There was a time when people would say if your good enough they will find you. Well maybe 5 years ago that might have still been the case. But those words simply are not true anymore. The NCAA has shorten recruiting days. College coaches attend less and less random high school games hoping to run into a player or good game on a off day. Now it’s clear  having name recognition may be more important than a players talent at the start of the recruiting process. The player who has name recognition will at least get coaches to come watch them play. Then the player must produce and preform in front of those coaches. But it’s a fact where you play, where you train and who you play against is as important  as anything else in the new era of RECRUITING.


This weekend at NBS was special for a lot of reasons. First the Sunday session was flat out off the charts with talent from top to bottom. Now that some AAU tournaments and teams have called it a wrap, the talent at NBS gets deeper and deeper. But what makes NBS so special is the competitive nature of the kids. It is no question a place when a kid can build their name recognition, but on the flipside also be exposed. It’s a place where a player with many D1 offers can look ordinary.  It’s a place where a unknown can become known in a hurry. I’ve know many of talented players who want no part of the intensity and accountability that everyone is held to at NBS. No player is bigger than the program and their is no special treatment for anyone and we don’t care who is recruiting that player. NBS is known for humbling many a great player. That’s why this weekend really was special for me. There were three players at NBS with little if any reputation. All three played against players with bigger reps and D1 offers on the table and these players sent a message loud and clear.


Nicole Johnson plays for East Brunswick High School. This traditionally is not a stop on many college coaches list of must see schools. East Brunswick, is not SJV where college coaches know they have to see the star studded team every year. EB does not have a reputation for turning out D1 players. Nicole Johnson is like a lot of players on the radar. Years ago word of mouth would make its make to coaches ears, who at some point everyone would catch on too. Things are different these days, because coaches don’t see the kids enough. How else could anyone explain how in a gym with 29 D1 players Nicole Johnson was once of the best players, yet players who she has out played have multiple D1 offers. Every player at NBS fears the 5’5″ point guard, because of her blazing speed, sick handle and laser like jumper. She has made a living at crushing guards who are currently playing D1 basketball or will be on there way to the highest level of college basketball. Nicole Johnson is respected by every single guard at NBS and folks the list of guards at NBS and talent at NBS cannot be matched anywhere and that not talk… its a fact. My guess is this future D1 point guard is going to be very special at the next level. The fact that she is fearless and a mega student will not hurt either. Her work ethic and humble is why, I believe right now she could make a real case for saying, there are not many POINT GUARDS IN THE’18 CLASS THAT ARE BETTER!


My guess is that ALYSSA SCHRIVERS will not see one college coach in the stands this year at her high school games. She doesn’t play for a powerhouse AAU program. But if there is no better example of where the recruiting game has changed…look no further than right her here. Schrivers is the fastest player these eyes have ever seen. More important, she has dominated some of the very best guards ever at NBS. There are guards who will be wearing a D1 uniform this season, who are so very happy not to see her again. When a player gets matchup up with Alyssa Schrivers after her two hour drive to NBS, you see fear in their eyes. They know exactly what is about to happen….PPRESSURE AND MORE PRESSURE. Schrivers put offense and defensive pressure like few players can on opponents. Her ability to run by opponents and make crystal clear decision at times is shocking. It’s almost as shocking when you realize that at NBS she is clearly the point guard nobody wants any part of….Alyssa Rivers has exposed many of players, including some ALL SHORE AND ALL STATE PLAYERS. The coaches will catch up with Miss Schrivers, it’s why program like NBS exist. NBS allows a player with little exposure and name recognition to grow. Soon Schrivers brand will catch up to those getting all the  attention. Soon college coaches will understand that Penn Manor high school may not be a hot bed for D1 talent. But its a stop they will have to make because  GAME KNOWS GAME  and everyone at NBS knows Miss Schrivers has SERIOUS GAME.



Right now Sara Furch of SJV is the best available post players in the shore conference ’18 class. But here is the problem. The 6ft SJV junior just may not be a post player. Yes, she can play with her back to the basket. Yes, she can rebound in traffic and defend in the post. But make no mistake Miss Furch can shoot the rock and she shoots it with range. Sara Furch just may be a swing player and her sweet handle is the reason why. She can rip the ball off the glass and go make plays for teammates. Yesterday against two D1 players, one going to  U-Penn and the other one that Rutgers has expressed interest, she did battle. Furch proved she can play against big strong players and quick, athletic players. She also proved that she is going to be one of the most in demand players in the state a year from now. Playing against studs for the past two years  in practice at SJY, has paid off for Sara Furch and right now I can tell you, she is as good as anyone. I can also tell you, she will join a long list of SJV players who become stars in college. Sara Furch has lots of D1 interest but this is what I learned at NBS. Sara Furch is being under recruited these days…because I believe she is a MID MAJOR PLUS PLAYER… she is going to be very, very much in demand and if NBS taught me anything its this….when you do it against studs, you can do it against anyone!


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