They say you never know when your going to get a surprise. Yesterday the state of New Jersey and the Shore Conference got a big one. That’s because one of the best guards in all of New Jersey has decided to register at St. ROSE. TANAIYAH DECKER was in class yesterday at St. Rose making it official she will join the purple Roses 💜

This decison by TANAIYAH DECKER does not come as a surprise. The junior guards decison was not related to basketball. She has a great deal of respect for Coach Jansen. This decison was based 100% on education and personal issues. Let nobody tell you different. In a time where coaches at Top programs are constantly being accused of recruiting. That cannot be a conversation in this case. The Decker family long before St. Rose or anyone else knew it, was planning on changing high schools. I personally was made a where of this and to the best of my knowledge was the only person outside the family who knew this was being discussed. So when the rumors start and they will, understand they are just that… RUMORS OR LIES! Coach Mary Beth Chambers had zero conversations with the Decker family. In fact it was I who informed her Tanaiyah Decker was planning to register at the school.

St. Rose instantly now becomes a real threat to SJV for the SCT title. DECKER a future Division One player brings not only a boat load of talents but a massive amount of intangibles. TANAIYAH DECKER is not just the best point guard I’m the 2024 class. She is a lock down defender, deadly passer and basically unguardable by one defender. But what she will add to St. ROSE more than anything is unselfishness, endless energy, chemistry and a “BIG” smile. She is one of the most well like kids in the Shore Conference and her new teammates know her all too well. They will embrace her with open arms. This transition should be seamless off and on the court as well.

TANAIYAH DECKER last season saved her best for Donovan Catholic’s best opponents in helping them reach a state ranking high of #14. Her speed and quickness played a big role in why Donovan Catholic had such a big season a year ago. She had almost 250 points, 56 three’s, 68 rebounds, 78 dimes and 40 steals all from the point guard spot. TANAIYAH DECKER is not just the best point guards in Shore. She is one of the best 2024 point guards in the entire state.

St Rose now becomes the biggest threat to SJV in the Shore, once Decker becomes eligible. Since there is no TOC, the SCT could be the only time the two will cross paths. The 30 day wait may not be a bad thing for TANAIYAH DECKER who clearly may need time to adjust to school. This is one of the few cases, where basketball did not factor into a young ladies transfer. But may benefit all involded in the long run….either way TANAIYAH DECKER is coming up PURPLE ROSES….GOOD LUCK TO THIS YOUNG LADY!

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