Kids sometimes have to grown up. They also make mistakes along the way. But sometimes they figure it out and yes they still make mistakes while figuring it out. But when they do figure it out and it all starts to come together. Good things can happen and right now Emily Cavanaugh is having good times and things happening;  things are finally going her way. That’s when your blessed with talent and have a never say die attitude. There is always a chance for greatness. Emily Cavanuagh is finding greatness these days. She is once again being talked about as one of the best in the 2o25 class. She just had to figure out a few thing and now we can just call her  plain ole “EMILY  THE EXCELLENT “

Sometimes I wonder why Emily Cavanaugh sticks around. I met her 4 years ago and since that time have been very hard on her. I have yelled at out, thrown out the gym and often have just down right picked on her. But no matter what I do she keeps coming back. The one thing nobody can say about Emily CAVANAUGH  is that she is a quitter. What they can say tho without a question  is that she is loaded with talent. So much talent that it often stops you in your tracks. Her feel for the game is so natural. She see things other kids simply cannot. She not blazing fast but guarding her off the dribble is almost impossible from a one on one standpoint. That’s because there are few kids who are more crafty and understands change of pace. She is strangely a excellent shooter and you often  wonder why she doesn’t shoot more. The package and tool kit Emily Cavanaugh brings to the table is clearly built for D1 basketball. You don’t have to be a Rocket scientist to see her ability.






Emily Cavanuagh plays a edge. It can get her in trouble sometimes. Just like  her older Maggie who will attend S1 UNH in the fall. plays the game with her emotions on full display. Emily  never plays dirty but she is hard nosed and tough. Her basketball IQ is a thing of beauty. But when she feels wronged her emotions can get the best of her. Her sister Maggie was once like this as well and learned how to channel her emotions in the right direction. Emily emotional Out burst  was the only reason, I personally left her off my all freshman team. It was a weakness in her game, I chose to not overlook. But these days Emily Cavanaugh, just like her sister made did  is growing up. It is reflexed in her game. The way she has displayed sportsmanship rather than lash out at opponents. The way she is not just full and ability but reliability as well. Emily Cavanaugh is going though this magical change and it’s wonderful to see. She seems to have figured it out and that’s bad news for opponents. Because now she is becoming more and more consistent. The funny thing about Emily Cavanuagh is harder on herself in grading her performance than any kid I know.

Emily Cavanaugh is blessed because I am not sure if she wasn’t so talented, she’d be where she is today. She plays for a elite AAU team. College coaches are asking about her. .. THERE REALLY SMART🤣 She is well liked by her teammates and her peers. But in a lot of ways It has not been easy for Emily. She is playful to a fault at times and caring. She has seen and felt what it feels like to be a outcast. Most of it, she brought upon herself. But that’s why you never give up on  young people. You hold them accountable, you give them discipline and truth. And often times they reward everyone around them. Emily Cavanaugh is rewarding everyone by letting her Enormous talent speak for her and  folks… IT’S  A GOOD THING AND WHATS COMING  NEXT? WELL THAT  IS GOING TO BE SPECIAL…EMILY IS EXCELLENT🌈⭐️💪



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