Where do I start with Colleen McQuillen? Do I start with her insane ability to get buckets? She has scored 2000 points in less than 3 years. Who does that? She already the schools all time leading scorer. Only superstars. Do I start with her old school game that has no flash or dash just results? Do I talk about how she has destroyed the record books at Cresskill high school? Maybe I should talk about her showing up at Academic Elite in front of 80 coaches and putting on a show of shows? I could do all that but for what? COLLEEN McQUILLEN is one of the best players in all of New Jersey. She also was one of the most recruited players in New Jersey and yesterday she made a bold move by committing to Fordham University. Colleen McQuillen is a SUPERSTAR who doesn’t want to be treated as one ..well she is going to have to get over that because she is about to live the GLAMOROUS LIFE.

When you talk about Colleen McQuillen start with these words “EGO FREE”. Start with the word unselfish. Maybe old school works better because her game is old school highly effective without searching for attention. I don’t know where all these qualities, which is so lost in kids today comes from. I just know it’s a beautiful thing. Her father comes to NBS and sits in a corner and reads a book every weekend. He prefers to talk about life not his daughters greatness. Colleen wants to fit in and be like other teenage girls. The problem is, she has this amazing gift, that makes her so much different than everyone else. The gift to dominate and do it it without offending anyone. Colleen makes it cool to be dominated by your opponent. She makes you feel it’s okay when she gets buckets as in lots of buckets…. True superstars can make you feel this way.

Last Season Colleen scored 737 points. Yes that is not a misprint. That will be what most will talk about. But they will forget Cresskill high School made it to the county semi finals for the first time in 23 years before getting a chance to win the chip due to the shut down. They will forget it was Colleen McQuillen’s defense not her 28 points that got them over the hump. You see some kids play the game and other kids live the game. Colleen McQuillen lives the game folks. She plays the game the right way always. She understands that great players elevates everyone’s game. Not just teammates but opponents and coaches as well. You see Colleen McQuillen has a gift, I found that out the first day I met her. She was one of the leading scorers in the entire state. But go look at her games. She is the most unselfish big time scorer you will EVER SEE. But what she does do is make big shots, that’s something she has cornered the market on…like all SUPERSTARS. Because in three short years there are few who have had more big shots in their career when things mattered most.. the video don’t lie.

It’s funny but your children don’t understand that you listen to there conversations. So when I told my daughter I didn’t think Fordham could get Colleen McQuillen, she went into secret mode. I noticed she would walk out the house when talking to Colleen. I noticed she was very short when I brought up the subject. But I also knew Coach Gaitley is one of the best in the business. I knew Coach Gaitley would paint the picture that nobody else could. It’s why Colleen McQuillen said yes to Fordham and giving them another recruit that makes there 2021 class special. It also positions them to grab the biggest fish of all in next year’s class… make no mistake about that one folks.

So Fordham gets a walking bucket. A player that will buy into their system. A player that will develop each year. A player who will be the ultimate teammate. Fordham is getting a future true program kid. There getting harder and harder to find every year. It was expected that Sophia Sabino and Colleen McQuillen would play together this spring with the insanely talented 2021 ShoreShots. Both will be attending Fordham University after their senior year. But in case you wondering, we got a glimpse of the two last summer at Academic Elite playing with each other and all I will say is OMG. This fall the devil in me matched up Colleen McQuillen and Justine Pissott as often as possible and here is what I found out. I know two kids that love competition. It’s way Colleen McQuillen is going to be successful at Fordham. Because the one thing everyone knows about Fordham’s women’s basketball is this… they compete like its life and death. Fordham is loaded with superstars these days.

I like humble kids, I like kids who work hard. I like kids who get along with their peers. I like kid kids who parents don’t live through their kids. I like Colleen McQuillen. I know picking a school was hard for her. In fact calling other schools with the news she would not be attending there school was hard on her. I know there was lots of tears and pain making those calls. But do you know why? Because Colleen McQuillen is a good kid, somebody who thinks about more than herself. I had to pressure her to a tweet her commitment to Fordham. She didn’t want to make other kids and schools feel bad. It’s why so many good things have come her way including FORDHAM UNIVERSITY… congratulations to Colleen McQuillen and her family… even if your a reluctance SUPERSTAR… get ready for the GLAMOROUS LIFE YOU DESERVE IT!

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