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Last year she was an unknown freshman entering high school. While many kids today are bathing in the recruited, hype world and promises. BEAM was just a trying to find a place she could call home. So, she stayed home and joined the upstart Howell basketball program and became one of the biggest surprises of the high school basketball season. She became one of the best players on the Howell roster and had what can only be called a dream season. She has size, strength and length. She is a handful on the block and a serious problem on the offensive glass. She not just got better as the season progressed, but became a go to player for Howell. She guarded the opposing team’s best offensive post player on many nights. Most impressive she elevated her game against Howell’s top opponents and in the State tournament. She had wonderful stats to back up her performance on the year 253 points and 211 rebounds . She had 7 double/ doubles and a season high of 28/18 rebounds against Manalapan. Do I really need to say anymore? Kylee Beam was one of the biggest reasons that Howell was able to advance to the state finals. There is no question, she is a major building block for the Howell future. This year just may be a start to some big things in the future…and why she now is A FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER

“To see her maturity as a player  go from a strong Frosh who just wanted to play and be a part of it, to a kid that was hitting clutch shots in our state run while being physically dominant and a huge part of game planing in some of the most important games in our programs history” 
Howell Coach, Joe Santopietro

Tough as nails and plays with a total edge on the defensive side of the ball. She was the perfect fit to become the Middletown North quarterback problems going into the season. Coach McGee gave her the keys to the car and she drove it beautifully. She showed the ability to handle the ball against tough defenders and the ability to handle pressure in the backcourt vs traps and changing defenses, all this was welcomed by the Middletown North staff. She stepped up all year for Coach McGee. Her basketball IQ was as reliable as her consistency all season long. She is evolving into one of the best two babies not only in the shore but in recent Middletown North history. She gives the program a serious floor general for years to come. No freshman guard in the Shore Conference had more responsibility in running their team as well. Her elite-shot selection and off the charts decision making, jumped off the page. But it’s the intangibles that make her so very special. She is a loose ball monster, and most importantly sets up teammates for easy buckets. Her ability to get to the rim and finish is special for such a young player. She was the biggest reason Middletown North was one of the surprise teams this year and gave everyone a war on game night. Kaelyn Gibson should not come as a total surprise. She is not just talented but has been emerging as a player now for a number of years. She was listed as one of the best incoming freshmen in the shore before the season started. She just backed up her hype with a stellar freshman season. She has a big future and will be a driving force for the Middletown’s team for years to come. Kaelyn Gibson would be wise to invest in a pair of  good sunglasses, because her future looks very bright and why she is now A FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER

“Kaelyn Gibson is a kid who has always been known as a facilitator. Her best attribute is her ability to make the people around her better. This year, even as a freshman, she had to establish herself as a reliable scoring option. She finished second on the team in scoring as well as 3s made. She has the ability to finish at a high level around the rim and continues to improve as a defender. She is competitive does not shy away from big moments. Much of Middletown North’s success going forward will be on the shoulders of Kaelyn as she continues to work and develop.”
Middletown North, Coach Justin McGee

When you talk about the biggest surprise on this list, you have to start right here. She just may be the biggest surprise to make ALL FRESHMAN since Chloe Teter did so at RBR six years ago. It’s impossible to ignore her 238 points… 40 rebounds ..32 assists and 24 steals, while playing just 23 games the entire season. It’s clear Cali Brown made her mark this season. She arrived quietly and left with a bang and gave Jackson Memorial a real peek into the future. In an additional to being a hard nosed defender, ball handler and scorer. Her ability to make big plays in big games was impressive for any freshman. She showed that she was ready for prime all season before getting injured late in the season. She had 12 games with double figure scoring nights. Like her 19 points..6 rebounds and 3 dimes. vs county power East Brunswick or her 26 point explosion vs Central Reg. She showed her versatility by playing all three guards’ positions at times during the season. She was one of the most well-rounded guards in Ocean County. She also is a year-round basketball player, which bolds well for her future greatness. Jackson fans Cali knew when the light shined brightest, Cali Brown would be at her best. She showed up with no hype but with lots of game. She started the season with not much of a reputation but ended the year as a top freshman. She has a big future ahead of her. She becomes the first Jackson Memorial freshman to make ALL FRESHMAN FIRST TEAM in recent times….because now she is officially A FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER

“Her ability to show composure and poise as a point in a very tough Shore Conference is remarkable. Cali is never afraid of the the big moment”
Jackson Memorial , Coach Rachel Goodale

She was spectacular during the soccer season, so why not during the basketball season. She also was one of the best two-way babies in the in the Shore Conference. Her ability to score and defend was welcomed by the Manchester faithful. She gave Devyn Quigley a real Robin to her Batman act. . But it’s Nolan’s mental toughness and competitive nature that separates her from every other freshman on this year’s list. She spent time as a starter from day one of the season. But it just seemed the bigger the game, the more Maddie Nolan was able to step her game up. She had just under 300 points and 100 dimes. She had 14 games with double figure scoring which included a show stopping 26 points in the State tournament. She signally handily, at times took all the pressure off Devyn Quigley, when she was doubled and triple teamed. She’s was the team’s 2nd leading scorer but still had time to grab 92 rebounds from the guard position. Her ability to score at all three levels is flat out special for such a young player. Her physical style of play is almost a throwback to the old school days. She had 86 steals this past season. Her quickness and shiftityness are real gifts. She did all this when in most cases with team’s game planning her on most nights. Many believe she will be one of the best guards in the shore conference the next 3 years. There is no question All Shore could be in her future. She is one of the most talented guards to enter the Shore Conference and Ocean County this season. Now she is A FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN TEAM MEMBER


“Maddy is a dynamic player that really came on as the season went on and played a big role for us from day one…she gave us a second scoring option throughout the season and showed tremendous instincts on both ends of the floor…her defensive ability provided us with even more versatility and she showed great strength with the ball in her hands…Maddy has already shown what kind of athlete she is by the season she had this winter and in the fall on the soccer field…looking forward to continuing to watch her grow in all aspects for the next three years”

Manchester Coach, Dave Beachhin

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