The past 10 days I have been writing about the incoming 2026 freshman classes in the Shore Conference. Yesterday I wrote about St. John Vianney. We all know that SJV is the gold standard in girls basketball these days. It’s the home of the best players in New Jersey. It’s also one of the most competitive environments in the country. It’s a place where good players become great players. It’s also a place where great players become superstars. When I wrote my blog about the SJV incoming Freshman Class yesterday it had not become official. That the player most people considered the most talented player in the freshman class in the entire state of New Jersey, had not made a decision on high school. Well that all changed this morning. She had narrowed her decision down to three schools. But that’s all old news now because

GIGI BATTLE has decided that she is taking her talents to SJV and play for Coach Dawn Karpell.

There are talented players and then there are talented players with the package. What is the package you ask? That’s the kid who is a special athletic with a special work ethic. The package is that kids who mother played D1 basketball at the University of Miami. The kid who father is one of the greatest players in New Haven University history. The package is when both your brothers are future NBA players. That package includes a kid that coachable, likeable, a sponge and has a personally that makes others want to gravitate towards them. The package is when the kid is self motivated and has a commitment toward working hard with a purpose. The package is when the player is blessed with skills sets that only the great ones have. The ability to elevate their game on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. GIGI BATTLE IS THE PACKAGE.

There was only one defining player left on the board in the 2026 class this year. That was Gigi Battle and now in blink of an eye that has all come to a end as she will join the SJV family. This was not a shock if you know anything about the Battle family background. They are a basketball family and more importantly believe in challenging themselves. They believe in working hard and earning everything. They don’t need or want to be crowned, they believe the playing and the game will take care of that. What they want is truth, education and competition. They will get all that and more at St. John Vianney. That’s because SJV is the home for Alpha Females, a place for kids who want to be the best that they can be. It’s the place where they play for Chips not awards and personal hype. The hype and recognition comes later with the mega success only happens at SJV. Gigi Battle will add a dimension to the SJV freshman class that will be welcomed. A athletic wing who can handle and shoot the ball. One who is versatile with the ability to play multiple positions. She also will not need the star treatment that so many talented freshman crave and need these days.


Gigi Battle will be in the typical position as all freshman entering SJV. She will be asked to put her masterful and wonderful work ethic to work. That should be easy because she is a gym rat. Next she will be in the most competitive practice environment in her life. This will no doubt help in her development and improvement. She will also get a chance to play against elite players, like Zoe Brooks, Janine Bachmann, Sarah Karpell and Bri Delaney, day in and day out. This is bigger than anyone realizes. That’s because she will be learning from the some of the best players in the state. Unlike other freshman she will be asked to carry a team playing weak competition. She will be asked to be part of a team and learn how to be a great player on a great team. This will all work in Gigi Battle’s favor and SJV’s as well. It’s a win, win for all.

Gigi Battle joins Madison Kocis, Charlotte Bradley and Taylor Sofikanich in giving SJV, another dream freshman class. Some believe this is the best freshman class in the state of New Jersey. Not only are all 4 future D1 lock players. Each can make a case as the best incoming player in their position. This may be a shock to people but Gigi Battle just started taking basketball serious in the last two years. She is just so talented that she has still shot to the top of her class. This delay has prevented her from getting spoiled by the attention that comes with being a talented young player. She has the perfect attitude and demeanour. She has a upside that is off the charts. This is certainly a player that moves the needle for Coach Karpell and assures that SJV will remain as one of the best teams in country!

In a nutshell folks this is another special talent rolling into SJV and while she is gifted and her talents speak for themselves. She is much like other talented players entering the lion’s den known as SJV. She is humble with ears and eyes open. Then is no question in my mind she will reach her god given potential. That’s because she going to the place that does it better than anyone else…. FOLKS THE LAST BIG DOG IN THE 2026 CLASS IS OFF THE BOARD AT THE BUZZER



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