Next week I will release  the 2027 GOLDEN DOZEN. There going to be some talented young ladies on that list. The 2027 class across the state is going to be challenged. The portal and lack of depth in the class could make the 2027 class the smallest Division one class ever. But the good news is many in the 2027 class have stepped up. But none have stepped up like TATUM SHARPE  OF HOLMDEL.

TUTUM SHARPE “Run for Roses” MVP


Every year I tell rising 9th graders to get in the gym inbetween the months of JANUARY though MARCH. I explain it’s the last time in there basketball career they will get unlimited time to work on there game over a extended period of time. Every year I also hear the same excuses.  I can’t get a ride, I have family obligations, my team has a game. The list goes on and the excuses are real. I smile and say I understand. But I know want is coming even if they don’t.  In my mind I know there excuses sound like a personal problem. The game marches on and always does.  The kids who make the sacrifices  are rewarded and the others are forever playing catchup. Folks trust  me on this one, it never changes from year to year. The separation is created between the special ones and everyone else, this time of year.  TATUM  SHARPE  has separated  herself from everyone in the 2027 class these days.



The improvement curve of a player is always the measuring stick. The bigger the improvement  curve, the better the player. The more the long term development kicks in. Well if you measure TATUM SHARPE’S curve, its massive; in Fact  mind blowing.  You see the 5’10” versatile  guard has developed  her entire package on both sides of the ball. She is the best on ball defender in the class, she is the best post defender in the class and the best help defender. Are you starting to see where I’m going with this? Her lenght makes you think of JANIE BACHMANN of SJV.  But her handle and craftiness around the basket is her own brand. She is that rare baby that can put the ball on the deck with either hand and score.  Her jumper is starting to come to life as well. TATUM SHARPE  will attend SJV and that’s  scary  because we all know what happens to SJV kids…. THEY GET BETTER!















If you want to to know how TATUM SHARPE  has put so much separation  between herself and the rest of the 2027 class, it’s simple.  She has a huge appetite  for coaching, she loves the gym and she craves the video. You see TATUM wants to maximize her talent and she has a boat load of that. There is zero question that she will be playing D1 basketball in the near future. We just didn’t know she could take this big of a jump as a player so fast . But then again when a kid doesn’t make excuses and thrives on competition, it really should not come as a surprise.


Tatum Sharpe with future SJV teammates Avery Barth and Lissy Lyons 









I watched TATUM SHARPE and her 2027 teammates win the HOOP GROUP WINTER LEAGUE CHIP yesterday. I watched as she totally  dominated the competition in every phase of the game. I watched how she dipped into her bag of tricks and displayed just about every skill set a kid needs to have to be successful. I watched a GROWN WOMAN VS LITTLE GIRLS. A player if your a college coach officially are in a race to one day get her signature, because








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