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The Shore has seen better days than yesterday. But first Kelly Campbell was named this years Kerwin Award Winner (http://shoresportsnetwork.com/basketball-brendan-barry-kelly-campbell-named-kerwin-award-winners/). For me is still the most prestigious award the Shore Conference gives out every year. So Congrats to Kelly Campbell on a job well done.


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TROUBLE THURSDAY FOR THE SHORE. Many of the Shore teams were hoping to put a little whip cream on there season in the states,  found out they play hoops all across New Jersey. Holmdel, Pt. Boro, Colts Neck, Southern and Marlboro all had… how do I say it nice?  Tough nights….as there were beaten badly.



When NBS ended this fall, Nicole Johnson asked me if I would be attending a East Brunswick game this year. I told her “no chance” Yesterday after her team took apart Marlboro high school, she reminded me of my quote with a big smile. She also reminded with her performance,  that she and Shanelle Coleman have a real good case as the best sophomore backcourt in New Jersey. They say speed kills and yesterday Colman, Johnson and Sabria Glasgow proved that from the moment go yesterday.



In the first 5 possessions of last nights’ game, Marlboro got exactly one shot. The reason was simple, the pressure of the East Brunswick guards was something they had not seen ALL YEAR. The quickness of the East Brunswick guards was something they have not seen all year. But maybe most importantly the effort and pace of  play by the East Brunswick guards was not something they had seen all year…and there was nothing that could have prepared them for it.  While Marlboro has played one of the best schedules in the state. We are talking Manasquan, RFH, Notre Dame, Neptune; you name them and Marlboro has played them. But despite this, none of those teams brought this type of team speed to the table. East Brunswick jumped on them early and never looked back.

Marlboro would have been wise to call Colts Neck and Southern before yesterday’s game. Those two are not strangers to East Brunswick. Both were not just beaten by East Brunswick but torn apart much in the same way Marlboro was last night.

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East Brunswick’s Shanelle Coleman, folks goes right to the top of the list as one of the fastest players in New Jersey. Her ability to pressure the ball and get in passing lanes is shocking.  Yesterday she was a one woman wrecking crew on her way to 14 points and lets not try to count the steals. It was she who hit the game winning shot at the buzzer to help East Brunswick win the Middlesex County Tournament. Yesterday Marlboro was helpless against her speed and savvy play. Folks I have known this young lady since 3rd game. She is a big time track athlete. Now she is a big time basketball player. Her coach must be given major and I mean major credit in her development. Seeing how this young lady’s,  feel and understanding of the game has improved is amazing. The ball handling and ability to change speed and direction…was REAL NEXT LEVEL STUFF.  Her ability to find shooters and finish at the rim had been a issue, that is clearly a thing of days long gone bye. Put her in the Shore and she becomes one of the best Sophomore guards easily.



“Johnson is the best I have seen Tiny”  Let me repeat, he said “BEST” This from a college coach yesterday. Folks how good is Johnson? Put her in the Shore and she makes my All Shore Team….that’s how good.  I know of no baby with her mental toughness, speed and shooting ability. I know NONE. This is a special player folks and yesterday Marlboro found out why. When Marlboro was pressing and doing all they could to get back in the game against EB. The ref made a call when Johnson hit the floor. A parent yelled ” she is falling on her own” Johnson jumped up took her mouth piece out and looked at the parent and said ” NO I AM NOT, I DON’T HAVE TO DO THAT”  Folks she said it with a smile, the message was clear, bring it on, anyway you like,  from the stands or on the court…your choice. Nicole Johnson my friends is a bad woman, because every time Marlboro even thought about making a run, Johnson but a end to it with a great pass or a bucket. She broke the Marlboro press single handily and when they got physical, she did not bat an eye. This young lady is the true definition of the total package. Her pace of play and effort are off the charts. College coaches good luck, because as another college coach said to me last night. “she is going to be a real problem in 3 years” folks she is a real problem right now.



I’ve never heard the name Sabria Glasgow but I know it now. It should go with toughness and aggressiveness. Glasgow is part of the EB backcourt or maybe we should call them EXTRA BAD. Her ability to get in passing lanes and pressure the ball is right on par with her running mates. Yesterday she took great pleasure in keeping so many balls alive it was insane. The amount of tips and defections was shocking to me. But just as important was the motor, because at no time did this young lady get tired. She appeared to have a extra gear, and when was needed it, she used it. She also knew when to shoot and here is something all young players should learn….she knew when not too….folks she played her role to the “T”.



Last year EB coach KEITH LANE, told me about ALLIE WARREN. He said she was good as in real good. I thought I’m sure she is…WHATEVER!… well this morning if this is one thing I know, it’s this…ALLIE WARREN is a winner and a baller. This kid is the goods in every since of the word and all I have to say wow…ALLIE WARREN you shut a old man up yesterday….how do they say in the hood. The girl got serious game.  She has real leadership skills, not just by performance, but vocally as well. Yesterday she put both on display. She has 15 points, but it was how she got them, that jumped out at me. She got them quietly and most importantly within the offense. No wild shots, selfish dribbling the ball or trying to pad her stats.  She also was quick to let her teammates know, defense and ball movement rule the day….VOCALLY.  It was clear who the leader of EB was and it’s clear to me…college coaches better get down to EB quickly and put a bid in for Allie Warren  because guess what…..she is no joke! This is a special talent with size, strength, shooting ability and most importantly …SERIOUS CONFINDENCE….NOT THAT FAKE STUFF.



SIDNEY GREENSPAN is not a name that many are going to be talking about outside of Middlesex County. And I get the feeling she doesn’t give a rats ass… Because if you want to understand what a program kid looks like, then go watch EB play. Greenspan was like a rock last night. When things got too fast or out of control she was the one taking the wheel. She did it with rebounding and defense on Tatum Evans, she made everything difficult for the star who has received a scholarship to Georgian Court(the GC staff was on hand). It clear she is not a box score junkie. At no point in the game, even when it was clear EB was going to win…DID SHE GO SHOT HUNTING OR STAT HUNTING….I LOVE FOLKS! It’s clear somebody has preached winning to this young lady. Greenspan value to the EB chemistry and makeup is priceless.



Molly Weiss who has been special all year, he tired to will Marlboro to a win last night. She was brilliant and banged out 4 three’s and tried to handle the pressure of 3 very special defenders. But yesterday Marlboro found out what real pressure looks like, they found out what real speed and quickness that has be harnessed looks like. She and her teammates found out what many don’t know…there is a reason Gregg Lerner has EB rated #15.

EB has a coach in Keith Lane who doesn’t smother his team with over coaching.  His team play killer up the lane wing deny defense, never miss rotations on defense and share the ball. Shot selection and disciple  are a premium. It can be seen from the moment they hit the floor. They all play there roles and if EB were in the shore, we would be calling Coach lane, Tom Brennan or Joe Whalen. Folks, his team was that impressive. They will have there hands full against Hunterdon Central who ran Colts Neck out of the gym last night and beat Gil St Bernard’s. But after watching this crew last night….I was nothing short of impressed. They have real talent, coaching and focus. This is not a team you would ever want to count out…If Manasquan are the roaches, then EAST BRUNSWICK are the bee’s because they look sweet but oh are they dangerous. THIS IS A REAL TEAM…STARS NEED NOT APPLY….folks the shore is not the only place they are playing basketball.





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