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Liv Ventre is currently playing AAU for Mary Beth Chambers u17 Shoreshots team. She  is writing a story right now. A story about working hard endlessly, grinding and relentlessly chasing her dreams. She is doing all this the old this the old fashion way, by earning everything. LIV VENTRE refuses to listen to those who want her to take a different path. A easier road, something that comes with guarantees. That’s because they don’t  know Liv Ventre. You see Liv doesn’t do easy and she is betting on herself these days. It just may be the best bet she has ever made.

Liv Venture  plays for RBC high school. She knows RBC is the most talented team in the state. She knows getting playing time at RBC doesn’t  come easy. But that’s okay with Liv Ventre. Thats because she sees all the benefits not tbe negatively of playing for RBC.  While running away from competition and making excuses is now all the rage. Liv Ventre is that rare kid who is willing to stand and fight. She is that rare kid who believes there is real value in commitment. She understands practicing against some of the best players in the state helps her game. She understands playing for the winningest coach in Shore history, Joe Montano comes with benefits that go far beyond basketball. She understands being part of RBC is challenging and that’s exactly why she has stuck around. It would be so easy with the new transfer rule to leave and play at another program. LIV, wouldn’t have to sit and she mostly likely be a impact player or even a star. But Liv Ventre wants more than that. She wants to be part of something, special and lasting. Something that leaves a lifetime of memories. This is why she reminds at RBC and why she works so hard. Liv Ventre believes running away from a good thing is never good. Especially when you know in your heart, that you can play with the best!

Last year D1 schools were calling and asking about Liv Ventre before her junior year. Things were looking very good for her after a productive  summer. But then the high school season started and she got little time. But unlike most  kids these days. She didn’t  blame her coaches, start planning her escape. She didn’t make excuses and ask for her transfer  papers and move on to easy street. LIV VENTRE, simply  worked harder, shot more, dribbled more, got in the weight room more. Liv Ventre instead of quitting on her school, teammates and coaches, spent all her time covering every base a young lady can cover to improve, to show she belongs. Its the reason why she seems to improve everytime she walks on the floor. She embraces coaching and is fine being coached hard. She doesn’t want cheap applause. She doesn’t want phony  compliments. She doesn’t want or need phony motivation speeches because she is self motivated. LIV VENTRE  is confident in her ability. She has played against all the best players, she fears no one.  She knows that she has want it takes to make a dream come true. She knows that this summer is huge. It’s a chance to reboot her recruiting. A chance to prove she has more game than most. A chance to prove she has what it takes to be special. For Liv Ventre the grind never stops and the dream never ends. 

There are no promises or backdoor deals being made for Liv Ventre.  There are no poltics helping her get a opportunity. Liv Ventre, also doesn’t want these things. She wants everyone to just notice her game. Notice her sweet jumper, her slashing ability.  Her work ethic, toughness and ability to stand though tough times. She wants college coaches to once again recognize her game. All the other stuff about playing time, reputation, hype and transferring just to score points against weak competition is just noise and she understands this. She knows plenty of RBC kids have gotten limited minutes  and went to star in college. She knows RBC prepares you for the next level. This spring and summer is just other opportunity to show off her skills and talent. Ventre, believes in herself and her game. She knows college coaches are going to notice her. How can they not. She plays with so much passion and desire. She brings all the things to the table coaches complain about these days. She is reliable, willing to fight, plays with energy, hustles all game and plays  though hard times. Liv Ventre, loves the game of basketball. She is a good teammate, student and squeezes every drop of talent and sweat out of her game. LIV VENTRE  may not like taking the easy road. But she certainly is on the right road….AND I’M BETTING ON HER MAKING HER DREAMS COME TRUE!






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