Luciana Thomas Background Story

First a number coaches asked me are they two late on two kids Desi Allen and Luciana Thomas…my guess is “No” but you be wise to call Coach Brown at Neptune…and Coach Whalen of St. Rose both are vets of the recruiting process…Now about Luciana Thomas

It’s always nice when a player blows up on day one of the  fall recruiting period. But coaches Luciana  Thomas is no new found star. She is the Current FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR in the best conference in America, the SHORE CONFERENCE. Every player that has ever won this award has gone on to play D1 basketball and Thomas will clearly join the list.

Here is the background on LUCI THOMAS. She played for Dawn Karpell’s Jersey Elite 8th grade team for a number of years. But she  was a year ahead of her class grade wise. Yes Luciana Thomas is the same age of All entering Freshman THIS YEAR. She is orginally from Brooklyn and may have started school early. She technically is a freshman age wise. She was a Freshman last season at Ocean TWP High School and put up numbers, that we have not seen a freshman put up since Kelly Hughes, the current superstar at BC.,

She attends St. Rose High School and also joined the Roth Lighting AAU team because she wanted to play High School AAU rather than 8th/9th grade AAU…which is her age. Since she was already in high school, she decided that she should play high school competition.

Now here is the rest of the story, I did give her a rating …check your check sheet. She is 100 percent the real deal. You should should also know that her basketball IQ is off the and she is the most skilled post player in the shore by a LONG SHOT.

While St. Rose does not play the competition that some of the top teams in the state play. It should not hurt her development. Because Luciana Thomas, will practice every day against another talented post player/ wing  Loving Masicano who is a mid major lock with a offer from a A 10 school on the table. This can only help in her development. The St. Rose kids all train with stud coaches Raheen Cater, Joe Fagen in the off season and also train up in North Jersey in the fall with a well respected trainer. She my friends will  be getting a a heavy dose of  TOP FLIGHT TRAINING and  teaching and until Joe Whalen who is a master teacher gets her during the season….she is an excellent student with a FIRST CLASS DRAMA FREE FAMILY….

There you go,  short and sweet. You can read the Freshman of the Year blog as well….Now you know the FULL story……Contact Joe Whalen who is her high school coach and will coach next July during AAU.

Below is Link to Luciana Thomas FRESHMAN OF YEAR AWARD

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