Alexandra Loucopolos… LIKE IT OR NOT… one of the best💪🏀🔥

There is no other way to say it than to just admit it. ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS  right now is one of best guards in the Shore Conference. In fact she is one of the most productive players in the Shore Conference period. Someone should pinch her and wake her up because she is having a dream season. ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS Is one of the best players in the State right now regardless if you want to admit it or not.

HOLMDEL HIGH SCHOOL has been having a Top 20 type season. They’ve had to overcome lots of obstacles this season. None bigger than losing their coach Darren Ault. In losing Coach Ault, it just played into the narrative that has haunted HOLMDEL over the years. That there not competitive and the parents are out of control. But this year is different at Holmdel. This year when faced with adversity, the players have beat the nay sayers and medding parents to the punch. That because they have stuck together though thick and thin. They have stepped up every time they’ve been knocked down. A big reason for this is because ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS  has been the rock of Gibraltar. She has been one of the most reliable players in the entire state. Its seems every time Holmdel has had its back against the wall, she has been there to help save the day. She has hit so many important and game changing shots, I have lost count. The fact of the natter is right now you can’t name a big game she has played in this year where she has not showed up… she has been as reliable as the sun coming up every day. Holmdel doesn’t even want to think about what life would be like without her.

When your reputation is not very big it’s often hard to be acknowledged or be given a chance. When you don’t have that big reputation often your accomplishments go unappreciated or are dismissed. Alexandra might be the most improved player in the Shore. She certainly has had the biggest impact of those who have stepped up this year. She spent last summer with the New Jersey Belles and that should have been a signal as to what was going this year.

Its going to be real hard to dismiss what ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS  is doing these days like it not. The shooting guard averaging 13 points .. 6 rebounds and 2 assist a game. Those numbers stack up against the best guards in New Jersey who play real competition. You see ALEXANDRA  has scored between 13 and 27 points in every game this year except two. Its why I call her Miss Reliable. But even more importantly the stats don’t show her defense, shot selection and leadership. Stats don’t show timely baskets. Stats don’t show her posting up smaller guards. Stats don’t show her insane shooting percentage around the rim. She simply does not give away points. ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS  finishes everything at the rim. You see like it or not, this is someone who can take over a game. Thats because she keeps it simple and efficent.

There is nothing fancy about ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS game. Maybe that’s why she has been named PLAYER OF THE WEEK multiple times by different media outlets. There is no wasted energy. She is no frills just the meat and potatoes. She keeps it fundamentally sound. There are no one handed turnovers, wild shots and selfish play. She gets everything thing done the old fashion way…. she earns its. By being mentally tough and playing hard. She may not get the attention other players with bigger reputations get. But make no mistake her performances scream talented… ELITE… big time and ALL SHORE. Thats because she has been that good💪🌈

Alexandra Loucopolos will need to play like a Champion tonight… if she want to wear the belt!

Tonight Holmdel plays the hottest team in the Shore not named SJV. RFH has not been beating teams lately. They’ve been blowing them out. That because Coach Callahan is a master at game planning. He turned the lights out on St Rose’s two D1 guards on Tuesday. Holding them to a combined 13 points .( the same number of points Alexandra Loucopolos averages). RFH no question will be looking to give ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS the same treatment. Alexandra will need to be at her absolute best if Holmdel has any chance tonight. Like it or not ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS  has to be what she has been all year… one of the best players in the Shore Conference. Tonight she will need to be exactly what she is …. A FUTURE DIVISION ONE PLAYER…. LIKE IT OR NOT

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