Today many families across the country will gather and spend time together. There will be for the most part smiles and stories of years gone past. It’s a time often to take stock of ones lives. I can assure you Camryn Foltz and her family feel this THANKSGIVINGS  is a little different this year.


Three Years ago Camryn Foltz showed up at the Hoop Group winter Core Skills, with a her good friend, Alex Prus. She was a skinny wide eyed 6th grader. When the session was ended, I turned to one of my coaches as she and her mother was leaving,  I said “get a good look at them, because you won’t be seeing them again” I knew the Camryn was not used to being in such a intense program as Core Skills Winter. I knew her mother was a little surprised at the pace of the session. What I didn’t know was how mentally tough and committed Camryn Foltz is about anything she does. Camryn Foltz did return to Core Skills and she keep showing for the next 3 years…TO EVERYTHING.


When Camryn Foltz was deciding where she planned to attend High School. It came down to one thing. If she could get into the prestigious Colts Neck Law school or not. If she did… that’s where she was going. If she didn’t, it was off to RBC to play for future Hall of Fame Coach Joe Montano…a win, win. I personally never doubted where she was going, because when Camryn Foltz makes her mind up about something….she gets the job done. It’s why she is at Colts Neck Law these days.


Thanksgiving is a time to reflect and remember those things god has blessed you with. It’s a time to remember, much can be given and taken from you; like love ones, friends and most importantly health. Thanksgiving  can act as a reminder that life can change on the drop of a dime. Last summer, it was clear to me who was the best incoming freshman in the Shore and one of the Top 3 freshman in the state was. It was clear to me who was the overwhelming leading candidate for the FRESHAMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD. Cameron Foltz had developed into a compete player. She could always shoot the ball, but now she had added a sick handle to go along with those exceptional  shooting skills. She also was starting to get stronger. When matched up against some of the very best Jr and Seniors in the shore she shined. It was clear no Freshman was more prepared for high school both mentally and physically. It was just a matter of time before she would be among the elite in the shore. That was until fell and felt a pop in her knee…the was until she had to be carried off the floor. Everyone hoped it was not what everyone feared….but it was!…A TORN ACL.


Today Camryn Foltz and her family are going to sit down for THANKSGIVING DINNER and it’s going to be different. They are going to feel blessed and they are going to appreciate life in athletics just a little MORE. Today they are going to feel blessed to have Dr. Foos in their life. Today they will understand what it is like to have something taken away that from a family member a little better. The car rides, the late nights traveling, eating on the run and the AAU games will have just a little different meaning. Because in a instant it was all taken away last summer. Those things will matter just a little more today, they will look forward to those days once more.


Dr. Foos, has brought so many kids back from abyss that we should build a statue in his honor. It was he that the Camryn Foltz turned to in the last 5 months. It was he that gave the family that assuring, piece of mind. It is he that gave Camryn the road map back to what she loves…BASKETBALL. I  can assure you that Dr. Foos name will come up today at the Foltz THANKSGIVING DINNER. Camryn Foltz may be a superstar one day. Dr. Foos is already a superstar, he is the gold standard and the best in the business. Camryn Foltz is very blessed god sent her Dr. Foos.


Today Camryn Foltz is running again and in Physical Therapy. She is back on track to continue  her journey.  I visited her the week after her injury. She sat on the couch and smiled and talked about getting back. Not for a moment did she feel sorry for herself, she was just determined. I was shocked how high her spirits were, it didn’t make sense.  I think today Gary and Trina Foltz are very thankful to have such a strong daughter. My guess is even they are surprised someone so young could have such strength.

So today at Thanksgiving the Foltz family will realize the day most basketball players live for; has passed. Camryn Foltz missed the first day of high school basketball practice; she can never get that day back. She won’t win that FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR AWARD that seemed like such a lock 4 months ago. She may or may not make it back to the court this high school season. These things have all been taken away from her. But these things won’t matter as they are temporary.  What will matter on this THANKSGIVING is a better appreciation for what matters most, KNOWING YOUR DREAMS ARE ALIVE AND WELL.


Last week, there was surprised visitor at NBS. College coaches you just may want to pay attention. This visitor was 4 inches taller, than last time I had seen her. She towered over me and just about every other guard in the gym. She was 5’10” and not a drop of fat on a long lean body. She looked like something craved out a to build a basketball body book. She looked like that player who will be on every college coaches wish list. She looked like a kid who was on top of the world. Good luck coaches because the one that gets her signature one day is going to be very blessed. That player at NBS?  Camryn Foltz and she once again proved to me, why she is so special. Soon Camryn Foltz will be on the floor again and talked about as one of the best players in the shore and the state….now me, I AM SO GRATEFUL I’VE  BEEN ABLE TO WATCH IT ALL….HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO EVERYONE!





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