Let me deliver a message to college coaches today. Do your homework” it’s a simple message and that’s because these days kids get overlooked for too many reasons to count. It can be from playing on a AAU team that is not the correct fit to playing on a high school in the shadows of others. What ever the reason, I really don’t care. That’s because I trust my eyes and my eyes tell me the Delaney Finnegan of Archbishop Wood High School in Pa, is the real deal. 💪🏀

When a kid makes the sacrifice and wakes up every morning at 5 am to drive two hours just to play basketball. I’m impressed and root a little harder for that kid. But if the truth be told, just because a kid makes a sacrifice, it don’t make they are a good player. That just means that kid is hungry. It don’t make that kid a Division one player because their hungry. That’s just the reality of things. That’s because there’s a little thing called talent that comes into play as well. In the case of Delaney Finnegan, she has talent, lots of it. She also is very lucky. The because she hit the Genetic lottery as well. Because she is 5’10” with long arms and a athletic, strong and dare I say powerful college ready body. She also has a jumper with range that is just about automatic. In other words Delaney Finnegan is a D1 player. The real question is what level? That we won’t have a answer till for a while and that’s because she keeps getting better.🔥

NBS has more talent in the gym on weekends than most kids will see an entire season. It’s also a place where winning your matchup against top D1 players matter. Delaney Finnegan doesn’t just win most of her matchup but she does it in grand fashion on most days. That’s because each time I watch her play she brings something new to her game. This summer she was just a shooter. These days she is so much more than that. That’s because she is very comfortable with the ball in her hands vs elite competition and pressure. These days she gets to the rim off the bounce using every move a player needs to have off the dribble. But what I really love is this… Delaney is becoming a play maker. Yes, the rare deadly shooter who can pass the ball and finish at the rim. She has become these things by being a gym rat. You see Delaney loves hoops and that explains why she keeps getting better. It also is why I can’t tell you what level of D1 she will eventually play. That’s because her improvement curve is scary.

Finnegan plays for the PHILLY BELLES

I really doubt many coaches even know who Delaney’Finnegan is these days. That why I say “do your homework”. I know she played AAU for the Philly Belles and for one of the best high school teams in the country. Why do I bring that up? Because even a talented kid can get lost in those type environments. Not everyone gets to shine. But everyone does get better. Why again I say coaches “do your homework”. That’s because college coaches are not as lucky as me. They don’t get to see kids every weekend out of there environments. They don’t get to see them vs the best players and display their god given skills and raw talent that develops when you play with top programs. They don’t get to see how one kids talent stacks up against another kids talent. You see I seen Delaney’s talent and let me explain something to coaches. Her talent stacks up vs every single 2023 at NBS regardless of the D1 school they are committed too or have offers from… Delaney Finnegan may not have the hype yet, but trust me she has the game. I see it every weekend. I watch her do her thing and coaches it’s a thing of beauty to watch👀

I love Consistency. I love kids who show up Consistently. I love kids who play play hard and well consistently. I love kids whose competitive nature is consistently there day in and day out. I love kids who consistently have great body language and are self motivated. You see I love kids like Delaney Finnegan because you know, you will get the same effort consistently, day in and day out.. You know she will consistently get better. It’s why in the beginning I said coaches “DO YOUR HOMEWORK” because if you do, you find out Delaney Finnegan is that player all coaches dream about… a hard worker, with talent and a desire to be great one day… Delaney Finnegan is not working on her potential she is working on perfection.👏


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