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When Stephanie Mayerhofer gave Bryant University a verbal commitment. It caped a long journey to a dream. I told you two years ago, she was moving to D1 status. But I did not use the team “Lock”.  She had work to do before I called her a lock. This spring I used the term lock to  describe her also got to say “I TOLD YOU SO”?..So often I heard people say a player is D1…I just listen politely and then go about my day. I can say there have been few players I have missed or projected wrong over the years…I felt Jess Broad was a D1 player. She went to Stevens Tech, go look at her insane numbers. Maybe I was right again. There are always D1 kids people don’t discover until they sign the papers.

TODAY  I will give you three names who are not household names, but I believe are tracking as D1 players. These players are  growning into D1 status. They are players who were not projected as D1 but now are banging loudly on the  DIVISION ONE door. These are players I also believe are going to have monster summer.




1. Must prove they can play against D1 talent

2. Must train in a competitive  environment consistently

3. Must have a competitive nature







Why this name doesn’t register with you is simple. She didn’t get real playing time for SCT CHAMP Manchester. Bray not only will step into the starting lineup for Manchester this year, but she will make a serious impact. How much of a impact you ask? I say she and Kemari Reynolds become one of the best backcourts in the Shore Conference. Amaya Bray, is going to have some explosive nights. Here is why she is moving towards D1 status, first she changed AAU teams and now plays for NJ BELLES. Why is that important? She will play against top competition and also play along side other top 2021 players. She has a Division one body and athleticism. Her quickness and speed are both next level. She is not just a improving shooter but moving towards becoming a deadly shooter. She is as  physical defender as you see in the 2021 class.  Her  ability to get in passing lanes and anticipate are gifts.  I have seen her a number of times this spring and each time she showed “REAL” improvement. Her handle is becoming more effective and allowing her to become a excellent passer. In fact I believe she is a true combo guard. She is not relying on her natural talents. But there are two thing which make me say D1 so strongly…her competitive nature and elite attitude towards coaching. She likes and plays against quality competition…AMYAH BRAY IS A D1 PLAYER, you just don’t know about her yet.  My advice to her this summer…GET TO CAMP ALL SUMMER YOUNG LADY.







Check out my sophomore year highlights!! –⁩ ⁦@BballWarehous ⁩ ⁦@michelie42

— Jess Riepe (@jessriepe42) March 19, 2019

You  probably recognize her name. That’s because she had a break out season at Marlboro  high school last season. She had some BIG  nights for Marlboro this past season. But what most are getting wrong about Jess Riepe is this… Most don’t know what position she plays. Most think she is just a shooter and finally she doesn’t fit the D1 part. She  doesn’t overwhelm you with anything  athletically.  She is not physically imposing  and doesn’t play in a high profile setting. SO LET ME SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT….First she is one of the Top 2021’s in the Shore. Next people ask what position? That’s because you didn’t watch her guard Fab Eggenschwiler one of the most recruited players in the Shore. You did not see her against current D1 players and future D1 players. She had zero problems. In fact the so called Stars had problems with her and here is why. She is a next level D1 shooter right now. Next, she is the ulitimate wing player in that she can post up, a excellent weakside rebound, can led the break  in transition and become a playermaker. Why I’m I calling her a D1 player? First, I told her last year she needed to become a deep shooter. Not only did she become one, name a better returning deep shooter in the Shore, this side of Justine Pissott…stop you can’t. Next I told her she needed to train against competition…D1 competition. She came to NBS, the real testing ground. She also showed up at spring NBS(anymore questions coaches). Finally she could be the most improved player over a two year stretch that I know…JESS REIPE IS GOING TO WEAR A D1 UNIFORM.





















This is almost shocking because it’s all happening over night. She went to Donavan Catholic and transferred to St. Rose. It has done three things for her. She got into a highly competitive environment. She received elite coaching and played against elite competition in practice. Hence the shocking development and growth. So a little history, a super nice kid. That nobody….nobody thought would be where she is today. She barley played the last two years of high school. But she got lucky, she has played with the Shoreshots this spring. They gave her the ball and built the team around her. The result, tons of confidence and growth. Next Eligh Allen has no match in the ball handling teaching department. Her handle has become ELECTRIC . When a player possesses Layla Laws athleticism and explosive quickness they become scary. How scary? D1 scary and college coaches have picked up on this unexpected development. Now throw in the ability to flat out, knock down jumpers and finish at the rim and you got something special. Now the IQ will get better as she continues to play. She is strong like a wire and runs like a deer. Everything is coming together for this young lady. Now the big question, how much time is she willing to put into the gym?. …because if she does….LALA LAWS HAS D1 WRITTEN ALL OVER HER!




Core Skills  Training Camp starts this Monday…




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