The live recruiting period is right around the corner. First up will be the NBS CAMP next week and it will be a great chance for some kids to make a name for themselves and watch their stock rise. More than any other time coaches are going to find there recruiting boards are going to change daily. I can assure you coaching recruiting boards will look completely different after the first week of July than they look today. Players, D1 Coaches thought were “B” level kids kids are going to move to “A” status. Some kids with offers are going to become “B” kids in a hurry. The Covid recruiting era is going to challenge every coaches ability to evaluate. Many coaches are going to find kids that committed to them have not improved and will have to make a big decision, live with their mistake or break ties They also are going to find kids they didn’t offer was a mistake as well as they will be better than the players they did offer. Coaches then will try to a find a way to clean that mistake up.

Well me I have been watching kids all spring. I know who is stock up and who is stock down. I know the kids who have committed who are on vacation. The ones who are trying so hard to protect what they have earned by picking when and where they train or play. These players are simply trying to make it to the national signing day. I know that kids whose practice and training habits have not changed regardless if they have a offer of committed. I know the hungry ones. I know those RARE COMMITTED PLAYERS WHOSE STOCK IS STILL RISING, these players are priceless and hard to find. So today I will give coaches a little treat, before the NBS cheat sheet comes out next week… cause today I am going to tell which kids across the state whose stock is up. Because a kid doesn’t make my list of stock risers doesn’t mean a player is not good. There are many players I have not seen this spring. Also a player may be a superstar talent and still one of the best regardless if they improved or not… but their the habits have changed and slowed their development. In other words this is about the kids…who have handled their business this spring.

These are the players who in my opinion have made the biggest jumps of the players I have seen this spring. These are players I have seen over the last few months. They are ones who have made the most improvement. There are players on this list I have seen the last 2 weekends as well from outside the shore who have blown up….reputation plays no factor all that matters is the improvement curve and these kids have got it done

***Coaches special note, most of these players you will see at NBS next week live at no cost to your staff’s budget***

Ciara Norman NORMAN- 2022- Team Miller– she has come out of nowhere. One of the best players I have seen this spring… her stock is off the charts. She in a word is the biggest stock riser on this list.

Ashley O’Connor- 2022- Shoreshots HGHL U17- there is only one question. How high of a level can she play at.. BIG EAST right now. Massive stock rise. Total package this spring and will the most recruited combo guard left on the board this summer

Georgia Heine-2022 Team Rio U17s- has any player worked harder this spring? The answer is no. Did you see the 27 points and 12 rebound game? Stock booming P5 good these days.

Allison Sweeney- 2023- United U17s- the stock is officially becoming priceless. She has been nothing short of dream like. There simply nothing she cannot do. One of best guards in the entire state right now.


Isabella Asencio- 2023- United U17s – the best pure point guard in the  2023 class and her stock is still rising. Toughness and competitive nature make her stock raise daily. This is a game changing point guard.

Amya Evans- 2022- Team Sharpe– She was has been sensation to date. Her explosiveness and ability to shoot the three have made her unguardable. She is dominating games from the guard position …rare stuff. She is a stock up in a big way.

Abbey Ferguson- 2022- ShoreShots HGSL U17s– Ask me who the hardest worker I know. Because it’s not even close the answer to that question. She lives in the gym. She is the best rebounder in the HGSL and her improvement is shocking considering she already committed to Colgate. Guess she wants to be her very best!

Brynn McCurry- 2023- United U17s – well if you brought into her early. Your in good shape. Because her stock has risen so much she has outgrown  her current D1 recruiting. The 6’2” swing forward stock is up in a big big way.

Madison St Rose-2022-  Philly Rise U17sthe Princeton commit and current two time State and Shore player of year is not resting on her reputation. She has been the best player on the 2nd best AAU team in America. She is that rare committed player who is getting better daily… Distraction free

Meghan Cahalan— 2022- Team Rio U17s- the Holy Cross commit is not Satisfied. The work ethic is sick and the game grows. This stock riser is earlier the best center in the shore and this is not a misprint.. the state as well another rare commit who is a stock riser…Distraction free

Katie Collins- 2024- Masonious Belles U16- this was just a matter of time. The 6’2” Collins is Miss Sensational these days. Her stock is rising faster than just about every young forward in the state… stock is as hot as it gets… D1 lock

Rylyn Orlando- 2023- Truhan Belles u16– she will be at NBS next weeks. Big step for this young lady. Her stock has flown up in a big way. She is officially a D1 lock. She has gone for zero to 100% this spring in terms of value.

HANNAH HIDALGO- 2023- PHILLY RISE U17– Some are saying the best guard in the state of New Jersey in the 2023 class… STOCK WAY UP… P5 GOOD

Alana  Robinson- 2022- United U17s – she has D1 offers but more will be coming after July. That’s because her stock just keeps rising because of the skills sets and blue collar work ethic… valuable stock these days. Will be even more valuable after the live period.

Amaya Bray-2022- Exodus– she has made adjustments in her practices and workouts. The results? Stock has risen to D1 status. It’s not just buckets but rather the entire game. Stock up!

Sophia Davis- 2022- Team Sharpe- The length and body has always been there. What she added this spring was a excellent mid range game and now is burying the three. Ultra Competitive, big time student, great family. Her stock is moving up faster than a bullet. Started the spring on the D1 fence. Now expect D1 schools to seek her services…..stock up!

Ashley Sofilkanich- 2023- Philly Belles u16- the 6’4” insanely athletic forward stock is flying. The future P5 player just seems to get better every time she walks on the floor. Competitive and embraces coaching.. the sky’s the limit

Jamie Bachman- 2023- Team Rio u16– size matters as the 6’0” guard has lots of it and more importantly knows how to use it. Crushing everything in her path these days. Stock is up because she has little if any weakness and is a menacing two way mega ⭐️ 

Sarah Hughes- 2023- Shoreshots Chambers– this is called stock booming and growing in a huge way. This is an example of the light switch turning on. Few have seen there stock blow up more… MAJOR STOCK RISER!

Kay Donahue- 2022- Fagan Belles U17swell the winner is Lafayette U and Kia Damon. They saw the stock rise before everyone else and took her recruiting competitors to the cleaners. Their lucky because if she played in July uncommitted, it would have been a little tougher to land her.. either way major stock riser.

Sofia Berisha- 2022- FAGAN BELLES U17s– well if she is new to you, we’ll join the club. But make no mistake this is a DIVISION ONE SLEEPER ALERT… her stock is hot right now. Deadly shooter, deadly IQ, deadly passer and deadly game. One of fastest riser’s, I have seen in past two weekends.

Brianna CAMJI- 2023- Shoreshots HGSL U17s- well when Big East schools are inviting you on campus and D1 schools are calling your AAU coach left and right. Your stock is up big time. That’s because she is a walking jump shot these days.. stock waaaaaay up!

Addy Nymcheck- 2026- Shoreshots Liggio- a 2026 must be on this list who is improving at this rate. Stock insanely up. Buy it now because a year from now it could be the most valuable in the state.


Meghan Gentile- 2023- JT Belles- how good you ask? A D1 lock and impact college freshman one day. I mean if you drop 19 in less than a half vs the real Philly Belles u16… your stock is rising. Wait till coaches notice she is 5’9” and built like a rock. By the end of July her stock will be off the charts

Riley Weiss – 2022- Long Island Lighting– she has P5 offers but that don’t mean your stock can’t rise. Her stock looks like it can go bigger. Why? Shooter alert… this is a legit baller … STOCK UP AM BUYING.

Christina Liggio- 2025- Carman Shoreshots- She is making a run at Preseason freshman of the year. This spring she was nothing short of sensational from start to finish…the ultimate gym rat.


Olivia Shaughnessy – 2025- NJ Belles 2024– No player in her class her been challenged more. A total warrior who has improved in every single phase of the game. This is one of the best freshman in the state. The Future D1 guard is never satisfied with her game.

Casey Prior- 2023- Masonious Belles– the game has officially become next level as in D1 high major good. Her stock has grown like a weed this spring. She is becoming the total package and for this reason she is a stock riser with a bulletin attached… BY NOW because by the end of July she may be out of your league.

TAYLOR BARBOT – 2023- New Heights- well just look at the body and that alone is stock rising. Now look at the jumper and athletic game… major college stock riser

TRYAN BARBOT– 2023- New Heights- big shot maker and taker equal stock riser. Big time defender and competitive nature. The stock is blowing up just ask D1 coaches calling.. MASTERFUL SPRING.

KATIE LEDDEN 2023- Philly Riise u16s- have you seen her this spring? Because this is a stock riser by the second. The size is great, the jumper sweet, the development right on time to explode come July. D1 offers with more to come…buy now!! 

JULIANA ALMEIDA- 2024- Shoreshots HGSL U17s – you think it’s a mistake? Her stock yes is getting even bigger. She already has high major offers. Well it’s not because she has clearly proved this spring she is the best freshman in the state of New Jersey. But because her game growns second by second… one of highest stock risers on the entire east coast 

Julia Cosentino- 2023- Team Rio u16s – the way to get better is to face elite competition, work on weakness not just your strengths but understand where you bread is buttered. The  scoring machine has improved so much this spring it’s scary. Why her stock has blown up and after NBS next week. I predict she will too will have outgrow her current recruiting.

Diana Phelan- 2022- Empire Blue Flames U17s – I know talent when I see it. I also know when a kids game will transfer to the next level. Her game will transfer because she plays well every single time she sets on the floor. Her level of consistency watching her the spring is absolutely mind-boggling… stock up from unknown to soon to be known

Sophia Smith- 2026- Liggio Shoreshots-
this is an amazing story. She is doing things that are shocking. The development has led to her starting to look like one of the future best post players in NJ… stock way up out of nowhere!! 

Katie Liggo- 2026- Liggo ShoreShots– No reason to hold back anymore. She is official the best shooter in the state of New Jersey. A gym rat of gym rats. We told you the range would sick by August. It already sick and getting scarier. STOCK INSANELY UP.

Tessa Liggio- 2026 – Liggio ShoreShots– The ultimate floor general and stock rising because of the shooting has caught up with the other parts of the game

Lola Giordano- 2026- NJ Belles 2026– She plays for the best 7th grade team in the shore and she is watching her game by leaps and bounds. She is clearly on track to be a D1 player. Competitive and coachable her stock is rising and nobody could be happier for her than me

MADISON KOCIS- 2026- NJ Sparks 2026- Until I see someone better with my own eyes. This is the best 7th grade pure point guard in the state of New Jersey. She make that clear this year a NBS when she went head to head with senior off to D1 school this fall. Her improvement curve is off the charts. This is stock rising at its best



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