The college Transfer portal closes on May 11th. This is the last day a player can transfer without penalty. It’s also more proof that the transfer portal is a good idea gone bad. There will be 100’s of kids who will be paying for there college education next year, who at one time had a free education. They’ll be a number of kids crawling back to schools with there tails between their legs and the truth is nobody really wants them back. They’ll be a number of kids going to worst situations than the one their leaving . And oh yes a small percentage of players will move on and have great SUCESS. Now why is this all happening? Because the NCAA has failed to educate kids and there parents









This year I have seen it all with the portal and let me tell you a few things. I have seen mega talented kids leave power 5 schools from lack of playing time only to jump right back into the fire at another P5 school.  Now if your wondering why this happens let me explain. The issue starts in high school. The kid is a great player. They get tons of hype and become rock stars. They love the attention, the parents love the attention  and media and social media coverage fuels it all. Then the player  goes to college and are not so great and everyone is saying, they were never that good. There could be lots of reasons why a kid doesn’t play and that player still may be great. They just may new a new start. The originally was the idea behind the portal. But saving face and there ego won’t allow some kids and there parents to see the big picture. Maybe they should go down a level. Upgrade there educational status.  Become the face of a program, you know, reboot there career, maybe get drafted, play in the pro’s and fulfill all there dreams. If not they always have a great education to lean back on. But in too many cases none of this happens. Why? You have the AAU coach pushing the kid to move on to another P5 so there organization can brag. You have the parent who can’t bare the fact of people saying there kid couldn’t cut it. Finally you have the kid continuing to put up the facade created during there high school and AAU glory days. But more than anything else. The NCAA has zero interest in helping kids though the process.

Madison St. Rose made a educational decision first. Now she positioned herself for a pro career and left after hoops

When a kid transfers they watch a 30 mins video about the transfers rules and a bunch of other nonsense. Many kids are transferring for reasons that are simply sad. A kid at a mid major school getting a great education, loves there school, teammates, coaches and playing great decides to transfer, why? BASKETBALL. They want to play up or get more playing time. The want the attention and crave more  exposure.  The NCAA doesn’t say those are the wrong reasons for leaving a college. In fact the NCAA makes it easy for a kid to transfer and in most cases it never works out the way they planned. The number one reason kids are transferring is basketball, not for educational advantage. Kids lose credits, playing time and happiness and in many cases all because they don’t do there homework. Do you know why? Because nobody with real knowledge is really helping to guide them, not even the NCAA.

Sophia Sabino was highly recruited out of high school. She had P5 offers. Her final two choices were Villanova and Fordham.  She chose Fordham red shirted and tore her ACL So it was only natural when she entered the portal, that her phone blew up. But it was a easy decision for her when it came time to transfer. She choose BUCKNELL. Now while Bucknell is a good program and in fact beat Fordham at Fordham in the NIT. It was not the reason she choose Bucknell. It was due to the education. You see her mother is very savvy about college athletics, It’s why  both her older daughters currently are making more more than all the players in there class combined who went on to play P5 basketball. Tracey Sabino knows the landscape. Most parents don’t and the NCAA is not helping.

LSU won a National Championship built with Transfers

Now what nobody seems to understand is this. College coaches are under great pressure now. If a coach has had two or three losing seasons. The portal is the only way out to save there job. Well congratulations to LSU but most teams built totally though the portal excuse my language have turned into shit shows. Because the kids are not invested in each other or the school. It makes for a bad experience for all including the coaches. The NCAA is certainly not telling you this. They will run a few ads how 400,000 of there athletes are going  pro in something other than basketball. There certainly not saying there are only 12 teams in the WNBA. That only 17 rookies  made a WNBA roster to even start the season, not finish it. That two top 10 players were cut before the season started. In other words it’s hard as hell to make a league that barely pays you enough  money to pay your rent. The NCAA is not telling you this.

Now you see all these former Top 20 ranked players in the portal. Notice I said former Top 20 players. That’s because nobody give a rats ass about ranking after high school.  That is everyone except parents and the supporters of these kids. They  love to yell, “how is she not playing. She was one of the best players in the country” . Well the fact of the matter is, they were never a Top 20 player in the country. Somebody who never coached a day or played a day in there life wrote that. And more importantly it has nothing to do with who plays or not in college. A kid must pick the right school, coach, style, environment and how it effects there long term future . TOO MANY of the kids running into the portal are doing none of this and the end game is not going to be pretty… TRUST ME





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