Its just a fall league game, so the fact the Ocean Twp lost to RBC by 2 points and 5 points were not put on the score board late in the game does not matter. The fall league is about building chemistry and teams coming together. The fall league let’s coaches know what weakness are on the Horizon. Its a chance to see what combination of players play well together. It’s also a chance to see what players and teams have gotten better. OCEAN TWP clearly has gotten better and they have the players to prove it… you can call just them the 4 Horse Woman.

RBC and Ocean Twp played another meaningless fall game this week. It was expected to be another RBC fall blowout win. Instead RBC needed a little help from the score keepers to avoid there first lost of the fall. That’s because RBC ran into the 4 HORSE WOMAN. Ocean Twp . has 4 players without the hype or reputations of the RBC players. They didn’t have 19 D1 coaches at there OPEN GYM, only 3 showed up. There not hyped up my media and the so called experts. But they have is game… ” REAL GAME” and on Wednesday night RBC found out why OCEAN TWP is going to be a Top 10 team and why every team not named SJV better be ready for a war. That’s because the 4 HORSE WOMAN can beat any team in the Shore on any given night.

ELI’s Farm was full of Casey’s

ELI CLARK doesn’t get the hype of other guards in the Shore. But she has made a reputation of taking opposing big name guard s to ELI ‘S FARM. Yes Eli Clark treats other big name guards like farm animals. Wednesday night at the Hoop Group she took many of RBC’s D1 prized guards to her farm unwillingly. She did as she pleased all night. She went by the RBC guards as if were ghost. She dropped more dimes that any snitch ever could dream of. She got to the rim for buckets in every way possible.

Eli Clark on Wednesday went into a bag of tricks that we have not seen in these parts for years. We are talking about bouncing the ball off RBC players backs for buckets on out of bounds plays. Shooting floaters behind the backboards. Then to add insult to injury, she put the claps on the RBC guards as if they stole money from her. ELI CLARK’s farm was full of animals on WEDNESDAY.

Kayden Showed why she was 1st Team All FRESHMAN

In recent years some believed that RBC has lacked mental and Physical toughness. Well iff they needed a lesson. KAYDEN CLARK, took RBC to tough girl school. That’s because the 1ST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN guard went to work. She bullied and pushed the RBC guards around all night. She bumped them, slapped the ball away during dead balls and made it clear to the entire RBC team, she meant business. When RBC made the mistake of leaving her open she made them pay each and every time. She got to the rim and either scored or got fouled. Then on defense she hounded the RBC guards into submission, so bad you had to wonder if she had beef. Kayden Clark left no doubt to RBC that she not just tough but FEARLESS as well.

JENEEN was unstoppable

JANEEN AYYASH once attended RBC. She transferred to Ocean Twp last year. Ocean is very happy she did. RBC found out they wish she did not. That’s because Janeen Aynah shook the RBC players out there sneakers on Wednesday. She buried jumpers in there face, took them to the rim and cleaned them up on the boards. She gave RBC a full clinic on how to run back door cuts for layups. Then she took them to post feed and pick and roll school. The simple fact of the matter was RBC had no answers for Janeen. There faces had smiles on them. But these were nervous smiles. That false confidence smile that comes across one face when they know their in trouble. Janeen brought lots of trouble to the RBC faithful. That’s because even a blind man could see, Janeen Ayyash was having her way with RBC!s finest. More than anything she unstoppable and sent a message to all… SHE IS GOING TO BE A MAJOR PROBLEM THIS SEASON.

 GAMILA BETTON  is big and strong. RBC found that out on Wednesday. They found out she takes up a lot of space. They found out she is a rebounding machine. They found out she can be a clean up women on defense. Gamila Betton caught RBC off guard. She turned the lights out on the RBC post players. She clogged the middle up on RBC guards driving. She set monster screens in pick and roll. She got on the offensive glass. She did all the little things RBC can only hope they can find this year. Gamila Betton makes Ocean Twp dangerous because she on any night is capable of doing what she did on Wednesday . Take things to another level.

OCEAN TWP didn’t even care that on Wednesday they were not credited with Kayden Clark’s big three late or Janeen Ayyanh ankle breaking move that should have given them the lead on the score board. The Ocean 4 HORSE WOMAN have bigger fish to fry. They are trying to find a few teammates to help them get over the hump. Nothing would be better or make them happier than taking the next step this year. Last year they finished .500 and shocked everyone. This year they may blow the doors off… who knows maybe they win a SCT GAME… BECOME A TOP 20 team… maybe make a deep run the states. Whatever happens I know this THE 4 HORSE WOMAN WILL MAKE THEIR MARK ONE WAY OR OTHER…