The best things are worth waiting for they say. Last week. EMORY UNIVERSITY got it wish as ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS announced that she would attend the UAA school. It’s been a long wait for Emory. They started recruiting Alexandra last summer. But now they have the player that just may  be the final piece to a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM.


Alexandra has been fighting a massive up hill battle her entire athletic career. She has been one of the best players in the Shore Conference the last two years. She has earned ALL SHORE HONORS, ALL DIVISION HONORS,  been part of big wins, she has had big nights against the best teams in the state. She has been on teams ranked in the Top 20 and has led Holmdel high School in scoring the last two years. She done just about all a player do during a career. But for some reason she has never been given her due by fans, media and yes college coaches. But the one coach has always believed in her. That coach has been Emory University  Head Coach, MISHA JACKSON.







Coach, MISHA JACKSON, is not just a great coach but she also has an eye for talent. It’s the reason she offered Alexandra Loucopoulos a spot on her team,  the FIRST day she saw her play. She also knew that Alexandra could be the missing piece she has been waiting for. So she took a gamble few coaches are willing to take these days. She promised Alexandra a spot on her team and told, “take as long as you want to decide”. She had to know this was a risk. She had to know that D1 schools would come calling. But Coach Jackson has been beating D1 schools for players for years now. Alexandra Loucopoulos wanted to play D1 basketball but she also wanted a great education. What she got instead was a once in a lifetime education and a chance to win a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP.






Alexandra Loucopoulos, never has received that attention of other players of her status have. She has never played on a brand name AAU team or so called blue blood high school team. She has out played, no destroy other players off to D1 who had bigger reputations but games. That fact of the matter is that Alexandra has never been in the right place at the right time until now. Now she will get to play in one of the three best ACADEMIC CONFERENCES in the country. Now she will play in front of big crowds. Now she will travel to the nicest cities in the USA. She will travel first class and stay in the best hotels. That’s how they do things at Emory and in the UAA. But there is another thing Miss Loucopoulus will get to do, that very few kids ever dream about and accomplish.  Now the Holmdel star will finally get a chance to chase and  lay for a chip. Not any Chip… but the ” BIG CHIP” and she may play as bigger role as anyone. Finally Alexandra is going to get the respect and attention she has earned😀🌈💪⭐️🏀

Alexandra’s parents Mike and Vasilia are her biggest supporters. They too know she has not always gotten the respect she has deserved. They know how hard she has worked as a student to put herself in position to attend one of the best schools in the country. One of the hardest schools in the country to get into.  They have seen her in the gym for hours and hours, then come home to study for hours. They have watched her work herself to the bone. They have seen the nights she has come home late at night, only to crawl into bed and do it all over again, the next day. They know the sacrifices their daughter has made. It’s why they refused to settle in regards to her education and basketball dream. Both had to go hand and hand.  Alexandra has earned this and they were not going to let her accept anything less.  It why in the end only EMORY UNIVERSITY fit the bill. Coach Misha Jackson got her wish and now Mike and Vasilia  Loucopoulos  get to watch they daughter do something special both in the classroom and on the basketball court. Now they can to take a ride of  a lifetime as a family together. A kind of my Greek Family Dream Ride!











ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS, has been on a long journey. Now she will take perhaps the best journey she has ever been on. Now she has a coach that believes in her, a team with big dreams and a school that makes dreams come true…CONGRATULATIONS TO EMORY AND ALEXANDRA, the long wait is over …PACK YOUR BAGS ALEXANDRA….YOUR OFF TO ATLANTA!



  1. Tiny, THANK you for your good wishes and beautiful words. We are Blessed to have you as Alexandra’s Trainer since grade school. Thank you for being one of her biggest fans and for especially instilling same Greek values in all your kids…TOUGH LOVE, haha! Love listening to your pep talks, YOU’RE awesome! Thank you to all Alexandra’s HS & AAU Coaches for being a great role model and teaching her how to play tough while supporting her academic aspirations. Thank you to all her amazing and talented teammates both HS & AAU. We are beyond excited to go watch our future EAGLE SOAR! Thank you Coach Misha & Coach Alex for sticking by Alexandra and for making your program one that many talented players aspire to join. Go EAGLES! Best of luck to our Loukas we love so much!

  2. Tiny, thanks for ur support & for being a GREAT role model to HOOP Girls. I esp love ur TOUGH love pep talks, r u sure ur not Greek, lol? Thanks to ALL Alexandra’s HS & AAU Coaches for pushing her while respecting her aspirations to play for Emory that’s equally competitive on & off the court. Coach Misha, THANKS for being an inspiration to Alexandra. Thrilled to be a

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