I have known Georgia Heine since she was in 4th grade. I have watched her grow into a beautiful young lady and wonderful basketball player. When I tell you this has been a journey for her and her family… it’s truly a understatement. That because nothing has ever come easy for Georgia Heine over the years and that includes picking her future Division One college.

When Georgia Heine was in 4th grade she attended NBS. She wasn’t ready for the intensity of the building at such a young age. So she stop attending NBS. She didn’t like it and she was afraid of me and my antics. It took Georgia a year and a half to return to NBS, she hasn’t left since. She needed to be sure before she made the decision to return. You see Georgia Heine is not one to make rash decisions. It’s one of the reasons she is the best and most recruited player left on the class of 2022 recruiting board. Unlike many other kids Georgia Heine doesn’t plan on being in the portal one day. She knows her decision on where to attend college is by far the most important decision of her young life. 

Like I said nothing has come easy for Georgia Heine either on or off the court. She was forced to wear a back brace 14 hours a day until her sophomore year. She was not allowed to lift weights until this year.. it’s why I tell coaches we have not seen a sprinkling of what this kid will become one day. Because she made FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN and as a sophomore led Manasquan in rebounds and assists. She did on this wearing that back brace. The 6’0” Heine is so freakishly skilled and long, that when the added strength arrives.. god only knows what she will become. You see Georgia is truly a gym rat. Only gym rats get up at 4.30 in the morning to train. Only gym rats come back after the trainer yells and screams that she is not doing enough.. despite her being in the gym EVERYDAY sometimes up to 4 hours. It no surprise that Georgia Heine has turned herself into an elite shooter with size. The hardest combination of player to find these days. But all this has taken time for Georgia. She made the decision to make basketball her passion only after knowing it was right for her.. and like all her decisions it was the right one.

I remember when the 2021 Shoreshots choose to take less talented players ahead of her when she was in 8th grade. This after she grew up being a Shoreshot. It was a slap in her face and it broke her heart and she didn’t understand it(if the truth be told I’m still a little salty about it). I remember when she wanted to play for the New Jersey Belles, it would have been a great fit. But the Belles practiced on Monday’s and Wednesday’s. So she made the tough decision to not play for the Belles in order to attend NBS. It was another great decision by Georgia. Just like it was for her to play for Team Rio after the Shoreshots finally offered her a spot after making her waiting so long. The problem was Georgia no longer needed the Shoreshots.. they needed her but she found her soulmates with Team Rio. So Georgia decided to play for Team Rio. It was another hard decision by Georgia Heine. But once again she got it right. But it certainly didn’t come easy. When I think of Georgia it amazing to me how forgiving she is. That there is no bitterness in her, despite the disrespectful treatment dealt to her over the years and how she never truly got the respect she deserved. If the truth be told, I challenge you to name a kid who has overcome more. I think her mother Bernie may have something to do with it. She has taught Georgia to just work hard, not to complain, be a good kid and things will work out for the better… MAMA IS BEING PROVED RIGHT THESE DAYS!

Georgia Heine is one of the most unselfish players and kids I have ever met. Last year at Manasquan she played any role the team asked her to play. It’s why she was the teams 3rd leading scorer, 3rd leading rebounder, 2nd in assists, 3rd in steals and first in blocks. She did all these things while not once being the featured player or hyped up like other across the state of New Jersey. She did these things because she made the hard decision to put team ahead of oneself. I think it’s one of the reasons so many schools want her services. Georgia is a great example for kids who don’t always get there do in the media or the hype world. But they get the love that matters most.. from the people who are most knowledgeable… THE COLLEGE COACHES.. in this case the D1 college coaches😃🏀

Georgia Heine is a mega student. It’s why some of the best academic D1 schools in the country are begging for her commitment. It’s why the best programs in the Ivy League are hoping for good news. Here is what I know Georgia Heine is going to take her time. She is not going to let Covid rush her into a decision. I also know something all the schools recruiting Georgia know but won’t admit it. Georgia Heine come this time next year will be a Power 5 player. She is that talented and with another year of added strength and her work ethic.. there may not be a answer for her on a basketball court. But like everything else, nothing during the recruiting process is going to come easy for Georgia Heine. Yet in a strange way I believed Georgia wouldn’t want it any other way. I think she is okay that it’s been harder for her than everyone else. It really all she has ever known. So having to make another tough decision without a umbrella to protect her is normal to her. It’s also why I KNOW WHATEVER DECISION SHE MAKES WILL BE THE RIGHT DECISION… WHATEVER SHE CHOOSES👏👏👏❤️💯💪🏀


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