affected by these players in the coming weeks.




I know picking a ALL FRESHMAN TEAM IS IMPOSSIBLE… but right now here are my  Top 5


Addy Nymcheck- FOY-RBC

THE RBC BABIES (as a group..Tessa Liggio, Katie Liggio, Lola Giordano, Daniela Maletsky, Shopie Smith)





Photo by: Peter Ackerman







I know right now that the most improved team from the start of the season to now is Ranney. I also know that if Sarah Hughes can make it back. They are going to surprise a few people. Hayley Posner is a star and Brooklyn Taylor has improved in a big way.


I know Megan Sias is going to be ALL SHORE. I also know she is going to create a recruiting war this spring. She is a 6’3″ wing with serious skill sets. Not easy to find these days.



I know Ocean is a two sport county. But what should scare everyone is this, there are basically no grammar school kids of note. I know it’s do to a lack of training in the county and parents not willing to travel. That’s  a bad combination. It’s killing Ocean basketball more than ever…TRN is the only team in the Top 10


I know Casey Prior is once again one of the most effective shooters in the state. Why? Because her shot selection has no match. Her game translates to the next level like you won’t  believe.


How good is Aleena Dinker? Are you shocked? Well you shouldn’t  be because she was considered one of the freshman entering high school last year. She just had to wait her turn. She choose to wait vs going to some school, scoring a million points and not developing…she will be another SJV D1 guard. Her pass at the Boardwalk  stole the crowd😄😄😄







I know Zoe Brooks is not just the best player in the Shore. But she is a better teammate and person. There is no ego when it comes to this young lady. I LIKE THAT MOST ABOUT HER👏👏👏👏


I know ranking are one thing, but the eye test is different ..my eyes tell me these are the 10 best teams. But it does not mean there playing the best…the RANKINGS TELL YOU THAT…


1. Sjv

2. RBC





7. RFH


9. RBR




MORRIS CATHOLIC  lost in a blowout to Paul V1. Its high school basketball people and it happens to teenagers. Morris Catholic had claimed  SJV was ducking them. Now everyone knows that’s a joke. Coach Karpell  has played everyone. I don’t think she appreciated the Morris Catholic  folks going after her on social media. That clearly is not the way to do business. Now that possible game has no real interest outside of the Morris Catholic  basketball family.  Now both teams can go about the business of basketball.







Finally I know the next three weeks are going to be fun. I know the seeding this year for the SCT  is everything. Nobody wants the 4 seed and NOBODY wants to go on the road, because after RBC AND SJV…anyone can beat anyone!





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