How do you become a Mc Donald All American? How do become only the 4th female in New Jersey history to Achieve this honor? The same way you become one of rhe best players in America. You leave the hype to others and you focus on the thing that Determines your future. Getting better and working harder than everyone else and then you must tune out the nonsense. THIS HOW JUSTINE PISSIOTT BECAME A MICKEY ”D” All Americam

So many kids today what the crown. They want the crown but don’t have the game. So often they are crowned by those who don’t matter. They find a hype man and ride that hype as far as it will take them. They go to the all the places that rate kids. There parents live to see them ranked. They only spend time with those who say sweet things about them and there games. They rarely hear truth. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. Thats because you can trick some of the people some of the time but you can trick all of the people all the time. Justine Pissott has never had to trick anyone. She just took advantage of her god given gifts. Then let the chips fall where they may.

Justine Pissott, is 6’3” long and athletic. She has been blessed with these physical gifts. But its what she has done with these gifts that make her different. There are lots of 6’3” talented girls playing basketball. But I doubt any work the way Justine Pissott has worked over the years. Her shooting skills and balling skills are a result of hard work. No hype of phony messaging. Justine Pissott has been coached hard. Brutally hard and filled with truth. She responded to this squeezing of her talent by asking and offering to give more. Somehow she understood game over hype.

When others were jumping from one Showcases and team to another talking about rankings. Justine Pissott was talking about jump shots and getting better. While others were bragging about their latest hype video. She was watching video to get better. You see when others where playing games every weekend. She was in the Laboratory getting better. She was willing to be led and trusted those in her camp. This is why she is a McDonald all American today.

You have to be mentally tough if you want to be a Mickey ”D” All American. That’s because when your young they may tell you that you’re too slow. That’s the game the haters play to make you doubt yourself. You have to be ready when they say you been a failure when your high school team has done nothing but win big. But its a way for them to cut you down to size. There size, they don’t want you to feel or think your special or different. You have to be ready when bloggers and media folks try to embarrass you. By leaving you off there pre and post season awards. Because if your not strong or careful, you could let them win.. they only win if you let them kill your joy. Then you might start acting, thinking and behaving like everyone else… NOT A MICKEY ”D” ALL AMERICAN… because Mickey ”D” ALL AMERICANS are DIFFERENT AND RARE TOO!

Kids if you truly want to be the 5th Mickey ”D” All American and follow in the footsteps of Justine Pissott. Just remember to out work everyone. Remember bank on your performance not hype. The people who REALLY matter will find you. They will embrace you, raise you game and Character. They will admire and root for you because of how hard work. They will watch you soar above the crowd. They will watch you become one of the best in all of the country. They’ll watch you not eat Mickey”D’s” but rather be a MICKEY “D” ALL AMERICAN…. just like Justine Pissiott💪🏀🌈

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