The  term “trust the process” is all the rage for under achieving teams and players. Players and teams that have not reached there potential. I prefer the term ” trust he game”. The most common thing in basketball is players not reaching there potential. CHLOE TETER is  not one of those common people. In fact there is nothing common about CHLOE TETER and her rise over the last few years. CHLOE TETER is not waiting on the process, for Teter it’s about her progress she has made over the last two years.


grHcdicq_400x400[1]Two years ago CHLOE TETER shocked everyone with a breakout freshman season. She helped RED BANK REGIONAL have their best season in decades. She also shocked everyone by making the HOOP GROUP ALL FRESHMAN 1st Team. She had a season that included, game winning shots at the buzzer and big plays all season. CHLOE TETER had a dream Freshman season. But if you were really paying attention. It really was no surprise, because CHLOE TETER was as prepared for her freshman year as any player in the 2021 class. She spend the summer playing against some of the best competition on the AAU circuit. She also played on the 2021 Shoreshots, a team stacked with some of the best babies in the state. It allowed her to test her talents day in and day out. It also exposed her weakness, allowing her to know what skills she needed to work on.  This was very important because CHLOE TETER is the ultimate gym rat. It’s this work ethic that has helped her go from a unknown in basketball circles to a brand name these days. She also got very lucky because her coach when she arrived at RBR was none other than JOHN TRUHAN one of the best coaches in New Jersey.

Coach Truhan, is a task master and TETER is a sponge. It has made for a great duo. JT as Coach TRUHAN is known, has helped CHLOE TETER take her game to another. A level that has everyone smiling with delight. Playing in a system that took advance of her ability to get out in the open floor and put her quickness and finishing ability on display. But it’s RBR’s offense, the best system in the state which has helped elevate her game. A style that forces a player to learn the game. It’s a offense with back screens, back doors, Fad  and drif screens.  All this requires a player to read defenses, make quality passes and more importantly good decisions. It puts pressure on players to knock down shots. The RBR style has had more to the rise of CHLOE TETER maybe more than anything else. It may be the reason some believe CHLOE TETER is on of the best players these days in the 2021 class. The RBR system has given her a edge, that few players have. A system the forces her to play to her full potential and develop all her skill sets….passing, dribbling, shooting and IQ.



CHLOE TETER will  soon be a D1 player one day.  This season RBR, did what nobody thought was possible. They took on the best teams in the state. Not only did they play the best teams, they beat them. CHLOE TETER was a big reason why. It was a season of first for RBR. But nothing was bigger than RBR beating New Jersey’s most celebrated program RBC in the quarterfinals of he SCT. The last time RBR beat RBC, I believe George Washington was president. It was TETER ‘s insane hop crossover on the baseline and pull up jumper that broke the spirit of RBC. It was her shot more than anything else, that took the wind out of the RBC’s sails. Big shots have been nothing new to CHLOE TETER in her two years at RBR. She was sensational all evening, just missing a double/double. It was a signal that CHLOE TETER could play at the highest level on the biggest stage. If the RBC game didn’t convince folks then RBR’s overtime lost to defending champ Manasquan, surely did.

It’s clear TETER and her teammates have made RBR a up and coming program. A thought unimaginable just 3 years ago. To understand what CHLOE TETER has become you need to understand a few things about her. You have to a understand at 5’10” with next level length, it allows her to get into  passsing lanes for steals and deflections, while also being a true next level rebounding guard. Her hop cross just may be the best in the business. Her ability to defend is already next level. But with all that, here is what you must understand… MOST!  There is no process with CHLOE TETER, but rather development. As in real development; not talk or hype. She went from 6.7 points as a freshman to 11 points a game last season. She went from two rebounds a game to 4.4 rebounds a game. She went from 1 steal to just just under 3 steals a game. She went from 1.6 assists to 3 assists a game. She made 15 threes as a freshman..last year she made 25 three’s.  You see CHLOE TETER may have entered high school as a unknown. But her game is very known these days.

This spring, some felt CHLOE TETER would be better off playing on a different AAU team. Rather than play on a team with stars up and down the roster. Some felt she could be a superstar on just about any other AAU team. But TETER is all about playing against and with the best. It’s he reason this spring, she just may be the most improved player on the 2021’s all star roster. She has worked on becoming a knock down, three point shooter. Leave her open and she will make you pay dearly. She is an electric Passer and a killer in transition. CHLOE TETER has been a serious problem this spring.  CHOLE TETER  is also a mega student. She is becoming a speical package on and off the court. When she signs her D1 letter of intent one day, people are going to say a lot of nice things… but the one thing they shouldn’t say is “trust the process”….they should say TRUST THE GAME. . Atlantic City better be ready, because CHLOE TETER is straight up FIRE!!




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