IMG_0621[1]It been a fun ride this season and many great stories…Today I will give you the 10 biggest stories of the year to date.










Mary Beth Chambers appears to have the team to beat

Mary Beth Chambers appears to have the team to

10. The NJISSA  tells St. Rose Mary Beth Chambers will not be allowed to coach-

This story came as a shock to everyone. The reason Coach Chambers was denied the chance to coach was due to a rule many are calling the 365 rule. The rule says a coach cannot coach their players out of season. The reason why this case makes the list is not because Coach Chambers has not coached, but rather because people continue to say she broke a rule. The fact is Mrs Chamber did not break the 365 rule. She was hired by St. Rose and had no idea of a 365 and simply applied for a job. Yet today people still say she broke a rule. The fact of the matter is St. Rose did not know of the rule when they hired Coach Mary Beth Chambers.


9. Ocean County Basketball Arrives-

Karmeri Reynolds is just part of the Ocean County talent explosion

Karmeri Reynolds is just part of the Ocean County talent explosion

Long thought as the ugly step sister to Monmouth County. Ocean County has seen an explosion in talent. Toms River North and Manchester are ranked in the Top 20 and the some of the best young talent in the state now resides in Ocean County. There is a good chance in the coming years the most dominate teams may be from Ocean County.




8. The 40 Point Club-

Makayla Andrews bested her 30 point nights with a 42 point game

Makayla Andrews bested her 30 point nights with a 42 point game

In a weeks time we saw 3 players score over 40 points. Makayla Andrews started everything we a blistering 40 point 18 rebound game. But then once night later Shannon McCoy did her two points better with 42 points that included her 1000th point. Then on Friday, 6 days later. Tori Hyduke against Pascack Valley scored 41 points to set a RFH record for most points in a game.




7. St. Rose Defeats Rutgers Prep

 ST. ROSE WANT'S its first SCT for Joe Whalen

ST. ROSE WANT’S its first SCT for Joe Whalen

St. Rose who got crushed last year against #3  ranked Rutgers Prep in the State tournament, gained a measure of revenge. St. Rose defeated Rutgers Prep in a re-match of last years state semi-final game. It also marked the first in state big win of the year. Michaela Markham was lights as she scored 26 points to lead the charge.






6. The Shore Dominates the Ranking


The Shore conference once again proved it is the best conference in the state if not the country. The Shore currently have 7 teams ranked in the Top 20. The Top 3 teams in the state are all from the Shore Conference and 4 are ranked in the Top 5. In a year were many believed the Shore conference was supposed to be a little down… The Shore Conference is proving again, there is no other conference like.


5. Tori Hyduke

Hyduke is no longer ALONE

Hyduke is no longer ALONE

In what has to be one of the best seasons on record in the shore. Tori Hyduke has put together a highlight reel the lights we have never seen before. Playing on a Rumson team that is young and inexperienced, she has led her team to a Top 10 ranking. She has averaged over 30 points a game this season. But her performance at Pascack Valley will go down in the history books, not for breaking a school record for points. But rather for the standing ovation she got from the visiting crowd.


4. The Tri Angle of Death



Lola Mullaney, Dara Mabrey and Faith Masonious, have formed what many believe is the best threesome in the state. Manasquan is ranked #1 and these three have carried them to some big season early wins. All are averaging double figures and have took turns at carrying the team at times…Manasquan has not lost a game in state and these three are the #1 reason.




JADA BONNER AND CREW have been speical

JADA BONNER is one of the reasons SJV have been special

3. St. John Vianney Rolls

Coach Dawn Karpell proves once again she may be the best ever at reloading a team. The Lancers lost All Time Great Kimi Evans and have not missed a beat. SJV is undefeated this season and more importantly they have beaten most of the heavyweights in the state. RFH, Rutgers Prep, RBC , and University have all fell to SJV this season. Once again SJV has played by far the best schedule in the state. They are currently ranked #2 in the state.





2. Destiny Adams-

The Destiny Adams and her sisters celebrate WOBM title.

The Destiny Adams and her sisters celebrate WOBM title.

Destiny Adams has been the most impactful Freshman on a high school team, since Kelly Hughes. The 6’2″ Adams has been exactly as advisted. She opened her high school career with a 28 point, 1o point night. She became the first freshman to win the WOBM MVP as she led Manchester to the WOBM title. If that is not enough, she had 22 points vs Rumson as Manchester got the biggest win in School history. No one Freshman has never had this type impact on a team in recent years…or at least in my time.




600 and counting...

600 and counting…


RBC coach Joe Montano got his 600 win. Montano whose teams over the years have won just about everything a school can win, was all smiles getting his 600th. Their is no question Montano will go down in history as one of the best coaches in New Jersey history boys or girls.




The new round of Training starting FEBAURY 5th….their is something for everyone

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