Today I will start previews of AAU teams in New Jersey. Today we start with one of the best AAU teams in New Jersey. The u17. UNITED TEAM


.This years group has started out with a bang. As they opened the AAU season with a 2-0 record. This years the team is a mix of 2025’s and 2026’s. They added a few new pieces to last years core group.
They once again will be on the select 40 tour and play high level competition. This should not have been a surprise. Because  Jimmy O there coach always makes his team play the most completive schedule he can find year in and year out prior to that, they went to Boston and took on elite competition. Addy Platt and Ella Kruzer(BUCKNELL)are proven star who can play with the best of the best. Both are two of the best players in the state of New. Jersey they. Savannah SEAWELL is clearly one of the best post players in the state of New Jersey. These three give the UNITED 17 TEAM true star power and real name recognition as they all are future D1 locks and have the offers to prove it. Tessa Lonzer returns after being the floor general for Top 10 Gil Bernard this fall. She certainly will be a player that will catch the eyes of savvy recruiters. Shea Donnelly makes the jump to the U17 team along with the insanely talented Mia Seminoli. This is team packed with D1 talent and rock star students. Making them must see basketball all spring and summer. Jimmy O is the conductor and brings a track record of monumental success. . They have drama free parents. College coaches would be wise to remember this, the UNITED KIDS HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF  ALL GETTING BETTER AS THE SUMMER MOVES FORWARD.Many times UNITED kids out grow their current recruitment by summers end. I suspect this year will be no different!

Before I start I would like to clear up a little terminology. When I say a player is a lock Division one player that means a player has a offer on the table or I believe will eventually have multiple D1 offers at some point…key word being “multiple”  MY TRACK RECORD IN THIS AREA SPEAKS FOR ITSELF

Fence sitters  are players without a D1 offer that can land on either the D1 side or the  D2/D3 side of the fence based on their summer performance. Coaches would be wise to learn the history of fence sitters. As there work ethic plays a major role in weather they will be successful at the next level. Some become excellent players will others break your heart… fence sitters are tricky business.

When I call a player a GYM RAT, that player is constantly in the gym, outside their team practices and comfort zone. These players seeks competition outside their AAU environment and their work ethic is bigger than their ability. GYM RATS don’t train alone, they train with killers. These players train against high level competition. I never call a player a Gym Rat, unless I have personally seem them against older elite competition and PERFORM at a high level while doing so. They are not just in the gym at every turn and seem to always be around. BUT THEY CONSTANTLY DO MORE AND ALWAYS EXTRA. These players will be better players in college than in high school and can play a level HIGHER than their recruitment. I believe you build programs with gym rats…they have an added value recruiters do not get to see. Gym Rats are tough to find as all coaches know. But remember just because a player is not a gym rat. IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT HARD WORKERS. There are hard workers and then there are GYM RATS…Learn the difference.




Jimmy “O” as he is known, is well known in the AAU world for one reason. He is one of the best coaches in the business. He is a masterful teacher. Few understand or know how to develop a team better. His teams are known for playing as a unit with players all embracing there roles. It’s why college coaches love UNTIED players. But perhaps what JIMMY “O” is most know for in college circles is this. You must see his teams early and late. That’s because all his players seem to jump a level from the start of the summer to the end.  His teams now have produced players that have moved on to P5 and D1 schools. Almost his entire roster from a year ago are all playing D1 basketball. Those who didn’t got full scholarships at D2 school or attend some of the best D3 academic schools in the country. Need I say more about the man’s track record of success. Two years ago he won the HGSL CHAMPIONSHIP. Last year his team in it first year in the select 40 tour, lost in the championship game. Many of the UNITED players start the summer as unknowns only to blow when up under the JIMMY “O” effect. Jimmy was a successful high school coach long before he started dominating the AAU world. His teams always play the best competition an are always prepared. Jimmy “O” is organized and detailed minded. It’s what separates him from most of all other programs. That and winning chips. He prepares kids for the next level without drama or over bearing parents… this is no ordinary coach or program.



Possible  D1 players (7)

Special note- this team has (3) DIVISION 1 fence sitters





She has committed to Bucknell UNIVERSITY. Lucky them, she will impact from day one. She is one of the most VERSATILE players in the state of New Jersey . That because she was named All State this season in leading Chatham to a state Top 20 ranking. She handles the ball against any level of pressure, land can easily slide to the point guard position if asked to do so.  She has one of the most dangerous 1st steps in the state. She is already an  elite defender and masterful in passing lanes. Her three point shooter has gone to another level. That’s because she is a true gym rat. Her next level up pull game makes her a three level scorer. She finishes at the rim with either hand in traffic . She is not just Next level at filling lanes in transition, she is ELITE. COACHES SHE IS FLAT OUT FLITHY IN TRANSITION. Plays the role of play maker or decision maker because of her ability to see 2nd level defenders. Coaches this is the real deal in every aspect of the game. She unselfish and a dream like teammate, dropping dimes like it’s a bad habit. One of the best players in New New Jersey’s 2025 class. Classic Gym Rat. She is not just athletic, quick and tough. She brings a real basketball IQ to the table as she is the product of elite coaching at level of basketball. Her coach Joe Gaba of Chatham, is one of the best minds in New Jersey and is a task master. Then during AAU it’s with Jimmy O turn. Do you get the picture? This is how you do it coaches, teaching, development and competition, she my friends is doing and getting it all. She will be a ROCK STAR at the next level.


She is big and strong with a college ready body. She is athletic who plays off her feet. She will battle in the post against bigger stronger players due to her powerful lower body and quick leaping ability. She can switch out on ball screens or track the ball. She is emerging in a big way offensively. That’s because she gets most of her action off the boards and simply out running forwards and guards in transition . She is flat out built for a ball screen type of offense, that because she sets grown women screens and perfected the art of rolling to the basket or slipping the screen. She is real next level at this skill set. She is excellent ball handler in terms of handoffs and outlets passes. She has shooting range to 15 feet and is quick off the bounce with one dribble.  This is a player who currently holds D1 offers. She is an elite student… IVY AND PATRIOT SCHOOL ELITE in a big way. This is a future starter and impact Foward whose stock is on the rise. She could very well out grow her current recruitment. She is that good!


She plays for Chatham high school.  So, you know she coached up. Her mother played for Duke University. Her father played in the MSL. Her grandfather is Coach Scanlon the Legendary UNION COLLEGE coach. This kid has genes and is using them well. She is a deadly shooter who is coming off a big high school season. She can play either guard position but not miss a beat. Make no mistake she and high school teammate Ella Kruzer formed one of the best backcourts in the state of New Jersey and that will not change this AAU season.

*She is Crafty ball handler who is a dynamic rim finisher during his season. 

*Go under screens and she will make you pay with elite shot selection and high percentage shooting.  

*Her ability to see next level defenders and pass with either hand is elite. Her lateral quickness and length allow her to contain multiple positions, her active hands in passing lanes make her a nightmare on defense.  I think you get the picture. This young lady is dripping with talent and D1 school are going to find her well worth discovering.


She was one of the best floor generals in the state of New Jersey. She led the state in assists this past season and has picked up were she left off. She is a big time defender at both guard spots. She has off the chart’s leadership skills both by example and vocal. She has now developed a deadly jumper from anywhere on the court behind the line. She is a bull in a UNDERRATED rim finisher. She has the floater game, pull up game, she runs though contact and fights over screens. She is a three-way passer, she finds shooters, post players and transition runners. She kills you with guard penetration off the bounce. She blows up screens and handoffs and gets on the defensive boards from the guard spot. She masterful in transition. Her vision and decision making is a thing of beauty. Her handle is not dynamic, just rock solid the way you like it. This is a Patriot and Ivy dream recruit. Do your homework. You must see multiple times because she does so many subtle things that change games.


Flat out one of the two best players in the 2026 class in New Jersey

 She is a straight-line slasher in the half court or as a transition threat, but she also has some wiggle off the dribble. Her game features a tight crossover and displays a feel for changing pace. A underrated shot creator who finishes with both hands at the rim. Unique ability to score over bigger players rotating in the lane. Her jumper is highly effective both off the bounce or catch and she can shoot off screens. She is a true three level scorer aand that will not change in college

 • Deceptively athletic who doesn’t need lots of space to become a playmaker or scorer. She understands offensive ball movement and timing. This is a high IQ player best paired with players who know how to play. She fits any system… again high IQ. 

 • She is an Active cutter who looks for opportunities to sneak past ball watching defenders, and in certain offenses she could emerge as an unstoppable scorer. She is Patience and wise. 

 • Flashes the ability to keep the ball moving around the perimeter within the flow of the offense while taking full advantage of her dynamic first step and passing ability while under pressure 

 • Versatile on-ball defender with stopper TYPE ATTITUDE. SHE IS A ELITE SHOT BLOCKER. She’s has all the tools to be an impactful off-ball magical defender

This is a culture building recruit. Who is Insanely talented and gifted. I say she is a D1 high Academic kid with a possible P5 future if she chooses to work towards that goal.  


This is a player coming off a highly productive season for state TOP 5 Manasquan. This summer she could be in heavy demand with the new found exposure she will receive. She is underrated lock down defender without fouling. She will not gather steals but will shut down big scorers. That’s because she has strong body and quick feet. Her competitive nature is outstanding without all the show boating. She is a. deadly shooter who never takes a questionable shot. This season she seemed to always come up with big shots in big games. Her handle is a blend of ball protection and making the right pass. She gets to the rim and loves to play though contact. She is a high IQ player and understands what Is expected. She seems to get better each year. Do not be surprised if she has a monster AAU season. She is battle test having played against the very best competition. Not only in games but in practice as well. She has had to practice the pass 3 years against all D1 players

in her position. Nothing will surprise or intimidate her.


She is loaded with talent. Her feel for the game is exceptional. She is a next level passer who reads next level defenders with head movement and deception. She is a crafty ball handler that more than makes up for her lack of size.  She has a strong body and serious competitive nature. She will fight you tooth and nail every step of the way. She can go left of right while changing pace and with burst of quickness. She has next level pull up game and is excellent at using her body to create contact and fouls. She is physical and aggressive and is all in especially in the half court game. Her decision making is special in this area. She will find shooters and post ups. She is a player that can become a full-time player maker because she see’s mismatches as well as any kid you will see.. This is a player who is high skilled, competitive and plays with a real edge.


I have yet to see or watch film on her. A update will come soon… but her are some very interesting facts. She had 123 three’s last season. She also has 1430 in just three years. Those numbers have to make up sit up and think or at worst get some video ASAP!


I have not seen her play live. I watched tape of her and will wait till I see her against elite competition. Something she will see all AAU season. The video I watched. She was very impressive. She has size and a variety ways of scoring. She is clearly highly skilled and has next level passing skills it appears. She is long and appears to have a wonderful basketball IQ. What she really jump out at you is this … 1600+ points and 850+ rebounds in just three years. But what really caught my eye was the 225 steals. She has active hands and PLAYS HARD…. I will review her the moment I see her against D1 competition


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