The 2023 season is winding down.  Many players lives are about to change, one way or another.  There are players who will begin to prepare for college. Then again some kids athletic careers and dreams will have come to an end. Then there will be  those still chasing dreams. It’s all part of the process for those dreaming of reaching  the next level.



There are kids right now who are getting ready for the next level and the journey that comes with it.  They have made all the sacrifices along the way and are now getting ready to reap the benefits. These kids  have made all the right moves and decisions along the way. Regardless of what level of college basketball they will play. It will be a major adjustment. The adjustment doesn’t just start on the court. That’s because in most cases, kids are starting a new life. They will make new friends, sleep in a new bed, live in a new city, have new temptations, make mistakes and of course be in the most competitive athletic atmosphere of there lives.  The kids who adjust the best will be the most successful in the long run. The kids who prepare properly and understand there training and development must look different and feel different are the ones on the right track.  Some kids are going to hit a home run and some will fail in this area. That good news is everyone moving to college has a chance to be at there best before arriving on campus. It’s  really up to them how it all plays out. Some will grind harder and some will feel they have given enough and will want to breath before attending college. They will feel they have earned that right after  years of sacrifice along the way. Some will realize the hard part is not getting there but staying there….and some won’t.









There are dream chasers this time of year. You know the kids who will return back to high school next year.  They will be the kid who doesn’t have the offer to college. There will be the kid who didn’t  live up to expectations or who did but did not get the needed exposure.  It may be a  kid who is talented but never got there chance. It could be a kid swallowed up by poltics. It could be a kid who hasn’t hit their growth spell or stride yet. All these kids are at the crossroads. All these kids must make a big decision to either work harder and dream bigger or start  accepting their faith, believing the doubters or worst continue to lose there confidence and dwell on the past. Those who decide to  dream bigger will need to make more sacrifices  than ever before. They will need to let it all ride. These are the kids who must walk that rough road which is full of bumps, bruises, tears and disappointments.  The kids who navigate these thing the best, will have the best chance to fulfill there dreams.



Now the Inner Circle of a kid matters most.  This is when the kid off to college needs truth more than ever. This is when the kid who media and friends have hyped up, need to be reminded. You are one “BAD”  weekend away from “LOSING” it all.  This is when the kid who thinks they work hard needs to work harder. This is when the kid who trained hard all year and didn’t get there chance, needs to start all over again, without any promises or guarantees. This is the time of  year when the PROCESS STARTS ALL OVER AGAIN…

                 GOOD LUCK!







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