This is the shortest blog I will ever write. This weekend is THE GIRLS TOP 100. This is an event only D2 and D3 schools can attend. This is the last time D2 schools are allowed out. Like D1 schools the D2 schools will only be allowed to attend high school events after this weekend. The D3 schools will be allowed out as long as they wish. So let me give some advice to all.

Here is what I will tell every freshman, sophomore, junior and unsigned senior without a scholarship offer… get to the Top 100. Why? Because I understand everyone’s want to be a D1 player and that’s a great goal. But there are two things at play here. First you must start building your name recognition. If you are a senior, you need to be seen because the clock is ticking.

The D2/D3 schools recruiting process is just starting and after the letter of intent period it will really heat up. So you want to be seen, and more importantly it’s your last chance to be seen by scholarship schools before the high school season. If you play at a high profile high school then you will see college coaches this year, but if you don’t I strongly advise you to attend.

Finally, unless somebody is willing to pay for your education. Nothing is more important that you protecting your future. Nothing is more important than putting yourself in front of college coaches. The Top 100 is an  inexpensive way to get yourself noticed. I would also tell any future  D1 player,  you should attend for two reasons. One the event will be video taped and sent to every D1 coach in the data base. But a bigger reason you should attend is to help draw coaches to the event…that’s called giving back!


*High School coaches get your kids to this event and give them a chance to play at the next level…here is the link to sign up http://hoopgroup.com/clinics/new-jersey-girls-top-100/

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