Today’s SPOTLIGHT  TEAM is the Central  Jersey Hawks (Westrol) This a roster full of nice surprises. It’s a group of players whose reputations have been on the upswing due to real development. It’s a group players who all have made major strides in the past year. They have elite scorers and hard nose defenders. The roster is full of future college players for all levels. They have a true proven  teacher and coach in Randy Westrol. This is the rare AAU team when the kids development and opportunities  truly come first.



                          THE TRACK RECORD


This team has a lot to offer to college coaches. The amount of emerging  talent is eye popping. This group has gym rats and grinders. They are kids who are often over looked despite performing on big stages at time. Cassidy KRUESI  and Emily Tvidik are both players who should help drag coaches to the table. Their Coach Randy Westrol  has seen and done it all. He is masterful at putting kids in position to succeed.  This group has stepped up the level of competition  they will play this spring and fall. They are going to every major AAU event. This CENTRAL JERSEY HAWK team is a group on the  edge of doing big things.  No program in the entire state of New Jersey has the traditional  of the Central Jersey  Hawks….NONE!  In the often dirty world of AAU basketball. The Hawks have built a reputation  for always putting kids first without drama and deceit.








Before I start I would like to clear up a little terminology. When I say a player is a lock Division one player that means a player has a offer on the table or I believe will eventually have multiple D1 offers at some point…key word being “multiple”  MY TRACK RECORD IN THIS AREA SPEAKS FOR ITSELF

















Fence sitters  are players without a D1 offer that can land on either the D1 side or the  D2/D3 side of the fence based on their summer performance.






When I call a player a GYM RAT, that player is constantly in the gym, outside their team practices and comfort zone. The player seeks competition outside their AAU environment and their work ethic is bigger than their ability. GYM RATS don’t train alone, they train with killers. These players train against high level competition. I never call a player a Gym Rat, unless I have personally seem them against older elite competition and PERFORM at a high level while doing so. They are not just in the gym at every turn and seem to always be around. BUT THEY CONSTANTLY DO MORE AND ALWAYS EXTRA. These players will be better in college than in high school and can play a level HIGHER than their recruitment. I believe you build programs with gym rats…they have an added value recruiters do not get to see. Gym Rats are tough to find as all coaches know. But remember  just because a player is not a gym rat. IT DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE NOT HARD WORKERS. There are hard workers and then there are GYM RATS…Learn the difference.








                     LIVE PERIOD SCHEDULE 







                                      THE COACH




RANDY WESTROL, it’s seems has been around forever. He has been a rock in the Shore basketball community. He is a educator and has served as an Athletic Director at many schools . He is often called upon when things go sideways. That’s because he is a proven problem solver. His ability  to build confidence and develop  kids was on full display once again this year. Almost every kid on his AAU team last year’s made a major jump during the high school season. The true measuring  stick of what AAU should give a kid. He has turned this group of Hawks into a serious competitive  bunch. He teams play hard and always defend. Every player on his team has a true role and are showcased properly. This is Coach Westrol’s true genius, he has a proven track record of success. Everything he touches turns to gold. He has coached, developed and guided kids to every level of basketball, including his son; who was a D2 ALL AMERICAN  and played professional in Europe. Randy is a no nonsense  type of coach. All his kids know the one word that follows RANDY WESTROL everywhere ….”CLASS”



                                   THE ROSTER






























                                              THE TALENT BREAKDOWN





Possible  D1 players (3)

Special note- this team has (2) DIVISION 1 fence sitters



















Some kids make great decisions  and when Cassidy KRUESI teamed up with Randy Westrol  two years ago, the rest has been history.  She has developed  into one of the best guards in the ’25 class in New Jersey.  She just came off a monster high school season. Where she was named to the HOOP GROUP ALL DEFENSIVE TEAM.  Becoming only the 2nd sophomore  to earn this honor. Cassidy KRUESI is a total GYM RAT. It could be the reason the future D1 lock had 25 three’s, scored over 200 points, had 50 rebounds, 34 dimes and 33 steals for St. Rose, who was ranked as high as 6th during the season. Her handle is rock solid. She is a master at 50/50 balls and a next level decision maker. She has played against every big time high school guard in the state  of New Jersey from Zoe Brooks to Hannah HIDALGO. She is one of the most battle tested players in the entire state. College coaches know she is a D1 PLAYER… they, just like everyone else in that we don’t know what the ceiling is due to her insane work ethic.





          5’10- SWING-’25











You cannot  start discussing her until you start with the college ready body. She has elite size and skills for her future college wing position. Tvidik brings a ton of skill sets  and talent rarely seen for kids her size. First the shooting range is to 28 feet. It why she had 28 three’s this past season for Wall. But it’s her mobility and craftiness for her size that really makes you sit up. Her passing skills are next level, especially  when she moves to the point guard position. Her 55 dimes and steals this past season says it all. She can post up guards or drags bigs to the perimeter and make them pay. She had 362 points last season with a mix of shooting and getting to the rim, she shot a whopping  113 free throws. Coaches do you get the picture? She is an excellent rebounder who had 85 on the season. She is a nightmare matchup for just about anyone. She had 11 games with 18 points or more including a season high 26 vs Jackson Memorial, she was consistently good all year.  This is a player by summers end could be one of the most in demand and biggest stories of the summer recruiting period. She is a player with one of the biggest upsides in the entire state…she is must see!





                      5’6″ – GUARD- ’25












She was recently  named to the Shore Network Most Improved team. She was all named to 1st Team All Division in the Shore C South Division. That’s because her Shore Reg team won another state title and she was one of the biggest reasons why. Reese is a deadly three point shooter. She had  51 on bombs on the season with a season high of 5 in the state championship  game vs Top 10 University.  But Reese was no one trick pony. She had a mind blowing 420 points, 123 rebounds and insane 81 steals on the season for Shore Reg.  She has a reliable  handle and a nice IQ. She quick and a vastly underrated  athlete. Her quick hands and ability to anticipate are weapons that any coach or program can use. I didn’t know Reese Fiore’s name a year ago. I just knew she was good. Now I know she is real good and so will college coaches. This is another player that should generate real interest from college coaches.





                SWING 5’11“- ‘25





















This young lady is dripping with talent.  She is a Division  one defender right now. I have seen her put the handcuffs on multiple D1 players off to college next year. She is tough and fearless. Her amazing feet and strength make her a serious problem. She is a hard nosed traffic rebounder.  She fills lanes like a mack truck coming down the highway. If her shooting continues  to improve, there is no reason Ivy and Patriot Schools won’t come calling.  She is a mega underrated  passer. She can guard 4 positions at the next level. Her length and quickness are next level. This is a player getting better yearly. That’s because she active and has the right attitude and quite frankly  in the right AAU environment  to build confidence and develop. She has an elite positive attitude and is a true program type kid. Look for MARISA to have a breakout recruiting  summer.






SOFIA CHEBOOKJIAN  OCEAN TWP HIGH SCHOOL                                        SWING- 5’8″- ’24












She is coming off a banner  season at Ocean Township.  She went from zero three’s over her first two years of high school  career to 12 last year. She had over 200 points and 136 rebounds this season.  She was a major part of the reason reason Ocean shocked everyone  and  made it to the SCT SEMI FINALS, was RANKED IN THE STATE TOP 20 Poll  and WON 20 GAMES. Without Sofia Chebookjian  none of this happens. She has a brilliant IQ and is  flat out a sensation  passer. She had 25 dimes last season. She is a excellent around the rim and is a wonderful offensive rebounder. She has nice size and is a underrated ball handler and decision  maker under pressure. She is a knowledgeable  defender who seems never to be out of postion.  She started every game for her high school  the past two years and has been  one of the best gule players in the Shore. Insanely unselfish and under appreciated, Sofia Chebookjian can be expected to have another  excellent sumner. She has improved each year and there is no reason that should not continue into the summer. Nothing flashy or exciting, she just gets the job done,  regardless of who or the level of competition she is playing against.  She is a player that rises the culture of any program.



                             COMBO – 5’7″-  ’26








The only  freshman on the roster. She got limited minutes  at the St. Rose due to D1 seniors and a crowded backcourt. Expect her to play a major role for Coach Chambers next year. Looney has a thin frame but she is not afraid to mix it up. She has nice quickness and speed. She has the potential  to be an excellent defender, because of her quick active feet. She has a nice shooting touch to the three point line. The handle is more than reliable. This young lady has big future because she is skilled and talented… a nice combination  for a young player. As her confidence  grows and as she challenges  herself this spring and summer. We should see a real step up in performances , the tools are certainly there.






           SWING – 5’10”- ’26






There is nothing better than a little star power added to a AAU team. The Central Jersey Hawks get exactly that with Erin Fraunheim. She was named the Shore Conference “B” NORTH PLAYER OF THE YEAR. She had a dream  season for Point Beach. She scored 314 points including a season high of 26 points. She displayed a real knack for scoring all season. She has solid ball handling skills and has improved dynamicly in the past year. She is a’ hard worker a modern day Dennis Rodman type. She is gives 100% the moment she hits the floor. She is hard nosed tough and has a real competitive nature.  This is a player with a big future if she continues to develop as she has in the last year. This summer expect big thing from her.





RILEY FITZPATRICK- BARNEGAT HIGH SCHOOL                                            WING- 5’8″- ’25









She wisely moved over to the Central Hawks last season. The result  was instant confidence and an upgrade in her performance. She has a live strong body with built in toughness to go along with a bucket of talent. The gym rat is an excellent shooter with real range. She is a hard nose defender as well. But it’s the rebounding and ball handling skills from the shooting guard spot that is so often missed.  She lives in the gym and has a real positive attitude towards coaching. Before the ’26 class graduates, she could be the biggest surprise in the class. After returning home she was forced to sit 30 days at Barnegat. That was no problem, as she had multiple double figure scoring games and scored in every single game. She had 70 points and 40 rebounds ind just 11 games. Those numbers projected over the course of a season would make any coach smile. Riley will be one of the top players in Ocean County next season. This summer nothing she will do, should surprise anyone. College coaches would be wise to pay close attention.






                      FORWARD- 5’10”-“25



She is new to the Central Jersey Hawks Roster. She is very effective around the rim. But left open she can punish you with baby jumpers. She had 234 point and 152 rebounds for high school team last year. She is another player who is a  VASTLY UNDERRATED ATHLETE. She runs the floor and is a wonderful passer with real next level vision, she had 31 dimes from the forward position. She is a tough hard nose defender and a true teammate and team player. She can handle the ball in the open floor when asked to do so and is marvelous  in defending pick and roll. This is a real gem that few people know about unless you are really paying attention to the details. Some college coach is going to steal a hard working good kid. The best news of all, this young lady has not stop developing so stay tuned…..THIS IS A REAL SERIOUS SLEEPER ALERT







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