If you want to reach your athletic  goals, you have to find the road map that works for you. You need to surround yourself with the right people. Then you have to dedicate unnamed[1]yourself to reaching those goals. You have to find an environment that gives your work meaning. You have to make a connection with the right people. Caitlin O’Connor of Middletown South High School, found all these things. She found a home along the way. The Basketball Warehouse saw her dreams and dreamed right along with her…it why last night. Caitlin O’Connor, dream became a reality, she gave Drew University a verbal commitment.


I have know Caitlin O’Connor and her mother for years. My daughter coached Caitlin O’Connor’s AAU team. It was a team of kids who did not have a spotlight on them. I was just a bunch of girls who loved basketball. Caitlin O’Connor was one of my daughter favorites. Last night she texted me and expressed her happiness for Caitlin O’Connor. She talked about how coachable and “sweet”  of a kid she is. She said it was only right that Caitlin would find the perfect home with the perfect coach. John Olenowski  is considered one of the best people in the coaching business. He is building a monster at Drew University. He is banking on getting tough kids who are coachable and come from good families. Well last night he hit the jackpot because there are not many better kids that Caitlin Connor.


NBS is a tough place at times, a kid could get lost there. 0d8d3ef106708416aa644189b80f9cb0_400x400[1]A kid could lose their confidence and even their happiness if there not careful. I have always said “lose your confidence and lose your talent”. Caitlin O’Connor was not going to allow that to happen to her. So she went searching for a home that would help her develop and reach her goals of playing college basketball. In walked the Basketball Warehouse and the Timinski brothers. Bobby and Mark Timinski. To brothers who share a passion for kids and basketball. They have turned the Basketball Warehouse into a place for miss fit toys to become shinning and new. The Timinski brothers have made it their mission to take broken players and give them confidence and guidance. They are role models on to teach kids how to build self esteem and healthy bodies. The have combined skills development with mental development…they allow kids to develop a swag and to feel good about themselves. Now they are turning out not just excellent players at every level. Now they are place where dreams come true. Caitlin O’Connor took control of her basketball future and yesterday she was fully rewarded for doing so.



I believe dedication is the key to everything when it comes to basketball. I believe showing up is the hardest thing to do in sports. Caitlin O’Connor it seemed always showed up. I look on twitter, and I see her at Basketball Warehouse training. I see her on Saturday mornings playing pickup. She just seems to love playing basketball, it clear she has a real passion for the game. It clear, she had real hopes of being a even better player at Drew University. This season at Middletown South she will finally get her chance. Middletown South has been loaded with great guards in her 3 years. She has not really had a chance to build a resume. But this year she will get that chance and I have no doubts she will shine. She is and has always been a deeply shooter. She has strong body and her ball handling skills thanks to Basketball Warehouse has gotten better each year. What’s been missing is a opportunity. Caitlin O’Connor has been reading for her opportunity all this time. She has been preparing and waiting for her moment to arrive….THAT MOMENT GAME SOONER THAN ANYONE THOUGHT IT WOULD…DREW UNIVERSITY IS A DREAM COME TRUE.



It seems the good kids get overlooked more and more these days. It seems the malcontents get all the attention. It seems the biggest pain in the butts are always given the 2nd and 3rd chances. While the good kids don’t need a 2nd chance because they are always doing the right thing. Caitlin O’Connor is one the good kids. Her mother is one of the good people. She has supported her daughter every step of the way. She has seen her daughter sit on the bench and not be rewarded for doing everything she has been asked to do and more. She has watched her daughter get up at 6am in the morning to play pick up at Basketball Warehouse. Her daughter has proven this is nothing she won’t do to make her dreams come true…now her daughter Caitlin O’ Connor has hit payday the old fashion way….she earned it!

My thoughts on Caitlin O’Connor’s verbal to Drew University

I see Caitlin O’Connor from time to time these days. It always brings a smile to my face. I always had a special place in my heart for her because of her goodness. I always watched her mother from a distance. I could see the stress on her face, watching her daughter trying to reach a goal. Trying to make her dreams come true. It’s not been a path of all milk and honey. These two know what heartache and pain look like. They know what disappointment looks like as well…that’s way DREW UNIVERSITY IS SO SWEET.












The Basketball warehouse is changing lives these days. Now kids are going to basketball warehouse to get better and feel good about themselves. Now the basketball warehouse is becoming a role model on how to reach ALL KIDS. It’s a place if a kid is willing to work. They can do anything. Because the Basketball Warehouse makes kids feel like that can do anything. It’s a place that doesn’t care about your reputation or who is recruiting you. They just want kids to fulfill there potential and have fun doing so… they now have another success story in CAITLIN O’CONNOR…CONGRATS TO DREW UNIVERSITY….your getting a great young lady. 

Tiny Green

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