I have a message college coaches. Its a simple one. A message that hopefully will help you keep your gig. As a former college coach take this as a message of love. That’s because your job has gotten harder than its ever been. What once never felt like a job has become just that these days …A JOB, a real hard job at that. But today I am going to help you.

These days more and more coaches are leaving the business. That’s because it become to stressful and time consuming. That’s because these days the part coaches love most is the part they seem to be doing less and less of these days. Coaching and helping kids become better basketball players and teammates are no longer the bulk of a coaches job. These days a coaches job description looks much different. These days worrying about a kids grade and performance on the the court are the least of a coaches concerns. But I am here to help you so listen you.

There is a simple solution to many of the issues coaches face today. That may sound silly but its not. Let me start with this… RECRUITING! These days talent can be more intoxicating that ever before. But with talent comes problems if you don’t do your homework. These days everyone covers for kids. Dare I use the word ”LIES” for kids. These days supporters of kids will tell you that talented kid is a hard worker, when in fact there anything but that. The NCAA really makes it hard to truly know a kids work ethic. It’s why I tell you recruit kids like Christina Liggio from RBC. Because you already know she is a hard worker, committed and loves the game. You won’t have to beg her to get in the gym. You won’t have to worry about her counting your practice hours. You won’t have drama away from the court. You’ll spend your time talking hoops and building a long lasting life relationship. You won’t worry if she has SUCESS of her running off into the portal. She won’t think the grass is greener on the other side. She won’t vacations and complain during the summer about getting better in the gym. Coaches recruit kids who not just love our game but need and want our game. Kids who will put the work in with a smile.

WINNING is one of the ways to keep your gig. So coaches. Please recruit kids from programs with a history of winning. Please recruit kids from programs with a history of kids excelling in college. Coaches you must do your homework these days. You have to know which programs are sending g kids to college and those kids, QUIT, NEVER PLAY, TRANSFER and don’t understand competition. Its why I tell you take SJV kids. Kids who are prepared for college. Kids who are competitive and have seen great competition. Kids who have won there entire careers. Kids who won’t go South on you when things get rough. Kids that will simply make you worry about your team. Kids who go to college and actually play on great teams and do big things themself. Kids who bring Chips not drama and commitment issues. RECRUIT KIDS LIKE BRIANNA DALANNEY.

Coaches remember these words. It’s never the kid. Its always the parents in the background. Its always the parents who start the fire. You must understand this. Its always the parent who writes the first letter to your AD or President. Its always the parent that says her son or daughter needs rest or break. Its always the parent who reminds the kid that coaches shouldn’t push to hard. Its always the parent in the end who gets your ass fired. That’s because they want a voice, control the atmosphere and create the perfect environment for there child… because after all there kid is better and more important than all the rest. It’s why i tell you recruit program kids like ARLIANA TORRES of Toms River North. They and there parents are seen not heard. They give way more than they take. There make you smile and make your culture drama free. They help you win games off and on the court … THEY PROTECT YOUR JOB

You hear the stories about mental health, but that’s only when they arrive on your campus. Nobody tells you about that kids issues until they sign the papers. It’s a real dangerous topic today. It also can bring real drama to your program. Its takes real tine to help and support a athletic with mental health issues. But its your job and duty to be there for a kid. But remember if you do your homework that may not be your problem. It’s why I say recruit natural leaders, responsible and mentally tough kids. Kids who don’t make excuses, who love to learn and excel. Recruit that kid with tons of talent who is confident, strong in mind and sprit. Recruit players who have overcome the biggest of obstacles and still standing. . Kids who didn’t join them, but beat them. Coaches please recruit kids like Camryn Gardner. They make your life easier. They bring joy to your day. Not meetings and paperwork. Kids like 6’2” Camryn Gardner allow you to do what you enjoy … COACHING and winning big games. Games nobody ever expected you to win

COACHES there all not competitive, trust me. You have to know the kids who love competition. You have to know the kids that won’t back down. The kids that seem to always be hanging around the gym. The kid that is treated as 2nd class citizen at NBS. But for some reason always shows up. That kid who doesn’t get the hype but preforms like a star when given the chance. Please coaches recruit the kid who doesn’t look the part but plays it so well. Recruit kids line Logan McCarthy please. The kids who don’t need a pat on the back. A tweet on social media. Recruit the kids who don’t need credit for doing there job really well with pride. Just appreciate them and that will be enough. Recruit kids who get it. LOGAN McCARTHY gets its.

Coaches, your jobs are harder now than they ever been. So why not be happy and recruit kids who make your job, feel like its not work. Please do your homework, recruit gym rats, great parents and yes TALENT. It takes a little more work. But it just may save your job and happiness…. GOOD LUCK

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